Back in April,, Warfighter Made, Polaris RZR and the Godfrey Clan took 3 wounded veterans on the trip of a lifetime to Zion, UT! Robert Blanton of Warfighter Made spearheaded the trip and brought us together with some amazing veterans. Thanks in large part to Polaris RZR, we were able to capture the trip and together with Greg and Tanner Godfrey, we were able to bring it to life for all to enjoy.

Warfighter Made UTVUnderground Zion, Utah

Warfighter made adapts, and customizes combat wounded service member’s/veteran’s vehicles, to overcome their injuries and reflect their individual personality.

Warfighter Made UTVUnderground Zion, Utah

They invite ill, injured and combat wounded service members/veterans to participate in the build of a Warfighter Made owned project. Once completed, Warfighter Made funds those individuals to participate in events, shows, and races to show the world their accomplishments. Eventually the project will be auctioned off as a “Warfighter Made Vehicle”, with all the proceeds going back to the Warfighter Made Project Fund.

Warfighter Made UTVUnderground Zion, Utah

They also work with other like minded nonprofits, businesses and individuals to ensure the service member/veteran gets the best experience possible.

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Photography by Tm Leigh //

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