Our friends over at RDC recently got the chance to tag along with Bryce Menzies as he pre-ran for the Baja 500. Following the custom Red Bull prerunner through the  desert made for some great stories and some incredible imagery, check it out:

Jump in with 3x Baja 500 champion Bryce Menzies in his BFGoodrich KO2 equipped trophy truck pre-runner  and go explore the untouched beauty of Baja the only way you can, off-road. Meet Bryce’s co-driver Pete Mortenson who plays a critical part in his success as well as BFG teammate Jesse Jones. Tackle some of the toughest terrain in Baja including fast rally roads, rocky trails, parched dry lake beds, and rock beaches all while exploring the stunning beauty and culture of Baja, CA.

To check out the full story, keys to winning the Baja 500, and an avalanche of awesome photos click HERE

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