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Wes Miller #1988 Pro UTV Baja 1000 Race Report

This year’s SCORE Baja 1000 was a loop race, starting and finishing in Ensenada, Mexico. The course did a large counter clockwise circle around the upper third of the Baja peninsula and was being slated as a tough one.

Throughout the year, I have been racing the Rotation Motorsports’ Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 built by Lonestar Racing. I’ve been sharing driving duties with Dave Lazovsky and this race would be no different. We’ve had a great group of sponsors backing the program all year and were extremely impressed with everyone’s products, but decided to make a few changes for the 1000. Wes Elrod and Donny Powers prepped the car and did an amazing job. We went with BFG tires with Monster Seal on OMF wheels. Rich Morel built our motor and we dyno tuned it at Alba Racing. We also chose RCV axles and CV’s. While testing the car, it was working really well and I knew we had a car capable of winning the race.

After some extensive pre-running, we registered and tech’d the car. I drew 4th off the line, so we had a good start position. With 24 entries, the field was a who’s who of UTV desert racing. Several teams had new turbo cars, but I felt like they wouldn’t be a huge advantage since much of the course was slow and technical. This race would mark 20 years since my first Baja 1000 and I planned to use my experience to my advantage. My goal was to put the car in first physically by Ojos Negros, get a lead, and then maintain that cushion. But I also knew it’s a long race and you have to take care of the car.

At the start line my co-driver, Austin Adler and I watched the first few cars take off. Once we got the green flag, we were off and racing. I raced down the wash out of town, focused on reeling in the 3 cars ahead of me. Around race mile 6, I already caught the 1958 car that was following a Baja Challenge car. I quickly passed both and could see the tail lights of the next UTV. We came up on a 37mph speed zone in the dirt. To my surprise, the car ahead of me didn’t slow and maintained race speed. He pulled away a little, but I knew that it would equate to a huge time penalty. When we reached the first highway section, I saw the 1939 car pulled over to the side of the road placing us 2nd physically. After losing my mind going 37mph in the highway speed zone, we finally hit dirt and were back to race speed. I caught and passed a few more Baja Challenge cars. Then, I saw the tail lights of the lead UTV and after about 5 miles of dirt, we had caught the 1927 car. He was caught behind the 700 truck. I was already in the time adjusted lead since he had started a minute ahead of me. They both took a bad line and I made the pass for the physical lead. Once out front, I focused on putting as many cars between me and the UTV field while driving easy on the RZR. We worked our way through a seemingly endless string of racers and the dust was really bad in spots, making it difficult to see.


About halfway to Urapan, I noticed we were starting to have a mechanical issue that slowed us through the rough sections. The 1927 car did a good job of sticking around and I could see him close a few times when we were slowed. When we hit Highway 1, I had a slight lead over 1927. The road was blocked with traffic and it allowed him to close right on my bumper. We raced through the speed zone trying to go as close to 60mph as possible all the way to Santo Tomas. He pitted there and that gave me some breathing room.

From Santo Tomas to the coast is fairly smooth and I know that area like the back of my hand. I figured we could start to gap the field now. I pushed on the fast roads because I knew we were going to have to make an extended pit stop to fix the car fairly soon. Once on the coast, we hit some pockets of fog. It was so thick I could hardly see the course and my shield was covered with condensation. I drove with one hand on the wheel and the other wiping with a towel. We were pulling away and had a good lead.

As the course ran south along the coast, it started to get rough again. I had to dial it back a notch to preserve the car. The parts we needed were at BFG pit 2 and I needed to get the car there in one piece. After a while, I was able to see another car slowly closing. We stopped to pit in Camalu and took a can of fuel and installed the race lights. We run Baja Designs lights on a quick release bar, so we only run them when needed. While in the pits, the 1921 car went by. I pulled out and took chase soon after. He had about a 15-30 second gap and we maintained that distance most of the way to San Quintin. Just before BFG pit 2, the 1921 car pulled off to pit. We passed him and were now back in the lead. But soon after, we pit at race mile 203. We had several mechanical issues we had to address and were in the pit for about 30 minutes. In that time, several UTV’s passed.


We were still running well, but I was going to have to go into survival mode to try and get the car to the finish. We worked our way down the coast to El Rosario and headed east. The wash that runs parallel to town was full of silt and hard to follow the course. We hit a big mud hole that engulfed the RZR in mud. Soaking wet and cold, we headed into the mountains. We made it through the rocks and silt back to Highway 1 at race mile 283. Mechanical problems were starting to take their toll. We had more spare parts at BFG pit 3, so we continued to work our way there.

From race mile 288 to around 340, was some rough, rocky, and silty terrain. There were cars scattered everywhere. There was carnage all over the course with cars and trucks stuck in silt, broke down, flipped over, driven off cliffs, etc… We were just trying to make it to BFG pit 3 at this point and it was looking doubtful. We finally made to the pit and the car was in need of some serious work.

After an extended pit stop, we got going again only to make it a few miles and break. We limped it back on a side trail and fixed it again. The next time we made it about 25 miles and broke again. I found a trail on our gps and circled back to our pit. We assessed the car and finally made the decision to load up and head back to Ensenada. We were out of parts and the car was in rough shape. We had parted out our recovery RZR and were looking at over 100 miles of tough course ahead of us. With limited access, there would be no way of getting the car if it broke. All of that led to our decision to call it.


We had a good run going and I feel that it reflects flashes of what we can do. If the car had held together, I don’t think anyone was going to catch us. But that is part of desert racing and I don’t like excuses. I can’t say enough good things about the motor, suspension, tires, wheels, lights, etc… The RZR was simply bad ass. Congratulations to Matlock for winning and all of the teams that finished.

I really want to thank all of our crew and sponsors. You guys are amazing and I truly value everything you do. The RZR was the best it has ever been. Wes and Donny did a great job and put in countless hours of hard work to make this race possible. Thank you to Dave Lazovsky for being an awesome teammate and driver, and Austin Adler for co-driving with me. And a big thanks to BC Vaught and Rotation Motorsports for helping put this whole thing together.
We will win one of these soon!

Thank you to all of these companies that helped throughout the year.

Elrod Motorsports, rOtation Motorsports, Fox Shocks, Alba Racing, Rich Morel Race Engines, Lonestar Racing, BFG Tires, Jackson Motorsports Group, OMF Performance, GoPro, Rugged Radio, Polaris RZR, Mystik Lubricants, Kicker Audio, Pro Armor, Factory UTV, K&N Filters, Baja Designs, RCV Performance, Stratus Wear, Toy Skinz, Coldcock Whiskey, Monster Seal, Fly Racing, IMS, GBC, Hiper, Tire Blocks, Bikeman Performance.


Race RZR walkaround – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZt9KhMS6Dg

Start – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IU1w_TL-Z4

Passing car and UTV – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b30GBPgTFZ8

Bumping and passing truck – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56yfWaRD-Oo

Passing Baja Challenge car – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj7DNPVe4hs

Passing for UTV lead – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=He-5mDWVcN0

Passing a truck – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkWvzDPdxw8

Passing Class 7 truck – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmlXFbLPO5I

Passing 1600 car – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfhpOP96hDo

Passing 1684 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWmMSK7Pk04

Passing truck – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Yzd3RmSWuY

Chasing and passing a Class 12 car – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5EmTQ_TJXw

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New YXZ1000R Production in Full Swing http://www.utvunderground.com/new-yxz1000r-production-in-full-swing-34163.html http://www.utvunderground.com/new-yxz1000r-production-in-full-swing-34163.html#comments Mon, 14 Dec 2015 21:09:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=34163 All-New YXZ1000R Production in Full Swing, Capping Historic Year for Yamaha
Yamaha’s 60th Anniversary Sees New Model Launches Across Multiple Product Lines

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, announces it started production on the Racing Blue/White and Blaze Orange/Black versions of the all-new YXZ1000R this month. The world’s first and only pure sport Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicle is proudly manufactured at Yamaha’s U.S. factory in Newnan, Georgia, for worldwide distribution, capping a historic 60th Anniversary for Yamaha in 2015.

The YXZ1000R is the most widely celebrated four-wheel model in the motorsports industry in years. Yamaha entered and immediately redefined the sport SxS category, further solidifying itself as the leader in powersports performance.

Yamaha USA Infographic 2015 - lowres

With the industry’s first and most powerful naturally aspirated three-cylinder 998cc sport engine combined with the first ever 5-speed sequential shift manual transmission in a SxS, the YXZ1000R established itself as the first and only pure sport SxS. Delivery of the 60th anniversary Special Edition Yamaha Yellow/Black YXZ1000R quickly ensued, and the Racing Blue/White and Blaze Orange/Black are starting to arrive at dealers now that they are in production.

“This was an extremely exciting and momentous year for Yamaha,” said Mike Martinez, Yamaha’s RV Group Vice President. “We celebrated our 60th Anniversary in style with a historic and extensive new model launch across both our ATV and Side-by-Side lines, including the all-new YXZ1000R.”

In January 2015, Yamaha kicked things off by announcing the all-new Wolverine R-Spec, one of the most off-road capable SxS vehicles with class-leading comfort. Subsequent new model announcements included the all-new full-featured Grizzly recreational 4×4 ATV, the all-new Kodiak 700 mid-sized utility ATV, and for riders 10-years and older the all-new Raptor 90 youth ATV. Yamaha’s 60th anniversary also inspired the heritage styling on the Yamaha Yellow/Black Special Edition Raptor 700R and YFZ450R sport ATVs for 2016.

Extending the recreational and utility-based SxS line, Yamaha unveiled additional Wolverine, Viking and Viking VI models and enhancements this summer and fall, including the new Viking VI Ranch Edition with premium features in a hard-working utility-based SxS.


The YXZ1000R is born of Yamaha’s true high-performance DNA – creating a direct connection to the driver and serving up unmatched power and handling characteristics, resulting in a vehicle that is perfectly positioned as the only choice for the pure sport SxS enthusiast. Highlights include:
· The industry’s first 3-cylinder, 12-valve, DOHC, liquid cooled, 998cc sport engine producing the most reliable and durable power of any 1,000cc-class machine.
· The industry’s first 5-speed sequential shift manual transmission in a SxS vehicle, delivering a direct connection between driver and machine for superior performance, confidence and the first and only pure sport SxS vehicle and experience.
· Massive long travel FOX 2.5 Podium Shocks® with 16-inches of travel in front and 17-inches out back.
· All-new styling embodying Yamaha’s passion for pure sport performance and the SxS enthusiasts’ independent, confident and aggressive attitude.
· A sporty two-seat chassis featuring a cockpit-like cab with comfortable and convenient ergonomics, plush contoured high-back, cut-and-stitch seats, sliding adjustable driver’s seat, and a soft-grip, tilt-adjustable steering wheel with 147mm of vertical travel.

The all-new YXZ1000R is assembled at Yamaha’s U.S. factory in Newnan, Georgia, for worldwide distribution. MSRP starts at $19,799.

Follow Yamaha at www.facebook.com/yamahamotorusa, www.twitter.com/yamahamotorusa, and www.instagram.com/yamahamotorusa.

#Yamaha #AssembledinUSA #YXZ1000R #YamahaGrizzly #YamahaKodiak #YamahaViking #YamahaWolverine

About Yamaha Motor Corp., USA
Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, (YMUS) a leader in the motorsports market, makes the toughest, most capable and versatile ATV and Side-by-Side vehicles. The company’s ever-expanding product offerings also include motorcycles, outboard motors, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, boats, outdoor power equipment, accessories, apparel and much more. YMUS products are sold through a nationwide network of dealers in the United States.

Headquartered in Cypress, Calif., since its incorporation in 1976, Yamaha also has facilities in Wisconsin and Georgia, as well as factory operations in Tennessee and Georgia. For more information on Yamaha, visit www.yamahamotorsports.com.

2016 YXZ1000R in Racing Blue-White 2016 YXZ1000R in Blaze Orange-Black Yamaha USA Infographic 2015 - lowres ]]>
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Cognito Henderson 250 Race Report http://www.utvunderground.com/cognito-henderson-250-race-report-34158.html http://www.utvunderground.com/cognito-henderson-250-race-report-34158.html#comments Mon, 14 Dec 2015 17:34:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=34158 The 2015 BITD season is over, and the Pro UTV class had a pretty intense championship points race between myself Justin Lambert of the Cognito team, and Johnny Angal of the UTV Inc. team. The season winner would boil down to the final 2015 race, the Henderson 250. Coming into Henderson, Johnny had a 9 point lead on us, and with the throw out race, he would lead us by 7 points. Our class would get 2 laps on the 80 mile course, unlike the unlimited trucks that would get 3 laps in their race later in the day. In the Pro UTV class, there were 28 entries pre-registered, and 4 more late entries for a total of 32, except 2 pre-registered racers did not show up to tech on Friday, thus the car count was 30 for the race.


As usual, we as a team had decided that we were racing for the win, we just don’t have a conservative effort in our bones at the start of a race. We are aggressive and we come to races to win, and if we need to get conservative the last 10% of the race, we will make that decision while behind the wheel. We figured that if we could win the race and Johnny finished 3rd, that we would tie for points and clinch the championship since we won more races this year than Johnny had. If we finished off of the podium, we would have to beat him by more positions. Johnny drew 24th starting position, and we drew 9th. This means Johnny has more dust to drive thru than we do, so it might give us an edge but in a desert race there are a hundred factors that could change that.


This early in the day, there was no breeze, and that means the dust does not move off the course, it just hovers like a thick fog. We were off the starting line and into the desert, catching up to the lingering dust just 3 miles into the course which slowed us down slightly. By mile 10, the dust was so thick that we had to back off again, as the course was not visible and there is that chance of a large rock on course that can’t be seen until it is too late. A bowling ball sized rock can cripple these small UTVs and even throw a knockout blow. We started to pick up the pace, it was a gamble but we were willing to chance it, we came to win a championship, or downright lose it with a knock down drag out fight. I kept thinking about Johnny hunting us down like a horror movie, then peaking around the corner and making that crazy face from the movie ‘The Shining’ and say ‘Heeere’s Johnny!’


A blue flashing light in the dust was about 50 yards in front of us, we had caught Simms around RM20 and didn’t want to let him get away nor keep driving in his dust. We stood on it and got closer to him, just following those rear facing lights, then BANG! We smashed into a boulder on the right side, my co-driver Justin Sheakley yelled at me but we had to get around our competitor, we were not going to win by following people around in the dust. Before we could even see straight, BANG! We smashed into another one, but didn’t stop although the steering wheel was now off about 90 degrees. One more large rock, this time on the driver side, we were hitting everything except the pace car. Soon after, we were on Simms bumper and he let us pass, we were all over the place as the car wasn’t handling good anymore. We figured flat tires, bent steering or lower control arm. I was pretty amazed that we were still moving forward after that kind of bashing, the dust hides these rocks until it’s too late to move at those speeds.


