With the completion of the 2012 Sand Sports Super Show and this past weekends Lucas Oil Off Road Expo it is fair to say that the Southwest United States off-road desert season is upon us.  UTVUnderground.com thought it would be cool to highlight some of the upcoming events, vehicles, and products that are sure to be the talk of the dirt this year.  Of course talk is building in the UTVUnderground.com forum so take time to sign up and post up your rides, your UTV’s, and keep informed on all the upcoming events that we and our members will be a part of this season.


With the season upon us there are some key events and rides you may consider attending to maximize your fun with other UTV and off-road enthusiasts. While there are usually many different events to choose from usually the funnest are those rides that our UTVUnderground.com members plan.  Another reason you should view our forum often and get to know the membership.  You won’t find a more welcoming bunch of people to meet up, camp, and ride with.  Here are a few key events and rides that you will more than likely find UTVUnderground and its members at…

Endless Summer UTV Party / ISA Convention at Glamis North Hot Springs
October 19-21
Click Here for more Information on this event

Desert Trip Holiday Weekends
Halloween – October 26-28
Thanksgiving – November 23-25
Christmas – December 25
New Years – December 28 –  January 1st
Martin Luther King Weekend – January 18-21
Presidents Weekend – February 15-18
Easter Weeekend – March 29-31

Desert Bloom UTV Rally
February 14-17
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Ventura County Off Road Show
April 20-21
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For more group rides or to start your own CLICK HERE


As we all start to knock the dust off of our desert toys its important that we ensure that they are all running in top notch shape by giving them a good pre-season service.  Most powersports dealerships offer a maintenance service that includes the basic Oil and Air filter services but being that we put our UTV’s through so much abuse during the course of a season there are some other things you should consider doing to not only prolong your vehicles dependability but also ensure you don’t have any problems your first trip out! Here are some tips and things to consider when giving your machine its pre-season once over.

  • Change Oil & Oil Filter
  • Clean and Inspect ALL air and pre filters (intake, fuel, etc..)
  • Inspect / change drive belt. A fresh belt can make a huge difference in the power department
  • Inspect / change spark plug/s
  • Depending on your machine you may want to service your entire clutch system, change the grease and service the weights and rollers
  • Grease and inspect all zerk fittings and suspension components. A greased pivot is a non squeaky pivot. Make sure all your suspension bushings are good to go!
  • Service your differentials by changing the oil in them.
  • Service and inspect your CV’s and Axles.  Your CV boots should be clean and free of tears and punctures.
  • Make sure all your wheels and tires are good to go. If you run bead-lock wheels then make sure your bolts are all set to proper torque settings.
  • Test and Inspect all lights and electronics.  Nothing worse then rolling out on your first trip and your lights or stereo don’t work!
  • Freshen up your SHOCKS! You may not know it but all that riding may have worn your shocks out. Check with your manufacturer of choice to see how you can get freshened up before your first ride.

While many powersports dealers do a fantastic job make sure you consider a local UTV specialty company as well.  Many companies such as UTVUnderground sponsors Black Rhino and Magnum Offroad offer pre-season maintenance specials and know these machines inside out! Not only can they service your machines but they can also upgrade your SXS making sure you have the hottest ride around.


Without a doubt the hottest machine being talked about this season is the all new 2013 Can-Am Maverick. Equipped with 101hp and 14″ of suspension travel this new platform from Can-Am is sure to be the most anticipated machine for this years desert season.  Word is we will start to see these machines on dealers floors sometime in November or December but Can-Am is giving people interested in the new Maverick opportunity to test and drive these machines at multiple ride events starting this week all around the southwest.

oct 4-6, 2012 – Watercraft World final Lake Havasu, AZ
oct. 10-11, 2012 – Parker Yamaha Parker , AZ
oct 25-27 2012 – Glamis Brawley, CA
oct. 30-31, 2012 – Ocotillo Wells Ocotillo Wells, CA
nov 3-5, 2012 – Firebird – Ridenow Powersports Phoenix, AZ
nov 10-11, 2012 – Sand mountain Reno, NV
nov. 14, 2012 – Redding Yamaha Redding, CA
nov. 17-18, 2012 – Rancho Cordova Rancho Cordova, CA
nov 21-24, 2012 – Glamis Thanksgiving Glamis, CA
nov. 28, 2012 – South Bay Motorsports Chula Vista, CA
dec. 1-2, 2012 -Azusa Canyon Covina, Azusa Canyon, CA
dec. 5, 2012 – Del Amo Motorsports Redondo Beach, CA
dec. 6, 2012 – Mission Motorsports Irvine, CA
dec 8-9, 2012 – Glen Helen San Bernardino, CA
dec. 12, 2012 – Corona Motorsports Corona, CA
dec. 13, 2012 – Temecula Motorsports Temecula, CA
dec. 15-16, 2012 – Pala Raceway Pala, CA
jan. 8, 2013 – Midland Powersports Midland, TX
jan 11-12, 2013 – R&S Stores New-Mexico, TX
jan. 15, 2013 – Mancuso Gulf Houston, TX
jan. 16, 2013 – Mancuso Southwest Houston, TX
jan 19-20, 2013 – 3 Palms Extreme Offroad Houston, TX
jan. 23, 2013 – North Texas Yamaha Lewisville, TX
jan. 24, 2013 – Louis Powersports Greenville, TX
jan 26-27, 2013 -River Run Riding Park Jacksonville, TX

