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    Rzr supercharger vs turbo

    supercharger is more complicated with a belt drive system off the stator side of the engine. there are people who make these kits, they are costly and more complicated than a turbo. a turbo exhaust manifold, bolt the turbo on, and run the exhaust back out the back, pipe in the new charge line...
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    Best UTV for highway use and daily extended street driving

    a 2015+ XP1000 4 seater. they are able to run 70mph for sustained periods of time better than any of the others mentioned. the vast majority of those mentioned wont run but 55mph maxed out. (viking, pioneer, teryx) the 2014 XP1000 4 seater had a bad gear ratio trans, they burned belts much...
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    New Honda Talon to launch Nov 27th 2018!

    90% of the power hungry guys have a reflash on their turbo car before the 6month warranty runs out. and a mild tune on either the X3 or TurboRZR is well into the range of double what the honda puts out. thats why i said the "power hungry" crowd. there are guys daily buying the stage 3, 4, and 5...
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    New Honda Talon to launch Nov 27th 2018!

    i can see "ItsYourLegacy" trying to figure out how to use the #150psi air hose
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    New Honda Talon to launch Nov 27th 2018!

    the majority of the crowd on this forum is west coast, dunes and desert. bigger tires are king, they pull harder in the dunes and ride smoother in the rough stuff. a CVT is a lot more forgiving because of how it can be "tricked" to stay in a lower gear ratio longer to help churn the bigger...
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    All UTV's UTVs are moving up!

    yes, which is what i mentioned above in my post, climbing stuff that is completely insane and impassible to get around bottlenecks. its definitely not a short cut, but it gets them in front of bottlenecks that most people have to sit and wait in. i have seen some lines during pre-running and...
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    New Honda Talon to launch Nov 27th 2018!

    yamaha released the YXZ in 2015...... were you around to see the multitudes, and i mean 75+% mortality rate on the clutches out of the first year machine, nobody could get 300 miles out of a clutch. its only taken them 4 years to figure it out??? and are you sure its figured out yet? blow a...
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    All UTV's UTVs are moving up!

    i think with the class 10s width, and power, and speed, they have some distinct advantages over the UTVs. i see class 10 drivers blasting thru rough stuff 10-20mph faster than most UTV drivers are willing to drive. but as stated, the 2wd systems wont ever pull hills and silt and slower technical...
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    GNCC UTV Racing *Dead*/Why?Press?Impact?GOAT?Legacy?

    one caught on fire in the infield where all the spectators were, tons of folks watched as a guy barely got out. a ton of them have wrecked in the woods, hit trees with by-standers narrowly being missed. a few people have been hit. the courses are lined with people pretty much start to finish...
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    Arctic Cat air intake box

    put grease around the seal lip. problem solved. this happens on lawn mowers, weed eaters, chain saws, atvs, utvs, anything thats run in dusty enviornments. i have seen this over and over. where the covers warp and let in dust past the gasket or air filter, put a liberal line of grease on the...
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    Pro UTV FI Big car vs Small car???

    i have driven pretty much every one of the top racers cars, as they progressed from 2011 till now since i do clutches, and work with most all of the top teams and have to drive the machines and test them to make them perfect. i can tell you that wheel base is a big key to make the machine...
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    Live Video Podcast with RJ Anderson, Mitch Guthrie, Matt Martelli, & Jim Beaver from Camp RZR

    dude, did you read the link you posted? literally the FIRST paragraph, he was riding 8 years ago in glamis on a highly modified rhino with a streetbike engine in it, ripped the oil line off and caused the fire. i mean.... how is that the OEMs fault? how are you trying to make it out like yamaha...
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    Can-Am First UTV

    i work on ATV and UTV machines every day, i ride them, test them, use them for what they are intended, and try them out at things they are not intended for. this is personal opinion and not brand bias by any means. i do not own any current machine on the market, i do not pay a note to any brand...
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    What UTV Motor Produces the most torque

    the can-am engines, most always produce the most torque of any machine on the market. in every category, 500cc and 650cc, 800cc, and 1000cc pretty much every single machine they make for each market, makes more Hp and Tq than any other competitor. the turbo hp war is pretty much the same. Hp and...
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    Best Clutch Set Up for XP4 w/ 32's

    about 100% of the roller bearings in the base of the primary are over-greased. this grease will get hot and sling out onto and into the clutch which causes the belt to slip. about 90% of the clutches i see have grease inside and on them enough to cause them to slip a belt especially at first...

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