Stopping at alternate pit, the guys told us the lower right control arm was bent and the tire was lying over quite a bit and the axle was touching the lower arm. We had just come 12 miles like that and we were not hearing any crazy noises, so I said ‘we’re going!’, and they moved out of the way as we got back on course. It was a gamble but we were running from Johnny. A tire had a slow leak and we stopped at main pit to change it and our support crew took another look at the front right corner. The axle was wearing a groove into the cross tube of the lower arm, we already knew we had to roll the dice and keep going, and we did. The car was a bear to handle that way, but we did it for 140 miles of that 160 mile race, I think we went a few miles further then everyone else as we were all over the course! We made it to the finish, turns out in 4th position and only two and a half minutes behind the winner.


Johnny had issues on lap one so we easily made up enough points on him to win the championship, so we thought. We were celebrating, and no other team or official at that point realized what happened. We loaded up and started to head home to Bakersfield, then we got a call an hour into the ride home, that Bill Schueler handed us the bad news. This race became Johnny’s throw out race since he only finished 22nd, and since there were only 30 entries. We actually lost the championship by 2 points after the throw out, 739 to 737 points. If there were 32 entries we would have won, if we could have finished 3rd then we would have won, but obviously there were what ifs all season long. Congratulations to Johnny and his team, it was quite a battle all year long!

The Cognito team worked their butts off this year, I know I usually get mentioned by name, but Cognito is made up of a great team of guys including employees at the shop, friends, and sponsors that contribute to our program, thank you to everyone. We feel we have the best sponsors in the industry, and they helped Cognito get to a position in utv racing where everyone knows that we are one of the front runners of the class. Our sponsors stand behind us, and we are proud to put their products to the test and prove they are the best, that makes it easy for us to stand behind them as well.

Polaris builds a great UTV, and the RZR 4 XP1000 platform let us build a machine that is a threat at every race, they keep innovating and driving the utv market and we are proud to be factory sponsored.

Mystik Lubricants is the oil and grease of choice, after every race we analyze the engine oil and grease from cv joints, and it is obvious we made the right choice. We push these cars past what one would think is the limit, and that requires lubricants that protect and last. Mystik meets that demand.

Method Race Wheels simply put is the best wheel we have ever used. I know it’s in the name, but they are not just for racing. They are the toughest affordable wheel out there and Method is also weight conscious, as are we. We use them on our utv’s and our trucks.

ITP tires have not let us down all year. In 9 races this year, over 3000 miles, we have had only 4 flat tires. That is amazing when we have seen one team using a different brand, have 4 flats in one race! The Ultracross R Spec rolls nice and free, and has a lot of puncture resistance, as well as one of the lightest tires for its size. Obviously it is desert proven.

Fox shocks have been solid for us, for as long as we have been in the game. They have more development time with UTV shocks than anyone, shock tuning is an ever evolving art, and Fox never stops working on making their product better. Shocks and shock tuning are a huge factor in getting thru terrain as fast as possible. You will see Fox on every race, play, and chase vehicle we have.

Sparks Performance Products is the go fast go to spot. Our competitors ask us how we are so fast, there are several reasons and Sparks is one of the big ones. There are a lot of performance companies out there that make big claims, the proof is in the pudding.

Rugged Radios has been a big help, communication is key in desert racing, and it is a luxury for recreation. Rugged has been a vendor at the races all year, and their staff has the technical experience to make sure their product is on point.

Rigid Industries is the best in lighting period. There is a saying that imitating is a form of flattery, Rigid must be really flattered.







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SHAKEDOWN: 2016 Polaris RZR-S 1000 http://www.utvunderground.com/shakedown-2016-polaris-rzr-s-1000-34155.html http://www.utvunderground.com/shakedown-2016-polaris-rzr-s-1000-34155.html#comments Thu, 10 Dec 2015 19:25:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=34155

Take a trip with Joey D. of UTVUnderground.com to the smokey mountains of Tennessee to SHAKEDOWN the all new 2016 Polaris RZR-S 1000! We powered it through tight trails, over bumps, rocks and found out what this machine is all about!

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Polaris Industries is not responsible for the content in this video.
Polaris RZR™ is a registered trademark of Polaris Industries Inc.

Adult models – 16 and older. Be sure to get safety training. The vehicle displayed in this video is not intended for on-road use. Driver must be 16 years old with a valid driver’s license. Passenger must be 12 years old, and tall enough to use hand holds and plant feet firmly on floor. Always use cab nets, wear seatbelts, helmets, eye protection, and protective clothing. Do not operate on public roads. Avoid excessive speeds, sharp turns, and difficult terrain. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix! Never carry more than the appropriate amount of passengers. Follow all warnings/instructions in owners manuals and on product. UTVUnderground and their affiliates are not responsible for injuries that may occur from emulating or copying the riding, driving, or stunts performed in this video. Visit www.rohva.org for more information on safe operation off-road vehicles.

http://www.utvunderground.com/shakedown-2016-polaris-rzr-s-1000-34155.html/feed 50
RJ Anderson XP1K3 “Slag Pour” http://www.utvunderground.com/rj-anderson-xp1k3-slag-pour-34133.html http://www.utvunderground.com/rj-anderson-xp1k3-slag-pour-34133.html#comments Wed, 09 Dec 2015 17:00:06 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=34133

Professional Driver. One-Of-A-Kind Heavily Modified Vehicle. Do Not Attempt. You Could Die. “XP1K3″ is full of technical and high-flying stunts. Beyond being dangerous, the stunts are visually stunning and so now we begin to give you a closer look at one of the coolest stunts in the film, a stunt we call the “Slag Pour”! Watch RJ blast strait through the stream of dirt and gravel flowing off of a conveyor belt.

Watch the FULL “XP1K3″ video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Kdk7PFlQXg

“XP1K3” is five-minute full throttle, turbo powered, mind bending, off-road thrill ride through the most unforgivable obstacles imaginable. RJ Anderson fearlessly attacks massive jumps, high speed drifts, and treacherous man-made terrain in his custom 200 horsepower Polaris RZR XP Turbo. XP1K3 was produced by motorsports production powerhouse Mad Media in the post apocalyptic dystopian decay of abandoned steel mills, old factories, and train yards…and features an array of massive obstacles spread out over six locations in Youngstown, Ohio. Shot in stunning 4K resolution!

The XP1K viral film series has amassed more than 16 million views across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram so far, and has been watched in more than 70 different countries. The adrenalized, branded video campaign has made hundreds of millions of impressions worldwide, redefining the Sport Utility Vehicle (UTV) and Side-by-Side (SxS) market.

More than a year of planning went into the development and execution of the “XP1K3” campaign. It took the build team of 15, more than a month to weld, stack, cut, bend and fabricate the custom playground with multiple obstacles. The Mad Media crew of 40 then spent 14 days on location battling dust, rust, rain, mud and fog to capture each of their incredible imagined obstacles.

Keep track of all the XP1K3 news and information and watch the full video at www.XP1K3.com

XP1K3 | RJ Anderson XP1K3 | RJ Anderson XP1K3 | RJ Anderson

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Polaris Industries, BFGoodrich Tires, and Monster Energy are not responsible for the content in this video.
Polaris RZR™ is a registered trademark of Polaris Industries Inc.

Adult models – 16 and older. Be sure to get safety training. The vehicle displayed in this video is not intended for on-road use. Driver must be 16 years old with a valid driver’s license. Passenger must be 12 years old, and tall enough to use hand holds and plant feet firmly on floor. Always use cab nets, wear seatbelts, helmets, eye protection, and protective clothing. Do not operate on public roads. Avoid excessive speeds, sharp turns, and difficult terrain. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix! Never carry more than the appropriate amount of passengers. Follow all warnings/instructions in owner’s manuals and on product. UTV Underground, Mad Media and their affiliates are not responsible for injuries that may occur from emulating or copying the riding, driving, or stunts performed in this video. Visit www.rohva.org for more information on safe operation off-road vehicles.

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Terrabbit / Matlock Racing Baja 1000 Report http://www.utvunderground.com/terrabbit-matlock-racing-baja-1000-report-34139.html http://www.utvunderground.com/terrabbit-matlock-racing-baja-1000-report-34139.html#comments Tue, 08 Dec 2015 21:00:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=34139 2015 Baja 1000 Terabbit Racing/Matlock Racing Race Report – Told byWayne Matlock:

I am now sitting at my desk getting back to normal life…or what they tell me is normal. I keep thinking back to this past weeks’ experience and I think to myself that I am blessed beyond words to be able to do what I just did, but the truth is…I am blessed to have friends that set their lives aside and go down to Baja to drive chase trucks and work their butts off in order to make it all possible. I’m also blessed to have the family that supports me 100%, no matter what. But most of all, I’m blessed to have the wife that I do. Kristen Matlock really is the reason I am able to do things like win the Baja 1000. She has been there for all of my success standing right by my side and most importantly she is there when things don’t go so well either. So instead of ending my race report by thanking my friends and family, I wanted to start it for a change by saying, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Normally I would cover all of our pre-running in my reports, but it would take too long to tell all of the stories from this one, so I am going to start at race time…


We woke up early Friday morning ready to get our race started. Like normal, Kristen and I were nervous about how the day ahead would play out. We are both the same when it comes to racing; we are there to win and nothing else. We talked about our race plan, a backup plan, then about the plan to back up the backup plan. Around 9:30 in the morning we had a pit meeting with all 19 people involved with our race and chase plan. After that we took some team photos with the Baja coastline in the background. When that was all finished up Terry Hui (Driver of Record) and Derek Derek Mcgaughy (Terry’s Co-Driver) headed off to the start line in the race car. We had chase teams heading all over Baja. I was in Chase 1 with Kristen, Greg Forsberg, Ken Gilden, and Sam Hayes. We headed over to the start line to see Terry and Derek off. I’m not going to lie; it was different for me to see someone else starting the race for our team besides me.

After the start of the race, we headed down to pit 2 so we could meet up with Chase 3: Marc Behnke, Mike Froelich, and Trent Heimerdinger. We waited there for awhile and watched the Trophy Trucks and all of the other cars/trucks come through. Pretty soon I heard the distinct sound of a Polaris XP1000 Pro Star motor wound-out. We were all looking down the road to see who would be first and as the car came into view, I started to smile. It was my long-time teammate, Wes Miller, and he was on rails. As we waited there the UTVs kept coming by and shortly our car came down the road. Terry was in 13th place and only about 20 minutes off pace. Not too bad…plus the car was still in one piece. As he came in Derek told us they had bent a wheel and needed a fresh tire on the rack. He was in and out of our pit and back to racing, so we moved on to pit 4. We made a last-minute plan change that would put me in the car at Pit 4 at race mile 155 instead of race mile 200. As we got to Pit 4, we realized that the lead pack had already been through and were hauling butt. I suited up and got ready as Kristen was checking the online tracker and letting me know where we were compared to the lead pack. Greg, Ken, and Sam were getting everything ready for our fuel stop and driver change. Terry came in right behind the #1901 of Greg Gregory Scott Row in 14th place. He jumped out of the car and I got in while Greg and Ken fueled the car up. Derek would stay in and co-drive the next 50 miles because Sam and I hadn’t pre-run that section and Derek had.


Derek and I took off like a bat out of hell and had one thing in mind…to catch the lead pack. As we were blazing down the road, Kristen got on the radio to tell us that Wes Miller was 55 miles in front of us according to the tracker. I knew we had the car to do it, so I shoved the “go pedal” down and we started making up time. The whole first section was in heavy fog. A lot of the time we were driving with just one of our Baja Designs 10” amber LED lights on. The funny part is that we were both way too comfortably doing it. As we came in to mile 200 the plan was for Derek to get out and Sam would get in, but we kept calling out on the radio with no response. Knowing that the chase trucks were going to get fuel, we pushed on and hit the next section. We both knew that we were making up time and passing cars, but we still had no idea where we stood. During that small section we had passed Cory Sappington and as we came back to the highway we were on the tail of another car. I was relieved that the chase truck was there. We did a quick co-driver swap and once Sam was strapped in, I was off and trying to chase down the guy in front of me. Kristen got on the radio and told me that I was right behind Cognito and had moved from 14th to 6th in less than 80 miles. As I got off the highway, I knew the next couple of miles were very rocky with a small sand wash and if I was going to get Cognito, I had better get him before it turned back to silty roads. I was pushing hard and told Sam that we had to get him soon, as it turned to sand wash I told Sam to hit the horn. As soon as Sam hit the horn they pulled off and gave me the right of way and we were gone.

The next section was a very wet and confusing sand wash. We could see another UTV in front of us that we had started to reel in. I was blowing through the wash until out of nowhere there was a giant mud hole. I had no place to go but straight through it. It looked deep so I smashed the throttle down and a wall of the stickiest black mud you have ever seen came over the hood and covered Sam and I both. The next several miles we spent cleaning our shields trying to get rid of the nasty mud that was all over us. As we pushed on we eventually caught and passed the #1927 car that was in front of us just before we hit the next highway section at race mile 283. As we came out onto the highway section we pulled into our pit so Greg and Ken could look over the car. Kristen gave us an update and said we were making a ton of time up on the leaders and told me not to push too hard.
As we pulled off the highway at race mile 288 we now sat in 4th place knowing the guys in front of us would be tough to pass. Sam and I started to push hard and we soon saw the blue tail light of a UTV in front of us. As we got closer we noticed there wasn’t just one, but two cars. That made us push even harder and soon we were in heavy dust and reeling them in. One of the cars pulled off the course. When I realized it was Wes Miller, I was bummed because Wes was way out front at one point and was killing it, but I was relieved as well because I knew how hard he would have been to pass if he hadn’t had any problems.


After passing Wes I now knew that the only cars I had in front of me were the Jagged X and the UTV Inc cars. Sam and I put our heads down as we pushed hard. We got right up on the Jagged X as the course turned to silt, forcing us to let them go. It went on like this for over 30 miles. Once the course hit a rocky section, I knew it was going to be sandy roads thereafter. I made a hard push to get right up on him and this guy was no joke. He made me push my car harder than I wanted to for sure. I knew that I had to pass him quickly because the roads were going to become very fast and dusty soon. I laid it all on the line. I got up right behind him in his dust and I could not see a thing other than his taillights. I knew that if his car could handle it, then mine could too and as long as he didn’t smoke a rock or a tree, then we would be fine but if he happened to hit something I would have driven right into the back of him. Luckily after what felt like 100 miles of this, he pulled over, giving me the right of way and I was now sitting in second place.

