MXCTurbo-LogoMCX-USA is working to bring the highest quality, largest selection and most reliable turbo and performance products to the UTV market, including applications for Polaris’ best selling RZR line-up. Visit for more information.

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Joey DiGiovanni, Founder and now former CEO of is a Southern California-based off-road enthusiast. A lifelong off-road enthusiast, he purchased his first UTV in 2006 and since launching in 2008, has worked tirelessly to promote and grow the sport of UTV riding. In addition to co-founding and co-owning the UTV World Championship, his efforts in UTV racing have helped put UTVs amongst the fastest growing class of race vehicles in the world of Off-Road. From Baja to the dunes of Dubai, Joey and his former staff are committed to going anywhere UTVs are being enjoyed and bring that content back to for readers to enjoy.