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Rugged Radios

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Official UTVUnderground Communications Sponsor, from Arroyo Grande, CA

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Jul 21, 2017 at 4:56 PM
    1. yousnooze
      Hello there. Just picked up my first RZR. Dave at kryptic SXS is going to be doing a cage on my machine and we got talking about coms. I need some help in deciding what package I need for a 2 seat rzr and to be able to talk with others when out riding with them. Thank you
    2. MH785

      I was just checking out your clearance page. I'm new to Rzr's and to intercoms. What do I need altogether to talk to each of the passengers in Rzr4 and to my buddy and father in law in their cars?

      Thanks! Marty
      1. RuggedRadios
        Hey Marty, Welcome to the UTV scene!
        Sending a PM to you right now to have the room to properly respond. (limited here on how much I can type)
        Oct 12, 2015
    3. slickrick
      Hey this is SlickRick i just wanted to say thanks again for hooking me up
      1. RuggedRadios
        Definitely!! Don't ever hesitate to hit us up if you need anything else.
        Feb 6, 2015
    4. tatum
      Your post about stealing and karma is hilarious.I hope it gets you.
    5. JoeyD23
      YO! My Email???????? What happened? LOL
    6. JoeyD23
      Whats the deal???/ You dont like me anymore? Cant call a ninja back?
    7. FernandezRacing
      Matt ,
      Can we get these brake lines on offroadswapmeet? Whats the cost??

      I will be sending you my dealer app for rugged this week!!

      thanks ,
      [email protected]
    8. Captain Jack
      Captain Jack
      If whoever buys don't need the air box. We would like to have it. I want to work on adapting a pipe to the front of a box and running it out under the hood.

      Captain Jack Smith, Pastor
      The Salvation Army
      Juneau, Alaska
    9. JoeyD23
      paypal $20 to [email protected] I will ship it next week
    10. kdub41
      and with that you can talk to the other person in your car and you can have an i pod as well correct? so it would come out to about 420 and then i can just wire it up and it will be working right ? sorry for all the questions
    11. kdub41
      so for one car its only 450 though, correct?
    12. kdub41
      hey man how much for a set up of radios for a rhino. im kinda on a budget but i want to go with you guys, cuz i have friends that have your product and they love it, so i wanted to check on prices.
    13. RhinoMaster
      Just talking to Joey today. He mentioned that you were hooked up here. We (Black Rhino) need to get hooked up with comm packages. In particular, we've got extremely lightwieght Simpson helmets, and just got a brand new prototype in today. They weigh in at 2 pounds, and are 'communications ready'. I need a package to outfit them, and I'd like to get comm products in general for us to bring to market.

      Do you guys have a dealer/distributor program? Would you be interested in hooking up and talking about us carrying your product(s)?
    14. JoeyD23
      Thanks Again Matt!! Now we BLOW this site up!!
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