We pulled across the highway at mile 348 and into our pit. Greg and Ken fueled the car while Kristen looked the car over to make sure everything was ok. Once fueled, Kristen told us that we were doing great and that the UTV Inc car had a long pit stop and they were now only 2 minutes in front of us. Just before we pulled out the Jagged X car came ripping by and I was pissed. I thought that they beat me out of the pits, but then I realized that they never even stopped to pit. Now I was just trying to stay close and not push too hard in their dust because they would have to pit sooner than later. Sure enough, a little bit later they pulled off allowing me to make a much easier pass on them. I knew now that the last one, the lead car, was lying just ahead. It was now time to go to work on the UTV Inc car driven by Johnny Angal. I knew I could get them, but I also knew that they were driving the new Polaris RZR XP4 1000 Turbo car and it was fast. Sam and I kept pushing ahead as we passed some of the other cars in other classes that were between us and them. At one point, we were within 20 seconds of them, but with the dust kicked up as they rabbited back out to over a minute in front of us, the gap would stay over a minute for a long time until I could slowly reel them in. Suddenly, their taillights stopped moving all together. I thought to myself, “thank god they finally got a flat.” As soon as he started to move again, I thought, “Oh no…here we go again with the blinding dust.” Then all of the sudden his car turned around and started driving back towards us. Most likely it was heading to the Baja Pit that was about a quarter of a mile back. Not knowing what the problem was, I kept a fast pace trying to put as much time in between him and me as possible. As I pushed on, I was not letting up and I found myself driving even faster because I had no dust to hold me back. I could tell at this point that something was wrong with Sam. Either he was pissed at me or he was sick because he wasn’t talking. I tried asking him if he was okay but he did not answer me. I then heard a funny sound come over the radio followed by Sam informing me that he had just swallowed a mouth full of puke. I told him to turn off the GPS, don’t worry about telling me where the turns are, and to please refrain from telling me what he just swallowed…otherwise I would end up puking next. To be honest, I had a ton of fun flying loose without the GPS. It reminded me of racing quads and dirt bikes again. There is a certain thrill that you get when you are pushing hard, just flying over rises and turns, not quite sure of the turn or drop on the other side. Don’t get me wrong, I did pre-run and I was 95% sure of the upcoming turns, but you wouldn’t believe the rush that comes from being just 5% unsure.


We were now coming up on race mile 465 which was scheduled to be our major pit stop for maintenance and service. Sam was still not doing well, so we told Derek to get geared up again and be ready to switch with Sam at the pit. I came blowing into the pit like a mad man, partly because I did not know how far behind the UTV Inc or Jagged X cars were. In the pit Greg and Marc were doing the clutch service and Kristen and Ken were looking the car over when she found a leaking CV boot that had been torn by a stick. I was losing my mind sitting in the car knowing that I could be doing something. Sam was out and Derek had gotten in, but now I was getting out and Derek followed me to help work on the car. We must have looked like a clown car with all of the in and out stuff going on. We both jumped to work on the axle. I was barking out orders…more like yelling orders because I was sure Jagged X or the UTV Inc cars were going to come blowing around the corner at any moment. Once the axle was under control, Derek and I got back in the car and waited for the signal to take off.

Once it was all said and done, we were out of there and back to trying to separate ourselves from the pack. We had a small desert section and then we were back on the highway at race mile 476. On the highway there was a Trophy Truck in front of us and we were being followed by Marc and Mike in Chase 3. As we bailed off the highway, I tried making a move on the Trophy Truck…and it worked. Derek and I were dying laughing at the fact that this guy was driving a truck worth well over a quarter of a million dollars and he just got snaked by a UTV. After I passed him, the laughter ended pretty quickly after we realized that his ego was hurt and he was coming for us. I was not going to puss out, so I gave him a race. Derek and I were flying through the twisty roads and we were pulling away from him. As you probably guessed the laughter started again as we left this guy in our dust. When we pulled onto Coco’s road at race mile 493, we had pulled over knowing that our 80 mph top speed would be no match for his 130 mph top speed.


We drove the next 30 miles down the road with no problems at all. Once we hit the highway at race mile 515 we knew that we had 70 miles of highway and it would be boring as hell. I had a chase truck behind me complete with my mother Marla Matlock, sister Tamra Birney, brother-in-law Justin Birney, my buddy Taylor Knorr, and Alvin Dimalanta aka the “Baja Ninja”. They kept talking to me on the radio to try and keep me awake. This is where it starts to get a little weird… Derek was fresher than I was and was not tired at all, but he also knew that I was too stubborn to pull over and switch drivers for the highway section, so there I was sleeping away driving down the highway hanging from my harnesses as Derek drove the car from the passenger seat with his left hand on the wheel and his left foot on the gas. What could go wrong…..? Well I did sleep for a bit but the funniest thing kept happening to Derek. I kept waking up thinking that I was still driving and had fallen asleep at the wheel, so I would panic jerk the wheel and hit the brakes. I say funny because Derek never knew when I would wake up and jerk the wheel nearly running us off the road each time. About a mile before the highway ended, I woke up for good. Then the bastard tells me his evil plan to not say anything to me at all and to just drive off the highway where the race course turns off onto the dirt to make me think that I had actually fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Now moving down the course again, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed. We were now around race mile 590 and I had been looking forward to this section all race long. I love racing in the San Felipe area and we were smack dab in the middle of it. As we were pounding through the whoops, the car started to act funny. I knew right away by the sound and feel that we had snapped an axle. I pulled over and told Derek to rip it out and toss it so we could limp in to the pits with three-wheel drive. We pushed on as I radioed the chase teams about the problem and asked them to have the tools out and ready when we pulled in. I could not see either one of our chase trucks as I pulled into the pit. I looked over towards the highway and one was coming down the road. I tore off towards them and was pissed that they were not ready only to find out that they had gotten pulled over by the cops and had to pay him off in order to move on. Derek and I jumped out and got to work as I had a flashback of the Baja 500. Derek and I had ourselves a nice local Mexican helper that was very eager to take over and he also smelled like he knew more about mixing a strong drink than changing an axle…I was right on all accounts. This guy was so far up in our show that we were tripping over him while grabbing tools. At one point Derek had to physically push him aside and tell him to stop helping. I think he must have gotten mixed signals and thought that Derek was telling him what a fantastic job he was doing and that he needed to do more and try harder.


Once the axle was complete, Greg and Ken fueled the car while Derek and I got in and tried to buckle up. We now had our little helper trying to buckle my harnesses as I would slap his hand away and say “No!” he would look at me and say “Es ok Amigo,” taking the straps away from me. It turned into more of a cat fight in the car as we slapped each other’s hands. Taylor had to pull him away from the car just so I could buckle my harness.

With that done, we were now back on the road at race mile 625 and back to racing. Kristen told me Jagged X was about 22 minutes behind at that point so we pushed to extend our lead. We pounded through the rest of the desert and headed up the Goat Trail above Valley de Trinidad, into the mountains. We kept our pace up going through the area we always call the “Bad Lands.” It is fast with sweeping turns, full of things that will end your day if you get too comfortable. After that we came back out to the highway at K78, race mile 748, for a quick fuel stop and a once over of the car. I was asking what the time split was as I learned that apparently Robby Gordon was our new time keeper. I guess he was broken down and was now following the UTV race. He had stayed back at the Goat Trail to wait for Jagged X so he could give Kristen an accurate time split. The Mad Media crew was also in our pit climbing on our car in order to mount a GoPro while the car was getting fueled.

After that, it was on to one of my favorite sections of course in Baja, the Tres Hermanos section. This area is full of high speed twists and turns with lots of ups and downs. I was having a blast racing through it, but the whole time I was ripping down the course, I knew I was racing towards one of the worst places of the entire race course that I would have to pass by. With every mile passed, both Derek and I kept getting quieter until we were not speaking at all, just driving. We both knew that we were racing towards the very spot where my Dad was killed in a UTV accident a little less than three years ago. As we approached the spot, my mind was racing. I was not sure what I was feeling, but as I raced by the spot the only thing I could think of was, “Look at me now Dad!” like I was a little boy riding his bike for the first time. Derek also looked up to my dad like a father and I was glad I had one of my best friends with me. As I drove down the road I started having fun again. It seemed the further down the road we got, the sadness faded away with every remaining mile. This made me drive faster until we were flying over rises and having the time of our lives again. After all…we were winning the Baja 1000.


We came into Ojos Negros at race mile 788. The plan was for Terry to get back in and take it to the finish. I’m not going to lie to anyone, I did not want to get out of that car until I crossed that finish line. I had pushed the car, my team, and I beyond the limits and I wanted to make sure that this race was won.

As Derek and I came through the final turn before the podium, we each had huge smiles on our faces, as I had the car in a four-wheel drive drift on the pavement all the way to the checkered flag.
I would like to say thank you to Terry Hui and his wife Olivia for giving us this amazing opportunity. I would also like to thank my family and friends who helped north of the border to help make this happen. A huge thank you to all our sponsors that supported our efforts…you guys took a huge chance by putting so much into our program, being that it was our first year racing UTVs. We are all so grateful that you did and were able to pull this win off because of your efforts!

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Johnny Angal, Henderson 250 Race Report http://www.utvunderground.com/johnny-angal-henderson-250-race-report-33925.html http://www.utvunderground.com/johnny-angal-henderson-250-race-report-33925.html#comments Tue, 08 Dec 2015 15:00:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=33925 2015 Henderson 250 Race Report
Polaris RZR 2015 Best in the Desert Championship 

By Johnny Angal, Driver / Owner #1921 UTV Inc. Polaris RZR

Well, who would have thought? Team UTV INC just pulled off another amazing feat. We led the Class 1900 UTV season points battle all year and just won the ‘2015 Class 1900 Championship’ in our Polaris RZR!


First off, I’d like to say thank you to all the bad ass guys racing against us, you rock! I’m not saying we are the best but I know how hard it is to even finish a race! When we first started racing a year and a half ago, we had no clue as to if we would ever win a race. We stacked our team with some of the best in the business. Companies like us that are always striving to be the best! Polaris Industries, jeez, what can I say about our RZR Team? They have supported me from the start! Building the best UTV’s in the business. I knew if I was going racing that I wanted to be racing a Polaris. Congratulations and thank you to everybody at Polaris Industries that has made Polaris the top company in the world for UTV’s and SXS’s. What has blossomed in to a American corporate power house, owning top brands such as RZR, Ranger, Victory Motorcycle, Indian Motorcycle, Slingshot and the list goes on and on. These guys are killing it, even producing vehicles for our United States Military. Thank you all so much!

2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com024 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com043 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com045

ITP Tires was again behind us 100% for racing in 2015. We might not have even been in the race if we had gotten a flat tire! Thank you for the support in 2015 and thank you again for helping us to win the 1245 mile 2014 Baja 1000 race.

Fox Racing Shox, Thank you! Lots of great shocks being manufactured out there but thank you for taking the time to develop and tune shocks. This makes your shocks not just great but the best shocks in the industry. Your team is the reason I chose Fox Racing Shox for all my race, play and prerunning!

LoneStar Racing, Thank you for putting up with all my bullshit and making us shine in the dusty desert. Because of you we have never not finished a race due to suspension failure!

Rigid Industries, Thank you for making sure the night is day so we can push the pace at all hours of the night!

Method Race Wheels, Thank you for supporting us and providing us with wheels that last during the test of time and the brutality of off road racing.

PCI Race Radios, Thank You for being part of our team and always going the extra mile so we can talk with our chase crews no matter where we are in the desert!

Pyrotech Fuel Cells, Thank you for keeping us safe and getting us that extra mile without fuel issues!

Wolf Designs – Jon and Amy, Thank you for making us look good even when we are doing bad! Thank you for going the extra mile and always getting us ready in time for the races.

Oh shit, how about that UTV INC crew? They built and supported 3, yes 3 … new Polaris machines in a 1 year period. I barely gave them enough time to figure out the ins and outs of 1 machine before asking them to build a new one! Props to the whole UTV INC crew.

Impact Racing, Thank you for the fire suits, helmets, Hans devices, gloves and especially for keeping us safe!

You see, I really had the smallest part in the racing program. They strapped my ass into the race car and told me to beat everybody else to the finish line while not destroying the car. You see this isn’t about me. It’s about the teams we have partnered with that got us a championship. I simply could not have done it without the support of everybody that helped me from day one. My friends, family, chase crews, Ford chase trucks, the media coverage and the haters that just pushed us to be better.

I would also like to thank the companies that for whatever reason things didn’t work out between us and we had to go a different direction. Walker Evans Racing supported us from the start but at the time didn’t have the wheel size I wanted so I had to go a different direction. Thank you and I am sorry.


Anyway, Henderson 250 Race report…

Kudos to the UTV Class. We had 30 entries in the Pro UTV Class and 22 finishers, me being the 22nd. LOL, yah, we had a major problem at this race. I’m telling you what, for a short race of 160 miles, this course has its fair share of huge rocks, cliffs, whoops and dangers. So I was really surprised at how many entries and finishers we had.

Boner and I jumped in our 2016 Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo right around 8:30am in the morning. It was pretty freaking cold out, just under freezing. No real breeze in the air so we knew that starting in 24th position was just going to suck. We get out to where we are supposed to line up anyhow and we know we have one hell of a task ahead of us. 9-ish AM rolls around and the UTV’s ahead of us start leaving the starting line two at a time, side by side, every 30 seconds. The line moves pretty fast and before you know it we are off! We start next to the Polaris XP Turbo of Dan Fisher from Lonestar Racing and we smoke him into the desert. His car did look fast as we passed him in the chicane but I’m sure my car looked even faster to him as we flew by!

2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com079 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com078 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com077

Out in the desert we are already engulfed in a dust cloud that is so bad at times we are going 10 mph and just trying to stay on the race course. We are praying that we don’t run into a large rock, off a cliff, or into the guys that had started in front of us. We slowly make up ground and pass a few people that had started in front of us but just as the dust gets a little better we clip a rock and at race mile 10ish we have our first flat tire. The rest of the field that started behind us start passing us as Boner is getting the tire changed. So now we are in last place, oh well, he gets that tire changed and we are back in the race. Passing the racers that just flew by us again and the car is running great! Then all of a sudden the car starts to die. As I look for a safe place to pull off the race course we have smoke start rolling into the cab. I tell Boner “JUMP OUT!” I think we are on fire, he gets out and sure enough we have a small fire that he quickly puts out. I notice for some reason the car has over heated and our temp gauge is reading 270 degrees. That’s not good! Boner looks around and he finds the engine coolant bypass line fitting has been pulled from the aluminum water pump housing. We have now lost all coolant. I tell him to fix it the best he can and fill the radiator up with water from our Camelbak’s.


I start the car up and there is enough water in it now to cool the engine. I am sure we have an air pocket in the engine that is not going to allow us to go far. We pull back onto the race course and within a ½ mile it over heats. Damn! We have 5 miles to go ‘til our pit where we might be able to fix it but this goes on a few times and I pull over next to one of the race course workers. I ask Boner to jump out and see if he has any water so we can fill it up and bleed the engine of its air pockets. In what seemed as eternity he gets it done and gets back in the race car. We are off and racing again! At this point we know we can’t win the race but I tell him let’s get to the pits to see if we can rig something up so we can at least finish the race for shits and giggles. They get it rigged up and we have them toss 10 water bottles in the back of the car just in case. At this point we know we are not really in the race anymore but figure we came this far lets go have some fun! We did get a text massage on my phone while we were RACING telling me that I inherited 3 million dollars. Boner says that it was meant for the both of us to split since were racing together. I call bullshit on that one, LOL… anyway we make it to the finish line. When we arrive we’re told that we have lost the championship. They are telling us we got second place in the overall championship. Oh well, not bad for our first run at it! We watch, a little surprised, as Cognito Motorsports pops the Champaign bottles and celebrates the championship we thought we had won. We were under the impression that they had to come in 1st place to beat us and we knew we didn’t even have to finish. But, Okay, they fought hard and they won, congratulations. A couple of hours later I get a text message from Bill (Jagged X) saying ‘so how do you think it played out?’ I say ‘No clue’ and he proceeds to confirm that he believes we just won our first overall Championship.

