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Vision X Lighting through Dust comes Glory at 50th SCORE Baja 1000

Vision X Lighting: Through Dust Comes Glory at 50th SCORE Baja 1000 “Team Jagged X Wins Pro UTV & Wilson Motorsports Wins Class 1 Championship at 50th SCORE Baja 1000” The grand daddy, the big one, the whole enchilada happens at the end of the season with the SCORE International Baja 1000. This year would be different as it marked […]

Marc Burnett 2017 SCORE BAJA 1000 Race Video

In celebration of the 50th BFGoodrich 2017 anniversary Baja 1000 race. We had a few obstacles along the way, a broken transmission, a few broken belts and lastly my car caught on fire but thru it all we prevailed to the end. All our sleepless nights were well worth the sacrifice. Here’s to winning the […]

Jagged X Wins the 50th SCORE BAJA 1000 – PHOTOS | RESULTS | STORY

Jagged X Wins the 50th SCORE BAJA 1000 When you think of iconic sporting events you may think of the World Series or the Super Bowl. When talking about epic motorsports events, races like the Daytona 500 or the Dakar Rally may come to mind but no racing event can cast a shadow on this […]

2017 SCORE Baja 1000 Pre-Run with Dynamic Racing

Ride with Team Dynamic as they prepare to tackle the 50th Anniversary of the Baja 1000. Driver Christine GZ and navigator Luy Galan learn to survive the brutal desert terrain of Baja as they pre-run from Ensenada to La Paz, racing through some of the most breathtaking areas of the peninsula. Team owner and driver […]

50th Anniversary- Score-International Baja 1000 Live Tracking & Streaming Guide

50th Anniversary- Score-International Baja 1000 Tracking Guide The 2017 SCORE International Baja-1000 is underway Wednesday November 14th, at midnight PT beginning with the motorcycles and quads. To celebrate the race’s 50th anniversary, UTVUnderground has put together a simple guide to help you follow the race, event, standings and results. Just in case you missed it, […]

#UTVUGTBT: 2016 SCORE BAJA 1000 (Throwback)

At, we have a deep catalog of amazing content that goes back to 2009. We thought we would take Throwback Thursday (#TBT) beyond our social feeds and start to bring back pieces of content that you may have never seen or have forgotten about. We will call this new series #UTVUGTBT. Last years 2016 […]

Dust 2 Glory is Coming!

When the first Dust to Glory was released it, created a cultural tipping point for off-road racing. Finally there was a film that we could reference to explain what we do and why we do it to the world. It was and still is the “Dog Town and Z Boys” of off-road racing; a cultural defining […]


It took the lead UTVs just over 22 hours to complete the 854 mile long Baja 1000 race course. Take a ride as we chase the Polaris RZR race team through one of the toughest and longest off-road races in the world, the 2016 SCORE BAJA 1000 and document the drama of racing for the […]

The Matlock’s, Off-Road’s First “IRON-COUPLE” wanted to take a moment to offer Wayne & Kristen Matlock a proper congratulations on their amazing effort at the 2016 SCORE BAJA 1000. As always, there are a lot of awesome stories that come from every Baja 1000 and this is certainly one of them. Kristen Matlock, driver of the #1954 Polaris RZR […]


UTV OVERALL RESULTS – FINISHERS 1. Rhys Millen Huntington Beach, CA 1967 Pro UTV * 1 POL  22:06:46.316 (CLASS WINNER) 2. Branden Sims Prescott Valley, AZ 2913 Pro UTV Forced Induction 1 POL  22:33:51.473 (CLASS WINNER) 3. Kristen Matlock Alpine, CA 1954 Pro UTV * 2 POL  23:11:47.120 4. Wayne Matlock Alpine, CA 2971 Pro […]


The 2016 SCORE BAJA 1000 is getting warmed up! Lots has happened early on and you can get up to speed now in our forum by CLICKING HERE Service, as usual, has been troublesome but our camera crews are working hard to get the “BANGERS for our Polaris RZR sponsored race coverage video. So far […]

