Sponsor-Logo-Mad MediaMad Media was founded with the idea that we could bridge the gap between traditional and guerilla marketing, between brands and youth culture, by strategically and responsibly immersing brands within the youth culture. Through strategic partnerships, alliances and associations, we position ourselves to create and identify untapped marketing opportunities for the brands we represent. We recognize trends as they are immerging and take advantage of the constantly evolving market. We offer the brands we handle a competitive advantage as well as a meaningful brand development.

We are a multidisciplinary marketing and creative firm that unifies your brand’s marketing across multiple mediums in order to maintain the integrity of the brands original message.

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Joey DiGiovanni, Founder and now former CEO of UTVUnderground.com is a Southern California-based off-road enthusiast. A lifelong off-road enthusiast, he purchased his first UTV in 2006 and since launching UTVUnderground.com in 2008, has worked tirelessly to promote and grow the sport of UTV riding. In addition to co-founding and co-owning the UTV World Championship, his efforts in UTV racing have helped put UTVs amongst the fastest growing class of race vehicles in the world of Off-Road. From Baja to the dunes of Dubai, Joey and his former staff are committed to going anywhere UTVs are being enjoyed and bring that content back to UTVUnderground.com for readers to enjoy.

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