All UTV's Light output Vs. Light Distribution

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Jan 22, 2009
The brightest light is worthless if it is not where the driver needs it. Most LED light systems use optics from third party companies. The majority of these optics produce round shapes, similar to a flashlight. All "spot" patterns are round to achieve maximum distance, but much of the large circle light is wasted at the top and bottom because it is not usable by the driver. Driving lights should be wider and more oval in shape to take maximum advantage of the available light provided. Quality optics efficiently use the LED light output to place the light right where you need it. In addition different terrains require different light patterns. If you drive in multiple terrains, you will want to change your light pattern based on the specific elements of that terrain.

Each optic in a Baja Designs LED light is user changeable to create a spot, driving, or cornering light. This Means you can modify your light depending on the terrain instead of buying multiple lights. * Baja Designs provides optics designed by an engineer with over 30 years of real world off-road experience.:D

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