So as prepares to take possession of our 2013 Can-Am Maverick we have began to think, how are we going to modify our Maverick? Sure we have lots of ideas from graphics to chassis to accessories but as we try to connect with our readers we truly want to know exactly what you would do and in what order of importance. So we have proposed this question in our Forum and we are asking readers to post up what they would do to modify their Mavericks. Who knows, we may do exactly what you recommend but what we can guarantee is the member with the build list we like the most is going to receive a UTVUnderground Swag Pack curtesy of!

Tell us what factory accessories, what tires, wheels, shocks, chassis, graphics, interior and accessories you would put on your Maverick, or that you have put on your Maverick and then we will tell you next week whose ideas we like best!

So head over to the forum thread located HERE and let us know what you would do to Modify Your Maverick!



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