2016 SCORE BAJA 1000 Contingency Photos & VIDEO

With over 35 UTVs set to take on the 2016 SCORE BAJA 1000, this years race is the biggest battle ever south of the border! Follow along as we meet up with Polaris RZR racers as they prepare to battle it out for 854 miles across some of the harshest terrain the world has to […]

2016 SCORE Baja 1000 PREVIEW

This years SCORE Baja 1000 is shaping up to be one of the biggest contested battles ever for UTVs south of the border. Many story lines are shaping up adding to the excitement of this years 49th running of the Baja 1000. We will touch on a few here to help bring those of you […]

2015 SCORE Baja 1000 VIDEO

The 2015 SCORE Baja 1000 was everything you would expect from the toughest off-road race in the world! The 800+ mile course was harsh, dusty and full of silt that would test all 24 UTVs that would start the race. In the end, only 10 would finish! On the line was not only the win, […]

Wes Miller Baja 1000 Race Report

Wes Miller #1988 Pro UTV Baja 1000 Race Report This year’s SCORE Baja 1000 was a loop race, starting and finishing in Ensenada, Mexico. The course did a large counter clockwise circle around the upper third of the Baja peninsula and was being slated as a tough one. Throughout the year, I have been racing […]

Terrabbit / Matlock Racing Baja 1000 Report

2015 Baja 1000 Terabbit Racing/Matlock Racing Race Report – Told byWayne Matlock: I am now sitting at my desk getting back to normal life…or what they tell me is normal. I keep thinking back to this past weeks’ experience and I think to myself that I am blessed beyond words to be able to do […]

2015 SCORE Baja 1000

When SCORE gave UTVs their own Pro class in 2013 it was like an open invitation to everyone racing UTVs at the time to come take on Baja. Fast forward to 2015 and the Pro UTV class fielded 24 entries making it the second largest class in the historic race, second to only Trophy Truck, […]

Baja: The Greatest Adventure

The other day I figured out that I have been going to Baja for almost 30 years. The relationship started off rocky with short, wild trips to Tijuana. Let’s just say I was an ugly tourist kid doing things teenagers do in a town that encourages bad behavior. When I was introduced to the beaches […]

2014 Baja 1000 VIDEO

The Baja 1000 is the most grueling, challenging and brutal off-road race that UTV racers will face all year. The 2014 course consisted of 1275 miles of the most challenging terrain in Baja. Follow along as 20 UTVs take on this insane race course and battle the famed Baja 1000! Read our full Baja 1000 […]

2014 Baja 1000 Official Results / Photos

The 2014 Baja 1000 is now officially complete. 19 Pro UTVs would take on the 1275 mile race course but only 8 would finish. I say ONLY 8, but what I really mean is 8 bad ass UTVs and their teams finished one of the most grueling Baja 1000 courses ever. 8 finishers is almost […]

2014 Baja 1000 Mid-Race Photos/Update

Race Report: 12:00pm PST 11/14/14 The Baja 1000 is just half way through with the lead UTV just crossing Race Mile (RM) 800! The 1919 Polaris RZR of UTVInc. has led majority of the race despite some hard pushes and takeovers from the 1932 Polaris RZR of Jagged X. The 2 teams tango’d all night long […]

2014 Baja 1000 Photos (Helicopter)

The race is wide open right now! We have over 14 members of the team all over the peninsula, we even had our helicopter in the air to chase racers for the first 100 miles. Here are some awesome images from the air! While we are posting this, UTV race leaders are at about […]

2014 Baja 1000 Contingency

Contingency at The Baja 1000  is something difficult to describe if you’ve never experienced it before. The schools in Ensenada are on holiday for the race and the streets flood with local kids and their families coming to watch the competitors go by. It is truly a sight to behold as the race vehicles push through […]