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NIKOLA Announces 2018 ZERO Electric Powered UTV with 555 Horsepower

NIKOLA PREPARES THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL PRODUCTION-READY UTV FOR DELIVERY SALT LAKE CITY. August 15, 2017, Nikola (pronounced Neek-oh-la) Powersports has finalized the specifications and design for the four-seater UTV dubbed the “Nikola Zero.” The Nikola Zero UTV is an all-electric, 400-volt plug-in, off-road and potentially street ready vehicle. Dealerships can begin reserving production units […]

NEW 2017 Nikola ZERO Electric UTV EXCLUSIVE: NEW 2017 Nikola ZERO Nikola began to hype and tease the release of their new electric powered UTV in may of this year. Nikola, founded in 2015, has grabbed the attention of the UTV and trucking industry with their concept drawings and wild claimed stats tied to their vehicles. While most of Nikola’s headlines have centered […]