PRP seats

Feature Product- PRP GT/S.E. Suspension Seat

  Feature Product- PRP GT/S.E. Suspension Seat In the world of UTV parts and upgrades seating is often overlooked. Upgrading your seats is an easy way to improve A builds overall comfort, safety, and style when ripping through rough terrain. If you are in the market for new UTV seating then head on over to […]

RJ Anderson’s XP1K4 – Inside The Minds Eye

In this emotionally riveting clip, RJ Anderson explains what goes through his mind when he prepares for and executes the stunts featured in #XP1K4. See exclusive sneak peak footage and hear RJ talk about overcoming the fear of attempting the litany of new and exciting tricks in the 4th chapter of the XP1K franchise. This […]

Feature Vehicle: Cody Waggoner’s RZR XP4

Cody Waggoner’s Madigan Motorsports’ built “Pre-Runner Edition” RZR is drawing lots of attention because of its clean design and and build out which was all done by Madigan Motorsports. “This car pretty much got every aftermarket part that Madigan makes,” Tom Madigan explained, “And Cody’s car didn’t start out as this grand ‘going to have everything’ project […]