We flew out of LAX at 9:45am PST. 15 hour flight to Dubai direct! It was LONG. We landed in Dubai roughly around 1:30PM (Dubai Time) which is 1:30am PST in the US. Did not sleep the whole time, still havent slept and now its 8:00 pm here. We have been up for over 24hrs now and I am loving it. High on coffee and adrenaline. These boys love their coffee. So we land, get the full on first class treatment with a driver waiting for us. He loads us into their bad ass Land Cruiser and away we go to “The Camp” in the Al Bedayer dunes just outside of Dubai. Its like Glamis for Dubai. By 2:30 pm we are loaded up into the buggies and RZR’s and off we go. These guys drive their stuff, these are not trailer queens! They provided Grant and I with our own Polaris RZR XP900 with DragonFire Racing doors and custom ANGRY BIRDS graphics! hahaha We shredded till sun down.

Camp is not your ordinary Glamis camp. This camp is staked out year round and is equipped with a massive party room (see pics) and just outside is a sick fire area with movie screen, and bad ass outdoor gazeebo type set up. Grant and I have a pimpin’ room with bathroom, shower, and beds. Its better than a hotel and we are in the middle of the dunes!

Thursday is their Friday so people are rolling in just like Glamis. Its choas in the little town outside. Everyone drives like a race car driver. Its hilarious! Full on stunt riding on quads and in UTV’s. I got some cool iPhone vids I am loading to YouTube to share. For now enjoy the pics!! Oh yeah, these guys are strait up BALLERS! They all rock the newest Funco buggies. There is even a Buckshot X2R Monster Buggy in the garage as well as a Buckshot Bullet and a few other hot rods! Tons of fun. I met up with Ahmad today of the Dubai RZR Team, you know the dudes that make those sick UTV vids. We will be cruising with them tomorrow too so look for more UTV stuff tomorrow!

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