#1921 UTV Inc Polaris RZR, 2015 BITD Pro UTV Champions!

The End..

Photos by UTVUnderground.com

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2015 BITD Henderson 250 http://www.utvunderground.com/2015-bitd-henderson-250-33828.html http://www.utvunderground.com/2015-bitd-henderson-250-33828.html#comments Mon, 07 Dec 2015 20:27:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=33828 S3 Powersports Wins The Battle, UTV Inc Wins The War

The 2015 Best In The Desert (BITD) Pro UTV season championship would all come down to the Henderson 250, the final race of the year. Johnny Angal in the #1921 UTV Inc Polaris RZR and Justin Lambert in the #1918 Cognito Motorsports Polaris RZR were separated by enough points to make the final race extremely interesting. Brandon Schueler in the #1919 Jagged X Polaris RZR was still hanging in there but would need both Lambert and Angal to have their worst days while he had his best to be able to squeak away with his 7th title.

30 +/- UTVs would stage to take on the final race of the season solidifying the Pro UTV class as the largest of any class entered at the Henderson 250. Proof once again that the UTV class continues to grow and that the competitors are committed despite where they may lye in the championship standings.


As is the case many times throughout the season, the race claims to be 250 miles but UTVs alongside a few other classes would really only be racing 160 miles. Due to time constraints BITD shortens the race for certain classes to ensure enough time for the Unlimited classes to run the full 250 miles. It would be nice for UTVs to be able to run a full 250 miles and help further the challenge of these desert races making attrition a larger part. As it stands now, Henderson, Parker, the UTVWC and Silver State seem so much like a drag race versus a true long range desert race but nevertheless it still is fun and extremely challenging.

The Henderson 250 festivities are held in downtown Henderson but the race itself is held in Jean, NV on the course many are now familiar with as the current Mint 400 race course. BITD is referred to by many as BLADE IN THE DESERT because of their blading or smoothing of the actual race course. It is said by Casey Folks, head of BITD, that BLM and other agencies require this type or course maintenance which is a real shame. It seems as if the berms of the course are getting higher and even harder to move off of and the ruts and bumps seem to get squared and deeper than a natural trail just left to nature to rehabilitate. Whatever the case may be, the course by the second lap was harsh and rough in many spots and in others was soft and dusty.

2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com010 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com003 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com028

One very positive change for this race was that UTVs were moved out of the Bike / ATV race which always starts with the sunrise. Anyone who has attended the Henderson 250 would know that this tends to be the coolest race of the year temperature wise and this year was no different. With UTVs now starting in “Race #2″ at 9AM it allows for the temp to rise a bit which is great. Downside to this change is running with other larger 4 wheel vehicles. That means more dust and more larger vehicles to have to pass and or be passed by. With all that said, I doubt you would find any UTV racers that would want it changed back to the way it was for this race. We thought it was perfect and allows us to have some time to prepare on race morning while still being done with the race by 1pm or so.

Racers staged two-by-two, racing off the line every 30 seconds through a short 2 turn infield before meeting side-by-side in a race into the desert. Early in the field a racer on the outside line would dump his RZR onto its side in turn one and while BITD worked hard to right the vehicle they also continued to send vehicles off the line. The next 3-4 UTVs in the outside line were slowed to a major disadvantage until the rolled over RZR could get out of the way. Guys like Sims and Holz were 2 of the teams that were hindered by this mishap and while it didn’t exactly affect Sim’s race in the long run, Holz on the other hand would be able to look back on this early moment of the race and blame a possible race win miss on this incident. The rest of the start seemed pretty smooth for the rest of the field and the drag race for the win and season championship was under way!


A light breeze moved the dust along in many parts allowing for an even faster pace to be set. It wasn’t long before Dustin Jones & Shane Dowden of S3 Powersports in their Turbo Maverick began to set a pace that would be hard to overcome for anybody. S3 has had a fantastic rookie season. The mud riders from Louisiana blasted onto the scene in 2015 with a factory Can-Am sponsorship and no desert racing experience whatsoever, but what they had was some money, a lot of skill and a will to learn and do whatever it took to be the best. What resulted was a win at the 2015 Mint 400 and podium contention in many other races throughout the season. But as is the case with many in desert racing, you can only run that crazy fast pace for so long before something gives and unfortunately this season they had some parts let go keeping them from further race wins. Henderson would be different for S3 and their driver was also different which made this race win even more impressive! Dustin Jones would trade places with his usual co-driver Shane Dowden and give Shane a chance to wheel this entire race. Dustin did joke around prior to the race saying that if Shane was off the pace that he was going to pull him from the wheel but Shane fired back reminding everyone that he has beat Dustin before and that he would be just fine. Fine he was, Shane would wheel the #1978 to a first place finish at this years Henderson 250!

Now back to that early race mishap that happened in turn 1. Ryan Holz who was driving the #1964 Holz Racing Products RZR was one of the unlucky vehicles to get stuck behind the rolled over RZR. We would have to go back to see exactly just how long that delay was for Holz but here is what we do know. Ryan Holz would finish just behind Dowden in second place by only 37 seconds! 37 seconds is what separated a win from a loss here at the Henderson 250. Now we may be reaching to say that the start slowed Holz to the point of losing the race, we all know many things happen on course that cost racers seconds, minutes and many times hours. Regardless, the young 16 year old driver proved to everyone that he is no slouch and like his father Mark who rode shotgun and also built the #1964 RZR, we expect the younger Holz to compete at a very high level in 2016.

2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com135 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com137 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com145

Rounding out the podium would be a name we have been hearing more and more throughout the 2015 season, Poelman. Dodge Poelman, like Holz, is the son of another talented driver. Dodge is 15 years old and has showed some signs of serious potential. The #1962 Supercross.com RZR has had its share of podium’s. For this race they would enlist off-road racing talent Doug Mittag to co-drive and then drive the second lap of the 2 lap race. Together the two would drive the #1962 RZR to a third place finish! While we are sure we will see more of Poelman, we also hope to see more of Mittag in the desert. We all know he has skills as a 22 year old short course racer, but we think there is huge potential for Mittag in the desert also!

While racing to win is always the name of the game, sometimes its the bigger picture of a season championship that takes precedent over ones approach. Fortunately for us fans, knowing that battle this season was coming down between Johnny Angal and Justin Lambert we knew it was going to be an all out fight and that neither would just “race to finish”. Johnny has an attitude about him that you have to admire, its all about glory and bragging rights, he wants to win and its first or last when you talk to the 50 year old who is only in his second year of professional off-road racing. The 40 year old Lambert is much like Angal when it comes to the will to win and being that he had to best Angal this race while knowing that Johnny is going to hang it all out, it put the pressure on Lambert to not only be on his A-Game but to also be perfect while hoping that Angal had a bad day, a really bad day! Well, Johnny Angal had a bad day, his worst in fact of the 2015 season and while Lambert didn’t have his best day he still finished in 4th place. Initially the calculations at the finish line showed that the results would have Lambert and his Cognito Motorsports Polaris RZR hoisting the 2015 season championship trophy. Justin & Justin stoop atop their RZR and popped champagne for the cameras and for a brief moment basked in the glory of winning the season championship, the first of their racing career. However, not much longer Angal and BITD began to take a closer look realizing that this race would actually be Angal’s one throw out race of the season. This result would actually have him edging out Lambert by 2 points to take down the first championship for the #1921 UTV Inc Polaris RZR race team!


Its hard to decipher whats more important, a race win or a season championship. Wins unless done in the biggest races are often forgotten about by anyone other that the team that won the race. Championships however seem to live forever. You look at Brandon Schueler and I could name a few of his race wins, but I always know that he is the 6-time BITD Pro UTV champion. I couldn’t be more excited for Angal and more bummed for Lambert at the very same time. Those who race and follow racing know just how hard it is to win let alone consistently perform to the level of winning a championship. Angal has done a lot in his short career as a racer. He has built something like 4 different race cars in 2 years, he has won the Baja 1000, and now has won a season championship. There aren’t many other classes in off-road racing that could allow a total rookie to just show up and compete at this level. Its something very special about the UTV class, it truly is a class for anyone and everyone all at the same time. Congrats to the entire #1921 race team on a season well done.

It should be noted that Lacretia Beurrier also won the 2015 Pro Unlimited Championship this year in her #2909 Polaris RZR. While she locked that championship up a race or two ago, it goes without saying that she earned not only numerous wins this year in the unlimited class but secured a championship for her team and sponsors. Much has been said that the class has never produced consistent entires & competition, and while that may be true that should not take away from the fact that the #2909 RZR showed up to compete at each and every race no matter what the class entries were. We would have hoped to see Turbo vehicles been placed into the Unlimited class for the 2016 season to better help grow that class but it looks like that will not happen. Whatever class Beurrier plans to compete in, we know she and her team will show up with a well built machine, a quality program and a will to win! Congrats to the entire #2909 race team on a season well done.

2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com184 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com193 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com189

It was an exciting season of racing. The Turbo Maverick platform proved to be the real deal all while the RZR platform continued to dominate the standings and car counts. Many predict that there could finally be a championship looming for the Can-Am race program in 2016 as their team has had a full year of prep on their Turbo platform. With the creation of the Turbo class for 2016 they (Can-Am) could get ahead in the standings before those racing Turbo RZRs have time to really get them dialed in. So far the results for those competing on the Turbo RZR platform have been less than stellar. Because of BITD’s stance on keeping UTVs racing at the Parker 250 so that they can justify and pay for bikes to race, there is not much of an off-season for UTVs. This is a whole other issue for a whole other article, but as it stands it will be interesting to see just how ready those new Turbo RZRs will be come that first weekend in January. We know the Can-Am Turbo program will be strong in the newly created Pro Turbo UTV class, and its almost goes without saying that RZRs will continue to dominate the Pro UTV class. Our little race class is growing, thats a great thing, could 2016 be the biggest year AGAIN? Only time will tell….

Congrats to everyone who competed this season, thank you to all of you who continue to support our site as we look to continue supporting you!

See you in 2016..

Joey D.

Side Note: Huge props to our media staff this year. As has been the case for almost 7 years now, if you want the best off-road UTV racing coverage you come to UTVUnderground.com! Our team finished the year off with a bang and we have provided one of the best photo galleries of the season for you to enjoy!!


2015 Henderson 250 RESULTS

Pro UTV Results

1. #1978 Dustin Jones / Shane Dowden – S3 Powersports – Can-Am Maverick Turbo

2. #1964 Ryan Holz / Mark Holz – Holz Racing Products – Polaris RZR XP1000

3. #1962 Dodge Poelman / Doug Mittag – Supercross.com – Polaris RZR XP1000

4. #1918 Justin Lambert / Justin Sheakley – Cognito Motorsports – Polaris RZR XP1000

5. #1917 Jason Murray / Derek Murray – Murray Motorsports – Can-Am Maverick Turbo

6. #1994 Snake Livernash / Chris Cleary – Larson Powersports – Polaris RZR XP1000

7. #1969 Logan Gastel / Adam McKinney – Gastel Motorsports – Can-Am Maverick

8. #1904 Cory Sappington / Jason Flanders – Desert Toyz Motorsports – Can-Am Maverick Turbo

9. #1910 Dan Fisher / Morgan Russell – LoneStar Racing – Polaris RZR XP1000

10. #1952 Jonathan McVay / Greg Williams – LoneStar Racing – Polaris RZR XP1000

11. #1946 Christina Perkins / Kelley Clarke – Perkins Racing – Polaris RZR XP1000

12. #1915 Robert Villareal / Cal Vandervoort – LoneStar Racing – Polaris RZR XP1000

13. #1966 Cody Rahders / Fred Rahm – R3 Motorsports – Polaris RZR XP Turbo

14. #1929 Lanse Chournos / Sam Chournos – Rally On The Rocks – Polaris RZR XP1000

15. #1912 John Melvin / Tim Jewett – LoneStar Racing – Polaris XP1000

16. #1999 Chad Ragland / Joey DiGiovanni – UTVUnderground & CageWRX – Polaris RZR XP1000

17. #1926 Erik Goulish / Chris Balak – One Way Electric – Polaris RZR XP1000

18. #1965 Jeramiah Drew / Christopher Edmondson – #XP Warrior – Polaris RZR XP1000

19. #1919 Brandon Schueler / Blake Van De Loo – Jagged X Racing – Polaris RZR XP1000

20. #1913 Branden Sims / Justin Krause – Sims Motorsports – Polaris RZR XP Turbo

21. #1997 Kenny Brink / Miles Elliot – On Site Communications – Polaris RZR XP1000

22. #1921 Johnny Angal / Eric Ringler – UTV Inc. – Polaris RZR XP Turbo – SEASON CHAMPION


Pro Unlimited Results 

1. #2909 Lacretia Beurrier / Chris Moore – Dragon Fire Racing – Polaris RZR XP1000 – SEASON CHAMPION

2. #2903 Jeff Kary / Terri Kary – Kary Environmental – Polaris RZR XP1000


 Photos by Rusty Baptist

2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com003 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com004 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com005 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com006 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com007 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com008 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com009 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com010 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com011 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com012 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com013 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com014 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com015 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com016 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com017 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com018 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com019 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com021 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com022 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com023 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com026 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com027 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com028 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com029 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com036 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com037 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com038 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com041 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com045 2015-BITD-Henderson-250-Rusty-Baptist-UTVUnderground.com046

Photos by Jason Zindroski

2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com001 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com002 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com003 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com004 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com005 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com006 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com007 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com008 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com009 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com010 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com011 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com012 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com013 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com014 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com015 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com016 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com017 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com018 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com019 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com020 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com021 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com022 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com023 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com024 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com025 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com026 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com027 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com028 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com029 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com030 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com031 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com032 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com033 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com034 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com035 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com036 2015-bitd-henderson-250-jason-zindroski-utvunderground.com037

Photos by Sebastian Krywult

2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com001 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com002 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com003 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com004 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com005 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com006 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com007 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com008 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com009 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com010 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com011 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com012 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com013 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com014 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com015 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com016 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com017 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com018 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com019 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com020 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com021 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com022 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com023 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com024 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com025 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com026 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com027 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com028 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com029 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com030 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com031 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com032 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com033 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com034 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com035 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com036 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com037 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com038 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com039 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com040 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com041 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com042 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com043 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com044 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com045 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com046 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com047 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com048 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com049 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com050 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com051 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com052 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com053 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com054 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com055 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com056 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com057 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com058 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com059 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com060 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2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com181 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com182 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com183 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com184 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com185 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com186 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com187 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com188 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com189 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com190 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com191 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com192 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com193 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com194 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com195 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com196 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com197 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com198 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com199 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com200 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com201 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com202 2015-bitd-henderson-250-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com203 ]]>
http://www.utvunderground.com/2015-bitd-henderson-250-33828.html/feed 311
Product Spotlight: SB Filters Particle Separator http://www.utvunderground.com/product-spotlight-sb-filters-particle-separator-33787.html http://www.utvunderground.com/product-spotlight-sb-filters-particle-separator-33787.html#comments Mon, 07 Dec 2015 16:30:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=33787 When we first saw the new SB Filters Particle Separator we were intrigued. It had a cool race car look to it with its corrugated air line and dimple-died face plate. We weren’t sure exactly what it did but we were immediately interested. In a day and age where it seems like everyone and their mom is trying to get into the UTV business, its always refreshing to come across a truly innovative product that actually improves the life of your machine and is fully functional.

