Feature Vehicle: Ashley Burton’s Purple Huntress | 2014 Polaris RZR XP1000

Feature by Kilian Hamlin

Speed has been a part of Ashley Burton’s life for as long as she can remember, and so has purple. When Ashley was younger Instead of hanging out at the mall like most other 16-year-old girls on a Friday night, Ashley found herself at the local drag strip giving the guys a run for their money in a supped-up PURPLE prelude.

It was also at a young age that Ashley developed a love for the dunes, a place of freedom for her where she could “Go as fast as I wanted, where ever I wanted”. In the fateful year of 2015 Ashley picked up her first UTV, an XP900 with a fully built motor and turbo by non-other than Packard Performance. That’s when the addiction for horsepower fully set in and it wasn’t long until Ashley was looking for more.

Lightweight, Clean look but NOT Stock, and FAST. Those were Ashley’s main requests when she handed over her new to her 2014 XP1000 to the guys at Packard Performance. Oh, and it had to be purple!

Introducing the “Huntress”. This 2014 2 Seat XP1000 is one clean, PURPLE, dune slaying machine that’s fit for a queen. Pushing 258HP on 12lbs of Boost, Full Body House of Color Deep Purple paint job and matching diamond stitched BS Sand Seats – it’s safe to say that Packard Performance delivered.

Owner: Ashley Burton (FOLLOW HER: Instagram.com/@ash_burton1 | Facebook.com/ashley.nichole.794 )
Model: 2014 RZR XP1000
Builder: Packard Performance – Centerville UT
Cage / Doors / Bumper: Cage and windshield: Rebel Style Kustomz Doors: UTV Giant
Engine: Packard Performance Built, Pistons and Carrillo rods.
Intake: Packard Performance
Exhaust: Reckless Racing, Murray UT
Turbo: Packard Performance turbo/ intercooler
ECU: Power commander 5 with flashed ECU
Fuel System: AEM
Clutching: upgraded to Turbo primary clutch and STM secondary clutch
Suspension: ARS-FX +2” A-Arm kit, Radius Rods & trailing arms – Zbroz Racing, Logan UT. NXS Designs/Matt Ling Billet Hubs
Shocks: Revalve/Respring Zbroz racing , Logan UT
Axles: Super ATV Rhino 2.0
Dash: Full body custom House of Kolor paint
Hood / Console: House of kolor paint, AEM Wideband AFR Guige and AEM boost gauge
Seats: BS Sand suspension seats – AZ
Harnesses: Crow harnesses
Paint: Full body paint – House of Kolor, deep puple with multi color flake
Lighting: Heretic Studio Headlights
Wheels: Dirt: Raceline Rhino Beadlocks Sand: Raceline beadlock Mambas
Tires:  Dirt: 32” Arisun Aftershock XD Sand: 28” STU comp cut #2’s
Accessories: UTV Grab bag recovery kit, Grant steering wheel, RSK Flags
Powder coating: Powder extreme coatings, UT

PHOTOS & WORDS by Kyle Wells Photo (www.KyleWellsPhoto.com)

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