Yamaha once again continues their fluffing of the UTV industry, getting everyone in the sport excited to see the return of Yamaha! I am not selling short that they have introduced the Viking and Wolverine, but come-on, we all know that its a Yamaha sport machine we have been waiting for since like forever!

This is the second teaser video produced by Yamaha claiming something new is coming in September. This one claims that “It will all become perfectly clear”. This is great but whats clear to me now is that Yamaha like Honda and Kawasaki are way behind in the sport market so whatever they drop they better come with it, and I have no doubt they will.

In this video we get a glimpse of what appear to be bead lock wheels, some head lights, what appear to be higher end seats or upholstery of some sort and the sound of an engine that clearly is not the same ol’ 700 single cylinder we have seen over and over since the days of the Rhino. This is all very exciting and I am sure everyone including the competition has a close eye trained on Yamaha to find out exactly what they have up their sleeve.

Rumors have swarmed for years over a 1000cc manual shifted UTV that Yamaha has been developing and testing. One person told us he saw it a couple of months ago in Glamis, all wrapped in black, banging gears and shredding dunes. I have been around long enough to know not to believe everything I hear, so I will tell you like I tell every other person who asks me about this new machine, I’ll believe it when I see it!

For now, we will all have to speculate, but one things for sure, we can’t wait to see what is released in September!!

Stay tuned…

Joey D.