Before we get into what the Particle Separator is we figure we may as well tell you who SB Filters is. SB stands for Stan & Barbara, the original founders of the company who launched the business over 40 years ago. The company got their start making high quality filtration products for vehicles with a focus on private labels for popular companies like Edelbrock. In 2003 the company was purchased by current owner Berry Carter who has maintained the companies original mission for quality but shifted the company to focusing more on its own brand versus just private labeling. Over the past 10 years or so, SB Filters has developed into one of the industries formidable manufacturers of high quality cold air intake systems, air filters and performance products with a focus on both diesel & gas powered truck as well as SUVs.


Having been lucky enough to tour the SB Filters facility in Southern California you can see that a lot of pride is taken in developing products using quality manufacturing materials and processes. From tooling to testing, SB employs advanced technical practices that carry through to the products consumers buy and use. Their drive for new technology and developing better products is what led them to the development of the Particle Separator for UTVs. Berry and his team are always trying to figure out how to better filter technology and so naturally they were curious as to how military helicopters being used in the harsh desert environments of Iraq and Afghanistan were keeping their intake systems free and clear of dirt and dust. It was during this research where they learned about the Particle Separator technology these helicopters were employing. Once they realized they too could produce this type of system they began to search for a market that could best benefit from the technology. That was when they stumbled upon the UTV industry. UTVs are almost always in dusty environments, most owners don’t want to have to service their filters during or after every trip which often results in damaged engines and greatly reduced performance. The UTV market was the perfect fit and so the team at SB went to work on developing the first Particle Separator for the Polaris RZR platform.


Ok, so by now you are thinking about what exactly the Particle Separator is and what does it do? The Particle Separator installs in front of your factory intake system. Think of it as a filter for your filter but with no restriction caused to your factory intake system which results in no loss of power. It works by taking your dirty and dusty air in, filters the dirt and dust and ejects it with the use of a 12v powered scavenge fan which then results in mostly clean air reaching your intake system. This means less maintenance and less fear of hurting your prized possessions beating heart. You’re happy and you’re engine is happy.

The system today is only available for the Polaris RZR XP1000 and XP Turbo platforms however SB Filters will soon release a kit for the Yamaha YXZ 1000R and are also working on an application for the Can-Am Maverick. The Particle Separator installs in minutes and comes with everything you need to get it up and running. SB claims about 30 minutes to install and I think thats true if you have done it before. But if you are doing it for the first time I would budget a bit more time especially if you wanted to run the wiring inside of your roll cage’s tubing. The system can install on the rear upper (roof) of the cage or on the cross bar running behind your seats. I have tried both and I think I like it mounted on the cross bar better. It hurts rear visibility a bit being mounted there but it looks clean to me. But to each his own.


The unit itself is very trick looking and is made of high quality composite and utilizes a silicone intake hose which runs to your factory intake inlet on the passenger side rear fender. The kit comes with a trim piece to replace the factory piece but still looks very much factory. The main Particle Separator comes standard with a black faceplate but for a small fee you can upgrade to a stainless or painted faceplate. Painted colors are available in Red, Blue or white. The billet mounting clamps are extremely nice and are machined in-house at SB Filters and are designed to mount to most all 1.75″ roll bars. Weather proof wiring harness is also provided and allows for adequate install all the way back to your factory battery location. We have installed all of our units on the ignition but I think I would like to put them on a switch so when I am leading a ride or just moving the vehicle around the house or trailer I wouldn’t need the scavenge fan running. With that said, the fan does produce some additional noise to an already noisy machine but it only draws 3.1 amps nominally. Its a solid trade off for the 94% of the dirt it eliminates reaching your air filter!

2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com032 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com028 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com025

Another cool side note on the Particle Separator is not only does it work in dusty environments but it also works for you mud guys! The Particle Separator can be used as a snorkel. I have never installed a snorkel kit but logic tells me there are some tricks on how you seal the snorkel tubes to your intake system so I would plan for the same thing here. But to me its a way cooler looking snorkel then anything else on the market we have seen!

We have installed two Particle Separators on our UTVs. One on our 2015 Fox Edition Polaris RZR Xp1000 and another on our new 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbo. We also installed one on the Walker Evans Racing Polaris XP1000. We have ran all machines and so far are very happy with the results. We are even more excited to now have the opportunity to go out with SB Filters and do some real life testing which we are filming and will bring to you in the form of videos so you can visually see exactly how the units work and perform! With that said, don’t wait to go out and buy a Particle Separator. For $399.00 its a solid investment for your machine, especially if you run in a lot of dusty environments!


When I asked Berry Carter if he intends on developing other products for the UTV industry he said “For now I just want to work on changing the way the powersports industry views filtration..” So while the company does intend on developing more products, today the focus is on the Particle Separator.

Stay tuned here to UTVUnderground.com as we continue to learn and share more on the new SB Filters Particle Separator.

Learn more about the SB Filters Particle Separator by CLICKING HERE

2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com018 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com021 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com022 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com023 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com024 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com025 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com026 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com027 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com028 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com029 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com030 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com031 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com032 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com020 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com019 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com006 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com017 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com016 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com015 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com014 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com013 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com012 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com010 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com009 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com011 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com008 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com007 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com005 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com004 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com003 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com002 2015-sb-filters-particle-separator-utvunderground.com001



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RJ Anderson XP1K3 50-50 Grind http://www.utvunderground.com/rj-anderson-xp1k3-50-50-grind-33781.html http://www.utvunderground.com/rj-anderson-xp1k3-50-50-grind-33781.html#comments Fri, 04 Dec 2015 15:00:23 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=33781

Professional Driver. One-Of-A-Kind Heavily Modified Vehicle. Do Not Attempt. You Could Die. “XP1K3″ is full of technical and high-flying stunts. Beyond being dangerous, the stunts are visually stunning and so now we begin to give you a closer look at one of the coolest stunts in the film, a stunt we call the “50-50 Grind”! Watch RJ replicate a popular skateboard trick in his tricked out Polaris RZR!

Watch the FULL “XP1K3″ video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Kdk7PFlQXg

XP1K3 | RJ Anderson XP1K3 | RJ Anderson XP1K3 | RJ Anderson

“XP1K3” is five-minute full throttle, turbo powered, mind bending, off-road thrill ride through the most unforgivable obstacles imaginable. RJ Anderson fearlessly attacks massive jumps, high speed drifts, and treacherous man-made terrain in his custom 200 horsepower Polaris RZR XP Turbo. XP1K3 was produced by motorsports production powerhouse Mad Media in the post apocalyptic dystopian decay of abandoned steel mills, old factories, and train yards…and features an array of massive obstacles spread out over six locations in Youngstown, Ohio. Shot in stunning 4K resolution!

The XP1K viral film series has amassed more than 16 million views across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram so far, and has been watched in more than 70 different countries. The adrenalized, branded video campaign has made hundreds of millions of impressions worldwide, redefining the Sport Utility Vehicle (UTV) and Side-by-Side (SxS) market.

More than a year of planning went into the development and execution of the “XP1K3” campaign. It took the build team of 15, more than a month to weld, stack, cut, bend and fabricate the custom playground with multiple obstacles. The Mad Media crew of 40 then spent 14 days on location battling dust, rust, rain, mud and fog to capture each of their incredible imagined obstacles.

Keep track of all the XP1K3 news and information and watch the full video at www.XP1K3.com

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Polaris Industries, BFGoodrich Tires, and Monster Energy are not responsible for the content in this video.
Polaris RZR™ is a registered trademark of Polaris Industries Inc.

Adult models – 16 and older. Be sure to get safety training. The vehicle displayed in this video is not intended for on-road use. Driver must be 16 years old with a valid driver’s license. Passenger must be 12 years old, and tall enough to use hand holds and plant feet firmly on floor. Always use cab nets, wear seatbelts, helmets, eye protection, and protective clothing. Do not operate on public roads. Avoid excessive speeds, sharp turns, and difficult terrain. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix! Never carry more than the appropriate amount of passengers. Follow all warnings/instructions in owner’s manuals and on product. UTV Underground, Mad Media and their affiliates are not responsible for injuries that may occur from emulating or copying the riding, driving, or stunts performed in this video. Visit www.rohva.org for more information on safe operation off-road vehicles.


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Polaris Graphic Roof Install http://www.utvunderground.com/polaris-graphic-roof-install-33757.html http://www.utvunderground.com/polaris-graphic-roof-install-33757.html#comments Thu, 03 Dec 2015 21:00:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=33757 Roof Sell Sheet 1

We first were introduced to the new Polaris Graphic Roof while testing the new 2016 Polaris RZR 1000-s machine in Huntsville, TN. We liked it a lot. The sunroof is what stood out to us, but it looked good and overall was a slick new product. So when we saw that there was a new Graphic Roof available for the XP4 platform we thoguht it would be a great addition to our new 2016 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo!


We ordered the roof up which is available on Polaris.com starting at $399.99. The packaged arrived in a matter of days and came with all the necessary hardware to install as well as easy to understand instructions. Included was bolts & assorted hardware, rubber coated clamps, and foam padding for the roll cage to dampen vibration between the roof and roll cage.


Upon opening the box I noticed that packaging was minimal and yet despite how hard shipping companies can be on a package everything arrived in order and without damage. The roofs are lined with a protective film to protect them from being scratched. The film peeled off easy and in one piece. That made me happy!


The hardware was strait forward and the bolts utilized are the same torx head bolts we are all used to on the Polaris body and interior. The installation required only a torx bit which I attached to my impact gun and a 10mm wrench.


I followed the instructions step by step which first required me to remove the top 2 bolts on the front sun-visor. I then laid strips of foam padding on top of the roll cage where the roof would cover. From there on it took me a total of about 30 minutes to complete the install. It really was strait forward and easy to do and came out perfect!


We look forward to running around with the new Polaris Graphic Roof. If you plan to keep your factory cage then I would highly recommend this product.

Polaris Graphic Roof

2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com016 2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com002 2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com001 2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com003 2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com006 2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com005 2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com004 2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com008 2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com010 2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com009 2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com007 2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com013 2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com011 2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com015 2015-polaris-graphic-roof-rzr-xp-4-turbo-install-utvunderground.com014 2879939-black copy 2879939-red copy 2879939-white copy Roof Sell Sheet 1 ]]>
http://www.utvunderground.com/polaris-graphic-roof-install-33757.html/feed 101
UTV World Championship on NBC http://www.utvunderground.com/utv-world-championship-on-nbc-33753.html http://www.utvunderground.com/utv-world-championship-on-nbc-33753.html#comments Thu, 03 Dec 2015 20:05:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=33753 UTV-Mint-Announce

The 2015 Mint 400 and UTV World Championship TV Shows to Premiere on NBC Sports in December
Mad Media produced documentary style shows premiere in over 80 million homes

Motorsports production powerhouse Mad Media led by directing team “The Martelli Brothers” announced premiere dates for their documentary style TV shows on The Polaris RZR Mint 400 presented by General Tire and the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship presented by UTVUnderground.com. Both will premiere on NBC Sports in December closing out the season of off-road racing.

“For us the focus has always been about great storytelling,” stated Mad Media CEO and Co-Director, Matt Martelli. “We’ve developed our own cinematic, documentary-style approach to covering these marque off-road events that dives deeper into the stories that unfold, while showcasing these world class racers using stunning cinematography. It’s pure eye candy with good narratives and amazing offroad action! We give love to everyone who races from the little home grown teams to the big boys. After all, off-roading started with VW bugs and Jeeps, we can’t forget where we come from. The great thing about off-road culture is there are hundreds of stories at each race.”

“We’re really excited to be on the NBC Sports network. They have a lot of compelling content including NASCAR, Formula 1, Global Rallycross, and Motocross that we want to be in the middle of,” commented COO and Co-Director, Joshua Martelli. “They have a great reach with over 80 million homes and growing.”


The Polaris RZR Mint 400 presented by General Tire will premiere on NBC Sports on Saturday, December 13th at 7:00 Eastern / 4:00 Pacific and feature 330 of the top off-road teams in the world, battle it out on the roughest off-road race course in America.

justin-lofton-plaster-city tsco-racing-testing
The two hour documentary style show will feature longtime off-road racers, Mark and Gary Weyhrich andJustin Lofton, as well as features on the Jeepspeed Class, Vintage Class and KMC Wheels off-road wheel technology.

Each year, the bright lights and sounds of the Las Vegas Strip are temporarily drowned out by the roar of 850-horsepower trucks tearing across the desert at speeds nearing 140 miles per hour for the Polaris RZR Mint 400, the toughest off-road race in America. Boasting bone-jarring terrain, high-speed passes, exasperating equipment failures and spectacular rollovers, the Mint 400 draws top drivers in the world in the most thrilling off-road races of the season.


The Polaris RZR UTV World Championship presented by UTVUnderground.com will premiere Wednesday, December 16th at 3:00pm Eastern / 12:00pm Pacific.

The world’s biggest UTV race, takes place every year in beautiful Laughlin, Nevada and draws the best UTV racers in the world to battle in both short course and desert races to decide who is the best UTV racer on the planet! The race features an ultra exciting side-by-side land rush start and intense door to door racing all the way until the checkered flag.

This one hour documentary style show will feature off-road standout Branden Sims, short course Champion Beau Barron, desert racing standout Justin Lambert, and two time King of the Hammers UTV and short course champion, Mitch Guthrie Jr.

About Mad Media
Mad Media (www.madmedia.com) is a San Diego based marketing and creative agency, with in-house film and television production. We craft authentic, culturally engaging brand messages, and deliver them across print, web, photography, and film platforms. Mad Media has been leading the online content revolution since 1995 producing major commercial, television, online content and viral film projects such as The Gymkhana Series and XP1K Series.

About The Polaris RZR Mint 400 presented by General Tire
Known as “The Great American Off-Road Race,” The Mint 400 is an epic four hundred mile battle between the top off-road racers in the world in over twenty different classes of off-road vehicles. The race was started in 1967, and is steeped in American lore, as thousands of racers, as well as celebrities from around the world, have attempted to tame the brutal Nevada desert. An entire week of events lead up the famed off-road race in and around Las Vegas, including a vehicle parade, drivers meet and greet, pit crew contest, crowning of Miss Mint, multiple parties, qualifying, and contingency / vehicle tech inspection.

