New UTV Track in Oklahoma

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  1. RzrRyan

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    Sep 22, 2014
    We are opening a brand new UTV track in Oklahoma. We have needed a track and racing series in our state for too long, so we are introducing the Level 5 Off-Road Complex.

    Located in Begg’s Oklahoma, along Hwy 75 south of Glenpool,OK. The complex plans to offer Oklahoma’s first and only Race Track designed for UTV’s. in addition we will also offer a motocross track, 4x4 obstacle course, sand drags, mud drags, Go-Karts, Putt-Putt Golf, Full Service RV Campground with 100 hook up sites, General store, Steakhouse, saloon and meeting hall. The complex plans to operate year- round.

    “Within Oklahoma There are NO other sites that are comparable to what
    LEVEL 5 OFF-ROAD COMPLEX and The Tulsa RV Ranch Have to offer…”

    Established uses at the complex include: recreational activities, competitive and sponsored events, specialized activities, and ORV safety and training.
    Individual recreational activities may include motocross practice, track practice and recreational riding.
    Competitive, sponsored and organized events may include: UTV Racing, motocross racing, 4x4 events, dirt track racing, sand drag racing, mud drags, mud bogs, rallies, poker runs, or ORV special events.
    ORV safety/use training may include: UTVs, ATVs, 4x4 vehicles, motorcycles, off-road buggies, etc.
    -Road Complex at The Tulsa RV Ranch.

    The site consists of the First and Only UTV specific track in the state of Oklahoma. The complex also offers a motocross track, indoor arena with seating for 3,000 people, flat track, 100 RV hook up sites available, tent camping areas, Go-Karts, Putt-Putt golf, Ping-Pong, grandstands, restrooms and showers, full service family restaurant, a general store and even a saloon for the adults to enjoy with live music. It is the only UTV/Off-Road racing complex in the state of Oklahoma that serves the needs for the Off-Road enthusiast In our area.

    if anyone in our is interested you may contact RzrRyan@(918)-619-2fivefive3
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    Nov 24, 2013
  3. RzrRyan

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    Sep 22, 2014
    Would totally be interested. I really like your work. let me know if you would like to meet up and come tour the complex.
    _ RzrRyan

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