For more photos and information on the new Maverick lineup from Can-Am CLICK HERE 


The Maverick may be the flavor of the month but not to be outdone in 2012-13 is the Kawasaki Teryx 4.  Everyone has different needs when it comes to off-road.  While I think all of us have a little “GET SOME” in our blood, many of us also like to load our families up and go adventure through all the amazing trail systems the Southwest US has to offer.  For those adventure minded folks its hard to beat the Teryx 4.  Kawasaki took an approach opposite to Can-Am, Polaris, and Arctic Cat this year.  While those guys remained focused on power and suspension, Kawasaki remained focused on revision and quality.  Their goal was to give consumers a vehicle that they could enjoy with all their friends and family all while riding in style. The T4 has a fantastic clutch that allows for some of the steepest climbs of any UTV making it a fantastic rock climber.  It has enough room for 4 large adults and combined with the Teryx 4’s Electronic Power Steering it makes for one of the smoothest handling UTV’s on the market. So again, if your desert season surrounds the hard pack dirt, canyons and mountain trails then the T4 may be the machine for you!

For more photos and information on the new Teryx 4 from Kawasaki CLICK HERE


Now this may still come as a surprise to many but we are not kidding when we say that the John Deere RSX850i is the real deal!  John Deere came to bat for 2012-13 with a true machine for the sport / recreation market and we were very impressed during our test ride in July.  Power is responsive and the machine feels as if its on rails when driving it on those fast trails.  The machine can climb and it has all the goodies we have come to appreciate from the factory that include FOX shocks, Big Horn tires, factory doors, and comfortable seats.  Not to mention it has the quality that John Deere fans have come to expect in all of their products.  If you haven’t given the green machine a look or even a chance then do yourself a favor and give one a try.  You just may be as impressed as we were! CLICK HERE for our review of the John Deere RSX850i then CLICK HERE to watch our Shakedown video!


New parts and accessories for UTVs are introduced regularly throughout the year. Some can really make a difference in your overall off-road experience and can keep you and your machine very happy throughout the season.  For this season we have selected a few key parts & accessories that we feel will not only improve your vehicles performance and feel but also make you a happier off-road enthusiast!


Our first product is an alternative to pricey suspension seats.  Desert Moulding Concepts introduced these NEW cushion pads to make your factory Polaris RZR seats comfortable suspension seats.  This unique design bolts into your factory RZR seats in minutes and give you and your passenger the cushion you need to help soften the blow from big hits and also make the overall ride smoother then you ever expected!

Watch the video below and CLICK HERE for more information on this sweet new product for 2012!


There are lots of wheel and tire options available on the UTV market, its hard to make a choice.  Well, your decision just got tougher because the biggest wheel name in off-road racing has come to play in the UTV market and UTVUnderground.com has got first crack at testing them out.  They won’t be here until January but these new Method Race Wheels are sure to change the game! Initially we will see 12″ and 14″ wheels for all of the major UTVs.  Soon to follow will be a one of a kind RACE bead-lock engineered specifically for UTV off-road racing!  Stay tuned, and hang tight, these new wheels not only look good but will improve your machine.

Check out Method Race Wheels wheel line up for all of your on and off road needs by CLICKING HERE


When it comes to playing in the dirt there is no important part on your machine then your shocks!  FOX has come to bat with some of the best shocks ever developed for UTVs.  FOX recently released their new 2.5″ coil overs for the Polaris RZR XP900 and the rear of the Arctic Cat Wildcat.  We tested these new shocks and let me tell you, if you got one of these machines then you need these new shocks!  I could not believe how well they improved the ride and capabilities, driving through the big bumps just got easier and riding in the chop just got smoother.  Read all about these new shocks in our test story by CLICKING HERE


There are a couple of companies in the UTV industry that continue to develop and innovate products at a pace that few can keep up too.  Pro Armor is one of those companies and that is why we have decided that you could buy ANYTHING Pro Armor makes and increase your UTVs durability and improve your overall off-road experience.  Whether its their high quality and popular doors, trailing arm skids for the XP900 or their hot new seats & harnesses Pro Armor is doing it BIG! Check out their website by CLICKING HERE and see why they are the most popular name in aftermarket accessories for UTVs!



Now if there is one thing you all should be looking forward to this year, its the rest of our Polaris RZR Tour video series.  Never before has a website produced such fun and real content like this!  Sure we are a little biased, but we are confident you will agree.  You don’t even have to be a Polaris fan to enjoy these videos we are producing.  You can check them out by visiting our YouTube Channel by CLICKING HERE