About The Polaris RZR UTV World Championship presented by UTVUnderground.com
The Polaris RZR UTV World Championship presented by UTVUnderground.com is the world’s biggest UTV race and takes place every year in beautiful Laughlin, Nevada.  The UTV World Championship draws the best UTV racers in the world to battle in both short course and desert races to decide who is the best UTV racer on the planet! The race features an ultra exciting side-by-side land rush start and intense door to door racing all the way until the checkered flag.  The UTV World Championship has the biggest TV, online, and school media coverage in the sport of UTV racing.

About NBC Sports Network
NBCSN, part of the NBC Sports Group, is dedicated to serving passionate sports fans. Now in approximately 80 million homes, the Emmy Award-winning network is the cable television home of the Summer and Winter Olympics, National Hockey League (NHL), Premier League, Formula One, Major League Soccer (MLS), IZOD IndyCar Series, Tour de France, the 34th America’s Cup, and beginning in 2015, NASCAR.

http://www.utvunderground.com/utv-world-championship-on-nbc-33753.html/feed 34
Feature Vehicle: RJ Anderson’s RZR XP Turbo http://www.utvunderground.com/feature-vehicle-rj-andersons-rzr-xp-turbo-33698.html http://www.utvunderground.com/feature-vehicle-rj-andersons-rzr-xp-turbo-33698.html#comments Mon, 30 Nov 2015 17:50:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=33698 Camp RZR West-Glamis

As the face of Polaris RZR one would expect that RJ Anderson would and should have the best Polaris RZR’s money can buy. And for the most part RJ has exactly that. From his XP1K video machines to his WORCS race RZRs, RJ has no shortage of awesome Polaris inventory. But what does the off-road superstar build when he wants a personal play RZR? Well, you may be surprised at just how simple he keeps it.

Each year RJ sets out to build himself a simple yet functional and fun play RZR, one that he can take to the dunes or desert with friends and family. RJ understands that in a play car reliability is king and so is fun factor and so he tries to keep the car to as close to the stock power to weight ratio as possible. As is the case with all of RJs race machines and XP1K video RZRs, RJ calls upon Mark Holz at Holz Racing Products to set him up with strong, functional and lightweight products to make his RZR able to withstand all he throws at it while still looking good!



2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com028 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com010 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com013

For 2016 RJ started with a brand new RZR XP Turbo and installed Holz cage, opening doors, suspension, sway bars, and a host of other Holz built trinkets. The Holz Racing Products cage and suspension is made entirely of chromoly and is always tig welded. The aluminum is fit to perfection with little to no rattling even through the harshest of bumps.



2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com022 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com024 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com026

When it came to shocks we all knew RJ would hit up his dad Randy Anderson at Walker Evans Racing. Randy and WER set up RJ with the brand new 2.5″ Velocity Series shocks which are phenomenal. RJ ran these new coil overs in the XP1K3 video and they were some of the best shocks he has ever ran on he told us.



2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com004 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com015 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com007

In addition to shocks RJ would also select the new 15″ Walker Evans Racing beadlock wheels and would wrap them with the all-new 30″ BFGoodrich KR2 UTV tires! We love this combo and once again it was a set up we ran in XP1K3 where we further proved their durability.



2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com016 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com033 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com031

For interior RJ had PRP Seats line him up with a nice set of suspension seats matching his color scheme. He has a Holz quick disconnect with SPARCO steering wheel, a Polaris Edition Lowrance HDS5 GPS and Rugged Radios communications. These electronics are all set in one of our favorite features of the RZR, his custom Troy Lee Designs painted GlazzKraft dash. This thing set the entire interior off. Its simple but totally custom and RJ is the only one in the world lucky enough to have Troy Lee Designs bless his RZR with some custom paint!



2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com007 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com006 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com005

RJ loves to play at night and so lighting is a must. Lucky for him he is sponsored by Rigid Industries and they dialed him in with a 40″ top LED bar and their all new Rigid Capture bar for the front bumper which houses a GoPro inside the light bar. RJ was one of the first to run this new Capture bar and he loves it.



2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com023 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com027 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com013

When it came to performance RJ called on his sponsor Muzzys Performance. He went with a simple dual exhaust system and chose to leave the engine as is. 144hp is enough for the champ!



2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com014 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com002 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com009

The whole RZR was topped off with a ProLineWraps graphics wrap design by Robert Utendorfer of Utendorfer Designs. The Red, Black and white scheme looks clean and mean!

Sometimes less is more when it comes to building a custom machine. You don’t need all the bells and whistles to build a UTV that looks good and works good. You just need the right parts in the right places and thats exactly what RJ Anderson has on his new 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbo!

Camp RZR West-Glamis


Model: 2016 Polaris Rzr XP Turbo
Builder: Holz Racing Products
Engine: Factory Polaris Pro-Star 925cc Turbo
Exhaust: Muzzys Performance Dual
Suspension: Holz Racing Products A-arms/ Trailing Arms/ Radius Rods
Shocks: Walker Evans Racing Velocity Series 2.5″ Coil Overs
Seats: PRP Seats
Coms: Rugged Radios 2-Place Intercom & 50w Race Radio
Navigation: Polaris Edition Lowrance HDS5
Lights: Rigid industries 40″ E-Series & Rigid Capture
Wheels: Walker Evans Racing 15″ Beadlock
Tires: BFGoodrich KR2 30″ UTV tire
Accessories / Extras:
-Custom painted Glazzcraft dash by TroyLeeDesigns.
-Holz Racing products Billet shifter & Brake Pedal
-Wrap design by Utendorfer design
-Wrap printed by ProLine Wraps
-Holz Racing Products quick disconnect w/ SPARCO steering wheel

Studio Photos by: Corona Photo Studios
Action Photos by: Six Speed

2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com001 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com005 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com006 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com007 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com008 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com009 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com010 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com011 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com012 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com013 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com015 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com017 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com018 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com019 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com020 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com021 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com022 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com023 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com024 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com025 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com026 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com027 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com028 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com029 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com030 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com031 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com032 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com033 2015-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr-xp-turbo-utvunderground.com035 Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis ]]>
http://www.utvunderground.com/feature-vehicle-rj-andersons-rzr-xp-turbo-33698.html/feed 1
BLACK FRIDAY SALE & Contest!! http://www.utvunderground.com/black-friday-sale-contest-33687.html http://www.utvunderground.com/black-friday-sale-contest-33687.html#comments Thu, 26 Nov 2015 17:40:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=33687 Blowout Black Friday Sales at UTVUnderground.com

Doing your Black Friday shopping online this year? Head to Race-Dezert.com, TheMint400.com and UTVUnderground.com for great prices on the shirts, DVD’s and accessories you’ve been eyeing all season.

The sales open Friday, November 27th at 12:00am and ends on Monday, November 30th at midnight.

Want a chance to win one of every shirt in the photo above? Head to our Facebook page and share the photo above or below for your chance to win each shirt!

Contest Rules:
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DEALS FOR DAYS!!! #BlackFriday #CyberMonday

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http://www.utvunderground.com/black-friday-sale-contest-33687.html/feed 21
XP1K3 Window Smash Stunt Video http://www.utvunderground.com/xp1k3-window-smash-stunt-video-33681.html http://www.utvunderground.com/xp1k3-window-smash-stunt-video-33681.html#comments Wed, 25 Nov 2015 20:30:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=33681

Professional Driver. One-Of-A-Kind Heavily Modified Vehicle. Do Not Attempt. You Could Die. “XP1K3″ is full of technical and high-flying stunts. Beyond being dangerous, the stunts are visually stunning and so now we begin to give you a closer look at one of the coolest stunts in the film, a stunt we call the “Window Smash”! Watch RJ as he blasts full speed through a second story window full of glass and debris! Yeah, its Hollywood style, but its still downright bad ass!

Watch the FULL “XP1K3″ video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Kdk7PFlQXg

“XP1K3” is five-minute full throttle, turbo powered, mind bending, off-road thrill ride through the most unforgivable obstacles imaginable. RJ Anderson fearlessly attacks massive jumps, high speed drifts, and treacherous man-made terrain in his custom 200 horsepower Polaris RZR XP Turbo. XP1K3 was produced by motorsports production powerhouse Mad Media in the post apocalyptic dystopian decay of abandoned steel mills, old factories, and train yards…and features an array of massive obstacles spread out over six locations in Youngstown, Ohio. Shot in stunning 4K resolution!

The XP1K viral film series has amassed more than 16 million views across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram so far, and has been watched in more than 70 different countries. The adrenalized, branded video campaign has made hundreds of millions of impressions worldwide, redefining the Sport Utility Vehicle (UTV) and Side-by-Side (SxS) market.

More than a year of planning went into the development and execution of the “XP1K3” campaign. It took the build team of 15, more than a month to weld, stack, cut, bend and fabricate the custom playground with multiple obstacles. The Mad Media crew of 40 then spent 14 days on location battling dust, rust, rain, mud and fog to capture each of their incredible imagined obstacles.

XP1K3 | RJ Anderson XP1K3 | RJ Anderson XP1K3 | RJ Anderson

Keep track of all the XP1K3 news and information and watch the full video at www.XP1K3.com

Be sure to subscribe to this channel and LIKE our Facebook page!
Instagram @ UTVUnderground



Polaris Industries, BFGoodrich Tires, and Monster Energy are not responsible for the content in this video.
Polaris RZR™ is a registered trademark of Polaris Industries Inc.

Adult models – 16 and older. Be sure to get safety training. The vehicle displayed in this video is not intended for on-road use. Driver must be 16 years old with a valid driver’s license. Passenger must be 12 years old, and tall enough to use hand holds and plant feet firmly on floor. Always use cab nets, wear seatbelts, helmets, eye protection, and protective clothing. Do not operate on public roads. Avoid excessive speeds, sharp turns, and difficult terrain. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix! Never carry more than the appropriate amount of passengers. Follow all warnings/instructions in owner’s manuals and on product. UTV Underground, Mad Media and their affiliates are not responsible for injuries that may occur from emulating or copying the riding, driving, or stunts performed in this video. Visit www.rohva.org for more information on safe operation off-road vehicles.

http://www.utvunderground.com/xp1k3-window-smash-stunt-video-33681.html/feed 28
2015 SCORE Baja 1000 http://www.utvunderground.com/2015-score-baja-1000-33521.html http://www.utvunderground.com/2015-score-baja-1000-33521.html#comments Tue, 24 Nov 2015 19:00:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=33521 When SCORE gave UTVs their own Pro class in 2013 it was like an open invitation to everyone racing UTVs at the time to come take on Baja. Fast forward to 2015 and the Pro UTV class fielded 24 entries making it the second largest class in the historic race, second to only Trophy Truck, the events premier race class. The best of the best took on this years 800+ mile race. While the course itself was substantially shorter than most other Baja 1000 races, many will tell you this was certainly one of the harshest courses in years. Of course we do hear that comment every year.


Its always impossible to cover every storyline that occurs during the race. Whats cool about Baja is that whether you complete the race, win it, go 5 miles, chase it, or just simply follow it online, you will always have a list of stories to tell. So much happens during the course of an event like the Baja 1000 that its impossible to give every racer their due love and respect as it pertains to the race. With that said, we will do our best to give you the cliff notes.

Wayne Matlock entered the race with team partner Terry Hui riding high off of their Baja 500 win back in June. Anyone who follows the class closely knew Matlock was going to be a handful for the rest of the class and was going to be a favorite especially if he could avoid mechanicals. In the end Matlock and Hui would do just that and in 22 hours time would complete the Baja 1000 making them the Pro UTV class winners for the 2015 event.

2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com049 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com001 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com031

Johnny Angal was last years 2014 champion in his first time competing in the Baja 1000. He drafted speedster Branden Sims and a couple other young drivers in hopes of keeping fresh eyes behind the wheel. Like last year, Angal decided a month prior to the race to build another brand new machine to compete with. Throwing caution to the wind, Angal’s staff at UTV Inc. put together a brand new 2016 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo in a few weeks time. The new #1921 shot off the start line like a bat out of hell and raced to an early lead and kept the new RZR up front for most of the first quarter of the race. Angal battled back and forth with Wes Miller in the #1988 Polaris RZR. Both were making some serious time on the competition but as is the case with many early leaders the pace ended up taking its toll on both teams equipment. Both teams would fall out of the race.


Brandon Schueler and the #1932 Jagged X racing team were coming to Baja for 2 reasons. First, they wanted to win, they always race to win. Second, they wanted to take home their second SCORE Championship in 3 years. The #1932 raced up front for the entire length of the race. They kept pace with the leaders and enjoyed their share of the lead at numerous points of the race. Their rivals in the #1917 Murray Motorsports Can-Am Maverick had stacked their team brining in the hot shoe of S3 Powersports and fellow Can-Am teammate Dustin Jones to try and help them bring home their first ever Pro UTV racing championship. The Murray’s have been close many times to bringing a Championship home, but never have they been able to close the deal. Schueler on the other hand is a 6-time Pro UTV Champion at BITD and his Jagged X team also won the 2013 SCORE Championship with former teammate Matt Parks behind the wheel. More than a battle between them as competitors is always the looming OEM battle between Can-Am and Polaris. Its no secret that both brands are doing all they can to win races and championships. Polaris has enjoyed the bulk of success winning all of the Pro UTV championships thus far.

2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com022 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com019 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com016

Unfortunately for Can-Am and the Murray’s they will have to wait one more year for their shot at winning a Pro UTV championship. They suffered a couple mechanicals early on in the race setting them back to 21st place before RM100. They would spend the rest of the race trying to claw their way out of the hole and into some sort of podium contention. Many of us watching the race thought that there was no way they would even finish the race but they fought and fought, inspired by the Baja mystique of never giving up. While Jagged X would race on to a second place finish and their second Pro UTV Championship, the Murray’s would continue to fight and make their way to the finish line after being on course for over 30 hours! Schueler would finish in second only 25 minutes behind Matlock. The finish would earn Jagged X and their #1932 Polaris RZR program the 2015 SCORE Pro UTV Championship. Jagged X continues to prove themselves as the team to beat and shows exactly why they are considered the elite team in UTV off-road racing.


Justin Lambert and his #1908 Cognito Motorsports Polaris RZR are always contenders. They always show up prepared and with a machine capable of winning at any moment. The #1918 would run in the top 3-5 positions for the entire race, at one point would take the lead on corrected time. However with their tracker not working for 90% of the race it was hard to see if they were still in it, or had they fallen out. We would get updates sporadically stating they were still in the top 3-5 with BFG pit times showing them flying through the course. At the end of the day, it took the team just over 23 hours to complete the brutal Baja 1000 course for a 3rd place finish!

