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    The Polaris RZR XP 1000 HMF System is available in a Dual Full System in the Performance Series, and a Slngle Slip-On System in the Titan Series. The Dual Full System picks up 4 horse power at high RPM and 2lb of torque at the wheels, and installs in a new mounting location located on the sides. The Single Slip-On picked up 1-2 more horse power, and both systems weigh substantially less than the stock exhaust.

    Fuel Note: A Fuel Controller is absolutely required with only the Dual Full System.

    Exhaust Fits: (11-14) RZR XP 900

    035396636071-1.jpg 035396636071-1.jpg 035396636071-2.jpg 035396636071-3.jpg 035396636071-4.jpg 035396636071-5.jpg 035396636071-6.jpg 035396636071-7.jpg 035396636071-8.jpg 035396636071-9.jpg 035396636071-12.jpg

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