2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com056 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com043 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com033

4th place would go to Pro UTV new comer Dan Fresh in the #1939 Polaris RZR. We wanted to mention Dan and his team because they showed up unannounced with a brand new car that had less than 50 miles of test time on it. Magnum Offroad built them one of the nicest UTVs we have ever seen and it performed almost flawlessly. While the team missed the podium they still got a finish and for anyone who has raced Baja before, you know in many cases a finish is as good as a win! Other finishers were Ben Bischoff in the #1923 Polaris RZR, Cory Sappington in the #1904 Can-Am Maverick, our boy Alonso Lopez in the #1949 Polaris RZR, Benjamin Wilson in the #1927 Polaris RZR, and Tyler Backus in the #1922 Polaris RZR. Congrats to all of these guys for finishing this gnarly race.


There are always more heart break stories then there are successful stories as it pertains directly to the race itself. Only one team can win. But taking on the Baja is more than just a race, its an experience and win or lose you always go home with some level of experience and in most cases its good. Baja can and always will be dangerous and so far we haven’t heard of anyone in our class suffering a major injury which is huge and always most important. To those who came to compete and didn’t finish, don’t give up! Its all part of the journey and makes those finishes, podiums and wins that much more sweet.

Thank you all for your support of UTVUnderground.com. To those of you who tracked the race with us on the forum and in social media, thank you for your participation. To the UTVUG staff that spent over 30 hours chasing and covering the race for us and for the class, you are the best!! Majority of UTV media will sit home and wait for a PR and some photos to float there way, but not us. UTVUnderground.com lives this sport, we love UTV racing and we are committed to continually giving you guys some level of coverage strait from the side of the course!

Until next time….

Joey D.

Photos by: Vincent Knakal / Ernesto Araiza / Sebastian Krywult


CLASS 19 (Limited, Stock 4-wheel Utility Vehicle)
1. 1971 Terry Hui/Wayne Matlock/Sam Hays/Derek Mcgaughy, Polaris RZR XP4 1000, 22:00:00 (37.34 mph)
2. 1932 Brandon Schueler/Chad Hummer/ Blake Van de Loo/Keith Redstrom, Polaris RZR XP1000, 22:25:07
3. 1908 Justin Lambert/Justin Sheakley/Victor Herrera, Polaris RZR XP4 1000, 23:32:51
4. 1939 Dan Fresh/Kelly Stephens/Luke Hopkins, Polaris RZR XP4 1000, 25:28:09
5. 1923 Benjamin Bischoff, Canada/Al McBeth/Scott Kreiser, Polaris XP1000, 26:05:58
6. 1904 Cory Sappington/Scott Sappington/Jason Flanders, Can-Am Maverick Max, 26:16:25
7. 1949 Alonzo Lopez/Francisco Rodriguez/Jose Juarez, Polaris RZR XP1000, 27:10:50
8. 1927 Benjamin Wilson/Frank Busman, Polaris RZR XP1000, 28:47:25
9. 1922 Tyler Backus, Canada/Mike Sieg/Trent Backus, Polaris XP1000, 29:36:18
10.1917 Derek Murray/Jason Murray/Monty Aldrich, Can-Am Maverick Max, 30:11:13
(Starters: 24, Finishers: 10)

2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com001 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com002 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com003 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com004 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com005 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com006 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com007 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com008 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com009 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com010 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com011 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com012 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com013 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com014 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com015 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com016 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com017 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com018 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com019 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com020 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com021 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com022 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com023 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com024 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com025 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com026 2015-score-baja-1000-photos-utvunderground.com027 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com001 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com002 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com003 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com004 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com005 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com006 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com007 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com008 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com009 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com010 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com011 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com012 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com013 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com014 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com015 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com016 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com017 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com018 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com019 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com020 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com021 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com022 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com023 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com024 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com025 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com026 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com027 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com028 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com029 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com030 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com031 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com032 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com033 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com034 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com035 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com036 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com037 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com038 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com039 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com040 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com041 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com042 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com043 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com044 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com045 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com046 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com047 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com048 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com049 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com050 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com051 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com052 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com053 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com054 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com055 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com056 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com057 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com058 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com059 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com060 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com061 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com062 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-photos-vincent-knakal-utvunderground.com063 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com001 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com002 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com003 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com004 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com005 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com006 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com007 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com008 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com009 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com010 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com011 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com012 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com013 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com014 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com015 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com016 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com017 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com018 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com019 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com020 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com021 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com022 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com023 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com024 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com025 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com026 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com027 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com028 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com029 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com030 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com031 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com032 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com033 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com034 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com035 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com036 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com037 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com038 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com039 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com040 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com041 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com042 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com043 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com044 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com045 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com046 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com047 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com048 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com049 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com050 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com051 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com052 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com053 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com054 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com055 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com056 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com057 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com058 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com059 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com060 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com061 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com062 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com063 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com064 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com065 2015-score-baja-1000-utv-sebastian-krywult-utvunderground.com066 ]]>
http://www.utvunderground.com/2015-score-baja-1000-33521.html/feed 458
XP1K3 Fun Box Stunt Video http://www.utvunderground.com/xp1k3-fun-box-stunt-video-33511.html http://www.utvunderground.com/xp1k3-fun-box-stunt-video-33511.html#comments Thu, 19 Nov 2015 17:00:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=33511

Professional Driver. One-Of-A-Kind Heavily Modified Vehicle. Do Not Attempt. You Could Die. “XP1K3″ is full of technical and high-flying stunts. Beyond being dangerous, the stunts are visually stunning and so now we begin to give you a closer look at one of the coolest stunts in the film, a stunt we call the “Fun Box”! Watch RJ traverse over 2 train cars while stepping up over a 10ft gap an stepping off via another 10ft gap all while sticking on an extremely narrow platform atop the train cars. One false move and imminent danger awaits!

Watch the FULL “XP1K3″ video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Kdk7PFlQXg

XP1K3 | RJ Anderson XP1K3 | RJ Anderson XP1K3 | RJ Anderson

“XP1K3” is five-minute full throttle, turbo powered, mind bending, off-road thrill ride through the most unforgivable obstacles imaginable. RJ Anderson fearlessly attacks massive jumps, high speed drifts, and treacherous man-made terrain in his custom 200 horsepower Polaris RZR XP Turbo. XP1K3 was produced by motorsports production powerhouse Mad Media in the post apocalyptic dystopian decay of abandoned steel mills, old factories, and train yards…and features an array of massive obstacles spread out over six locations in Youngstown, Ohio. Shot in stunning 4K resolution!

The XP1K viral film series has amassed more than 16 million views across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram so far, and has been watched in more than 70 different countries. The adrenalized, branded video campaign has made hundreds of millions of impressions worldwide, redefining the Sport Utility Vehicle (UTV) and Side-by-Side (SxS) market.

More than a year of planning went into the development and execution of the “XP1K3” campaign. It took the build team of 15, more than a month to weld, stack, cut, bend and fabricate the custom playground with multiple obstacles. The Mad Media crew of 40 then spent 14 days on location battling dust, rust, rain, mud and fog to capture each of their incredible imagined obstacles.

Keep track of all the XP1K3 news and information and watch the full video at www.XP1K3.com

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Instagram @ UTVUnderground



Polaris Industries, BFGoodrich Tires, and Monster Energy are not responsible for the content in this video.
Polaris RZR™ is a registered trademark of Polaris Industries Inc.

Adult models – 16 and older. Be sure to get safety training. The vehicle displayed in this video is not intended for on-road use. Driver must be 16 years old with a valid driver’s license. Passenger must be 12 years old, and tall enough to use hand holds and plant feet firmly on floor. Always use cab nets, wear seatbelts, helmets, eye protection, and protective clothing. Do not operate on public roads. Avoid excessive speeds, sharp turns, and difficult terrain. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix! Never carry more than the appropriate amount of passengers. Follow all warnings/instructions in owner’s manuals and on product. UTV Underground, Mad Media and their affiliates are not responsible for injuries that may occur from emulating or copying the riding, driving, or stunts performed in this video. Visit www.rohva.org for more information on safe operation off-road vehicles.

http://www.utvunderground.com/xp1k3-fun-box-stunt-video-33511.html/feed 56
2015 Camp RZR Photos http://www.utvunderground.com/2015-camp-rzr-photos-33149.html http://www.utvunderground.com/2015-camp-rzr-photos-33149.html#comments Wed, 18 Nov 2015 16:00:45 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=33149 On Halloween weekend the largest Camp RZR event ever went down!! Polaris invited in tens of thousands of off-road enthusiasts for one of the biggest parties the Glamis dunes had ever seen! We of course were on the scene with our fully stocked UTVUnderground.com merchandise trailer and a fleet of awesome Polaris RZR’s. We put on our annual UTVUnderground / Camp RZR Show & Shine contest and gave out $1000 cash which winners then surprised us all and donated to the Warfighter Made organization! Polaris gave away 4 brand new 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbos and gave demo rides to hundreds of enthusiasts all weekend long. Terracross hosted 2 rounds of racing on a custom made MX style course adjacent to the event site and racers banged doors in front of packed grounds with the final going down under the lights Saturday night.

Of course the industries top brands were on display alongside Polaris dealers from all over the southwest. In addition to the free food, introduction of the new Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo, giveaways and fun, Polaris staff also assisted RZR owners with repairs and parts keeping their machines running all weekend long and proving once again that Camp RZR isn’t just an event to promote their products but to also say Thank You to their customers!!

On Saturday night we unveiled UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K3 video to the masses in attendance and participated in the family trick or treat festivities! It was truly the best Camp RZR so far and we can’t wait to do it all over again next year.

Huge thank you to Polaris RZR, their staff and everyone who worked tirelessly to make this event go off. The riding was on point, the entertainment was awesome and of course spending time with family and friends was the highlight for us all.

For those who couldn’t make it and even for those who did, we have a MASSIVE photo gallery below with images supplied to us by Six Speed, Polaris and of course our very own Ernesto Araiza of UTVUnderground.com.

See you all next year,

Joey D.

2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com001 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com002 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com003 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com004 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com005 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com006 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com007 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com008 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com009 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com010 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com011 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com012 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com013 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com014 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com015 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com016 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com017 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com018 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com019 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com020 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com021 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com022 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com023 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com024 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com025 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com026 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com027 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com028 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com029 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com030 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com031 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com032 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com033 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com034 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com035 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com036 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com037 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com038 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com039 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com040 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com041 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com042 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com043 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com044 2015-camp-rzr-ernesto-araiza-utvunderground.com045 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com001 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com002 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com003 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com005 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com006 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com009 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com010 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com014 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com015 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com016 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com017 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com018 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com019 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com020 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com021 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com022 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com023 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com024 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com025 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com026 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com027 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com028 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com029 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com030 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com031 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com032 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com033 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com034 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com035 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com036 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com037 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com038 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com039 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2016 Polaris GENERAL http://www.utvunderground.com/2016-polaris-general-33024.html http://www.utvunderground.com/2016-polaris-general-33024.html#comments Tue, 17 Nov 2015 16:00:43 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=33024 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-indy-red_SIX6112_3410-utvunderground.com

Introducing The 2016 Polaris GENERAL
The Polaris GENERAL Sets the Versatility Benchmark: Ultimate Versatility to Battle It All

Polaris® Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII), the leading manufacturer of off-road vehicles, continues to expand its market leadership by broadening its side-by-side product line-up. Today, the company is introducing the Polaris GENERAL™, the new standard in off-road versatility.

“Today is a great day at Polaris! Once again, we are launching a game-changing new product,” said Tim Blinkhorn, GM, RANGER & Polaris GENERAL. “This vehicle is the most versatile side-by-side ever built, made for those who want to battle it all. Whether it’s dominating any trail, or conquering any job, The Polaris GENERAL delivers.”

The Polaris GENERAL has class-leading features needed to tackle the trails and a work ethic to battle tough jobs. It starts with a 100 horsepower ProStar® 1000 engine delivering the most power and torque. The engine accelerates 0-40 mph in 3.6 seconds, thanks to a best-in-class power-to-weight ratio. When it’s time for work, the Polaris GENERAL brings the biggest payload [1100 lbs (498 kg)] and a class-best 600 lb. (272 kg) dump box to get the job done.

2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-velocity-blue-pr-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-indy-red-pr-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst-pro-utvunderground.com

For all-day comfort and a locked-in, aggressive feel, the Polaris GENERAL features a completely new cabin for an all-new ride experience. Factory-installed half doors with armrests offer extra protection from debris, and easy in-and-out, work-friendly cab access. The roomy cab features dual bolstered bucket seats, adjustable for the driver, providing a secure feel and ample leg room, while the thin-film technology under the seat cover provides a dry ride in wet conditions. Space-optimized foot rests for both the driver and passenger also make for a secure ride.

Inside the cockpit, the Polaris GENERAL features an all-new customizable instrumentation cluster that tilts with the steering wheel and includes a combination of digital and analog gauges giving clear readings of vehicle speed, engine RPMs, and standard trip information. To keep riding and work essentials close, the vehicle features 23 liters of integrated storage inside the cab with a combination of enclosed and in-dash storage. The center console is not only a comfortable armrest but also provides more storage, a 12V outlet and two cup holders. Sealed floor seams and equipment pass-throughs keep the occupants cleaner; while dual removable floor drains allow for easier clean out of the cabin.


For a stable and smooth ride, the Polaris GENERAL has an 81-inch wheelbase complemented with a performance-oriented suspension for ultimate control. The vehicle features a dual a-arm front suspension with a class-best 12.25 inches (31.12 cm) of suspension travel and 13.2 inches (33.53 cm) rear travel that is calibrated to soak up rocks, roots, bumps and ruts. Standard front and rear sway bars keep the ride level and reduce body roll through aggressive cornering on trails. Ground clearance is also best-in-class, with 12 inches (30.48 cm) unloaded, and 7.4 in (18.8 cm) when loaded with 600 lbs. (272 kg) of camping gear or work materials in the dumping bed. The vehicle also features a full-body skid plate to protect from trail obstacles.

The Polaris GENERAL features a High-Performance, Close Ratio All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system maximizing power delivery to the ground in every condition for a more responsive ride. When needed, all four wheels will engage almost instantly for more forward traction and will revert back to 2WD when it is no longer needed. The vehicle also features an Engine Braking System (EBS) for more control when trailering up to 1,500 lbs (680 kg) and on descents. Along with the AWD and EBS system, a faster steering ratio coupled with standard Electronic Power Steering (EPS) means the vehicle takes the brunt of what the terrain has to offer so the operator can play or work longer.

2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6113_01608-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6113_01709-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_1073-2-utvunderground.com

To meet the variety of recreational and work needs, the Polaris GENERAL is available in three different models. The base model is available with in-mold plastic in Indy Red. The Polaris GENERAL Velocity Blue will include automotive-style paint; Sport Low Profile Front Bumper and Polaris HD 4500 lb. (2041 kg) winch; and 14-inch (35.56 cm) Matte Black cast aluminum wheels paired with eight-ply, 27-inch (68.58 cm) GBC Dirt Commander Tires providing better side bite, stiffer sidewalls, better tracking through corners and increased durability in tough work environments. The Polaris GENERAL Deluxe Orange Burst will have all the features included on the Velocity Blue model with premium adjustable Fox Podium X 2.0 QS3 Shocks and the addition of a Polaris GENERAL Pro-Fit Lock & Ride Sport Roof, rear-view mirror and MTX® Premium Soundbar featuring eight-speakers delivering 100 watts of premium audio through Six Performance 3-inch (7.62 cm) speakers and Two 1-inch (2.54 cm) tweeters with Bluetooth connectivity to rock the trails.

The Velocity Blue and Deluxe Orange Burst models will be available at Polaris dealerships starting in December. The Indy Red will be available in March 2016. More information about Polaris’ whole line of Off-Road Vehicle offerings and Polaris Engineered Accessories can be found online at www.Polaris.com.

2016-polaris-general-family_SIX6112_3295-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_1073-2-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_1206-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_1250-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_1268-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_1396-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_1474-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_2244-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_2358-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_2445-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_2482-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_2570-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_2633-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_2893-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_2906-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_3063-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6112_3352-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6113_01172-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6113_01176-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6113_01388-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6113_01461-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6113_01523-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6113_01608-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6113_01701-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6113_01709-2-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6113_02048-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6113_02162-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6113_02845-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst_SIX6113_03456-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-indy-red_SIX6112_3410-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-indy-red_SIX6113_00268-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-indy-red_SIX6114_00860-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-indy-red_SIX6114_02319-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-indy-red_SIX6114_02368-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-velocity-blue_SIX6112_1129-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-velocity-blue_SIX6112_3459-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-velocity-blue_SIX6114_01293-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-velocity-blue-3q-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-velocity-blue-pr-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst-3q-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-deluxe-orange-burst-pro-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-indy-red-pr-utvunderground.com 2016-polaris-general-1000-eps-indy-red-3q-utvunderground.com

Polaris General Accessories


The Polaris GENERAL showcases fully-integrated accessories and with more than 30 brand new Polaris Engineered Accessories™ and 90-plus common fit items, the vehicle can be customized to work more efficiently and get back to the trail quicker. The cab frame features profile tubing providing a 360-degree sealing surface that accepts the revolutionary Polaris Pro-Fit Lock & Ride® Technology providing the best in class cab comfort. Windshields, roofs, doors and rear panels follow the shape of the vehicle, locking directly into the cab frame’s precision contours. The vehicle also accepts the Glacier® Plow Systems, a full line of protection, several LED lighting options and Lock & Ride storage Accessories to quickly and easily add or change as needed for the trail or job. For ultimate class-leading cab comfort, a heater kit and windshield wiper kit provide additional all-weather options.

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2016 Yamaha YXZ 1000R Ride Review http://www.utvunderground.com/2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-ride-review-32975.html http://www.utvunderground.com/2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-ride-review-32975.html#comments Mon, 16 Nov 2015 20:45:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=32975 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T8975

2016 Yamaha YXZ 1000R Ride Review
By Rusty Baptist // UTVUnderground.com

A few weeks ago I got a call from my boy Joey D. at UTVUnderground asking me if I could attend a press event with Yamaha in Gordons Well, CA, a popular dune riding area south of Glamis to test ride the all new 2016 Yamaha YXZ 1000R sport UTV. My objective was going to be to drive the new Yamaha YXZ1000R in the dunes and write a review for UTVUnderground.com. Now, let me make sure you understand, I’m being asked to drive a UTV as hard as I can all day long in the dunes, I don’t have to pack a trailer, set up a camp or even pack a cooler. My job is to shred all day!  To say I was excited was a total understatement. This Yamaha has been the most anticipated release to hit the market in years and I was pumped to get to drive it!


2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.comquechan2 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_MG_8585 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_MG_8578

Yamaha had us all dialed in and set us up with rooms at the Quechan Casino about 15 miles east of the dunes. The pool area of the resort was converted into an outdoor dining area with YXZ 1000R’s on display. Our friends at Camp Chef were brought in to handle the food and these guys always go all out! They had their new pellet smokers, cook tops and grills set up and the food was top shelf. After dinner Yamaha engineer’s and marketing staff came in to give us a presentation describing the new machine in detail. It was your standard graphs, charts and diagrams presentation that tends to overload you with all sorts of information. A few things caught my eye but all I could think about was riding!


I make it out to the dunes once a year with my family and friends on average, usually heading to Glamis. What many don’t know though is that I was raised in the dunes. I spent my entire childhood in the dunes with my mom and dad. My family never took a vacation to anywhere else but to Glamis and in 1990 alone I went to Glamis 52 times. I have 36 years of duning experience thanks to my parents.

Like most of the long term readers here at UTVUnderground.com, I started with a 2005 Yamaha Rhino 660. Like many young adults excited for a brand new toy from a dealership I ended up paying too much for it, then over the next few years I would spend more money trying to make it something it was never designed to be. Looking back, the UTV market was trying to build the YXZ 1000R the whole time. Modify the suspension, chop up the chassis and lower the seats, build the motor, modify the clutch and exhaust. When you were finished you had a $35,000.00 Rhino with 55hp, a top speed of 63mph and 14” of wheel travel. Today you can walk into a powersports dealership and pick up a YXZ 1000R with 112hp (allegedly), top speed of 80mph and 16” of wheel travel for $21,500! The Yamaha SXS has evolved a lot in 10 years, I for one am very happy about that.

2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T6516 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T7457 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T6504

I was not holding too high of expectations as it pertained to styling or interior. To me, I look at the YXZ like its a race car and it does not need any frills. But everything should have a purpose and of course there will be a lot of people that will buy this based off how it looks and feels inside. From the outside the YXZ isn’t the most appealing UTV on the market. Now don’t get me wrong, the machine looks unique and is totally different then anything else in the industry but it does look like a giant Yamaha sport quad with its big rear fenders and sloped front hood. While I see the one side that will say that it fits in the Yamaha lineup of powersports offerings, I also see and understand why a lot of people aren’t too hot on its looks. in this case all I really cared about was that it had a large tach, a shifter and a clutch!! To me, thats what this Yamaha is all about, performance.

When it comes to sitting in the Yamaha, its all good! The seating position is the best of any UTV I have driven. At first you feel like you are leaning back maybe too much but then you quickly fall in love with the position and enjoy the comfort of the seats themselves. You still have a standard automotive style seat belt which I think is a total joke in any UTV, in my opinion every UTV should have some sort of 4 to 5-point harness, but its something we are used too. I like the overall interior, the styling on the switches and of course I love the feeling of grabbing a REAL gear selector / shifter.

2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.comYXZ1000R Seating Position

When I finally was able to get behind the wheel of the Yamaha YXZ 1000R, I just wanted to get a feel for the machine and make some initial mental notes. I also wanted to get a ride in with all the factory shock settings so that I had a good understanding of the machine and how it will arrive to the dealers. One thing I noticed right when I got it into the dunes and the bumps was how the front end felt less nimble than I was expecting. It looks so agile from the outside so I returned to camp and asked the engineer from FOX to remove some rebound from the front shocks to see if this would help get the front end up and help it float over the whoops versus packing which is what it felt like it was doing. Even after the adjustments it still felt heavy in the front end but I started to realize that the feeling I was getting was actually caused by the hood or lack there of. It was more of a mental thing, perception if you will, of not being able to see the hood move thus giving me the feeling that the vehicle was nose diving when in reality it was in fact working perfectly! I know it sounds weird but I am so used to driving UTVs that have some level of hood, but the design of the YXZ is totally unique and takes a little getting used too but once I did I was in love! The shifting was amazing to me, but I’ll touch on that more in a minute.

2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T5754 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T5712 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T5739

When it comes to suspension the Yamaha YXZ 1000R utilizes a traditional dual a-arm set-up in front, a design we are all familiar with. The arms sport OEM ball joints and are made of mild steel. Bracing is laced through out providing a durable design. For shocks, The YXZ comes from the factory with fully adjustable FOX 2.5” Podium coil overs. The shocks are more than adequate for a vehicle this size and it’s clear Fox and Yamaha have worked closely together in tuning the suspension. Fox actually had engineers on-site with us at Gordons Well to not only explain the shocks but also help us adjust them to get our ultimate ride experience.

The unique rear suspension design is like nothing I have seen before. The lower arm is much like a trailing arm but unlike what you see on a RZR or Wildcat it also has an upper control arm which really helps the rear of the car to stay stable and planted to the ground. You can have all the horsepower in the world but if you can’t hook up it’s a waste. The rear suspension works perfect right out of the box, keeps the wheels planted and keeps the body roll to a minimum. I could see why a lot of people are going to say the ride is stiff, and it is. The ride in a Porsche is stiff when your cruising town also. This car is designed to perform and unlike many other UTVs on the market which come from the factory with a shock set-up that is designed to be good for “everyone” this Yamaha set-up is designed for the desert rider. We love that about the Yamaha. Its a sport machine with sport tuned suspension, I don’t ride over logs so I don’t care about a “plush” soft ride. Never once while I was driving the YXZ did I drop into a bowl thinking I was going to G-Out at the bottom. This machine handled everything I could throw at it.


Since the YXZ 1000R was released the Internet was fixed on the HP numbers. The forums lit up with “It’s not enough power” “Let’s see a drag race” “Wait till the turbo comes out” “I will take 144hp all day”. Well I am here to tell you if you want to drag race buy a drag car. If you want to wear a permanent smile on your face and have some fun in the dunes, crack the throttle on the YXZ and let it do work. The torque to me felt great; shifting allows the driver to deliver the power where they need it and while it can be tricky to remain in the right gear, once you master it you can control the YXZ unlike any other UTV on the market. As you start to open the throttle the tack immediately starts to climb and you get a real sense of what this 3 cylinder beast is capable of. The engine loves to live on the chip and you really need to run it up in the RPM to get the most of it, especially in the dunes. The shift light comes on at 9500 rpm, but keep it pinned because redline is at 10,000 rpm. Just before you hit 10,000, grab a gear and repeat until you either run out of fuel or your fun meter is pegged!

2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T7598 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T7593 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T7612

For me, shifting never got old. The 5-speed gear box was what I was most impressed with on the YXZ. I had been expecting a very loose feeling shift and weak clutch but what I got was a real performance minded feeling of a tight shift and instantaneous engagement. While Yamaha does want you to use the clutch, I did bang some gears without it and it only enhanced the driving experience. With that said I was far from easy on the machine knowing the readers at UTVUnderground want the real scoop. The gearbox never missed a beat. I have spent so much time driving a CVT machine I forgot what it’s like to actually drive and the YXZ gave me the sensation that I used to love when riding bikes.

I never had a problem with the clutch despite how hard I was driving it. I would rev it to the moon, dump it then fly up the hills. You can down shift and double clutch in the apex of your turn for maximum roost. I even cruised the flats in 5th gear at 20mph to see if it would stall out and it was fine. I did notice when idling in neutral with the clutch the throw out bearing is loud and first gear is really tall. I do worry about the fact that you can’t really up the size of your tires without drastically reducing your performance. That is the one downside to a more standard transmission and clutch vs. CVT. The Yamaha is very limited as it pertains to setting up for other types of riding, it was designed to be a pure sport desert machine and thats just the fact of the matter.


Overall the machine delivers on many levels. While it will be tricky to drive for the average Joe, for anyone with any sport or performance driving / riding experience, they will love the YXZ! Its a bit down on power when comparing to the RZR or Maverick Turbo’s but thats to be expected when comparing Turbo’s to a N/A machine. There are already numerous turbo kits and even a Recluse clutch kit out there that can increase power and make your YXZ an automatic! When it came to quality its hard to beat a Yamaha, or any of the Japanese companies. Fit and finish is awesome, styling is fantastic and you can see the quality in the construction of the chassis and components. On top of that they seem to be extremely reliable. We drove 20 plus units with over 500 miles on them and not one machine was towed in or broken at the end of the day. That to me is a major achievement. This is not a Utility Terrain Vehicle; this is a pure sport Unlimited Terrain Vehicle. No cup holders, no low range and no apologies. Strap in, clutch in and launch into a driving experience like no other SXS can offer.

Thank you to Yamaha for not only designing a kick ass machine but for also inviting UTVUnderground.com out to be a part of this fun ride event! We look forward to getting our hands on a demo unit and really uncorking the machines potential!!

2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_CP21591 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_MG_8578 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_MG_8585 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T5712 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T5739 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T5754 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T5783 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T5834 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T5859 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T5935 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T5944 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T5999 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T6069 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T6129 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T6182 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T6281 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T6293 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T6336 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T6504 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T6508 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T6516 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T6528 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T7457 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T7568 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T7593 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T7598 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T7612 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T7855 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T7884 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T7963 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T7967 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T7981 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T8409 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com_Y5T8975 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com16_YXZ100R_SE_D17 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com2016-Yamaha-YXZ1000R-EU-Racing-Blue-Detail-003 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.com2016-yamaha-yxz1000r-is-a-three-cylinder-supersport-sxs-video-photo-gallery_25 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.comquechan2 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.comUntitled-1 2016-yamaha-yxz-1000r-review-utvunderground.comYXZ1000R Seating Position ]]>
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2015 Terracross Championship Camp RZR http://www.utvunderground.com/2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-32874.html http://www.utvunderground.com/2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-32874.html#comments Thu, 12 Nov 2015 19:30:00 +0000 http://www.utvunderground.com/?p=32874 Camp RZR Glamis was full of fun and excitement. One highlight to this years event was the addition of the Mystik Lubricants Terracross Championship which held races over the weekend during the Camp RZR event! For the first time in Glamis history, SXS racing was brought to the dunes and the sports biggest names took to the track to bang it out for the season title and the Camp RZR glory!!

2 rounds of racing were held and in the end champions were crowned! Sara Price would not only sweep the weekend and the season, she would hoist up the 2015 Terracross Championship women’s crown! Our boy Mitch Guthrie Jr. would take home the big win under the lights in the #23 UTVUnderground.com Polaris RZR while Jason Luburgh would hold onto the season points lead just edging out RJ Anderson for the mens championship!

Enjoy the photos and we hope to see Terracross back in Glamis in 2016!

Photos by: Ernesto Araiza // UTVUnderground.com
Photos by: Six Speed courtesy of Polaris RZR

2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com001 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com002 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com003 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com004 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com005 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com006 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com007 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com008 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com009 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com010 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com011 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com012 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com013 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com014 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com015 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com016 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com017 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com018 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com019 2015-terracross-championship-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com020 Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com160 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com161 Camp RZR West-Glamis 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com163 Camp RZR West-Glamis 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com165 Camp RZR West-Glamis Camp RZR West-Glamis 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com168 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com170 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com171 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com172 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com173 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com175 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com178 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com179 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com317 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com318 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com319 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com320 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com321 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com323 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com324 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com325 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com326 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com327 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com328 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com331 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com332 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com333 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com334 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com335 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com336 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com337 2015-polaris-rzr-camp-rzr-utvunderground.com338 ]]>
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