The 2013 Lucas Oil regional series would wrap up in Lake Elsinore CA. The last round has been labeled by Lucas Oil as “The Shoot Out”. This round brings racers from all 3 of the regional series (CA, AZ, UT) and pits them against each other for bragging rights.  With almost 20 SR1’s and 20 Polaris RZR XP900’s this is the biggest weekend of UTV racing all season at the Lucas OIl Off-Road Racing Series.

Racers from Utah, Arizona and California would converge on Lake Elsinore motorsports park on Saturday the 12th. Qualifying was action packed in both classes. In the SR1 class Jason Weller would take the top spot with a 54.09 and a top speed of 66.58mph. Brandon Kilgore and Robert Wilson would round out the top qualifiers in SR1. In the Unlimited UTV Class a name that has graced the pages of UTVUnderground.com for years, Winbury was back on top. This time it was not Tyler but his younger brother Dylan who would be representing the Wagon Burners in the 694 Kawasaki Teryx. Dylan Winbury is stepping up from trophy kart into a UTV for 2014. Dylan looked at home behind the wheel of his Kawasaki Teryx laying down a 58.23 time at 61.81mph. The Walker Evans Racing spec RZR XP900 class had 15 utvs line up. When the dust settled Cody Rahders who has competed all season in UTVUnderground’s very own machine would set the fastest lap with a 59.68 at 60.31mph. He was the only RZR to break the 1 minute mark per lap. Jeremiah Staggs and Bryan Carr would round out the top 3.


The stands filled up for the main events. The sound of 18 SR1’s powering around the 1 mile track can be heard for miles. Jason Weller and Dustin Nelson would battle for first until a broken chain would end Jason’s day and hand the win to Dustin. Dylan Winbury would hold onto first in Unlimited UTV giving Kawasaki a return to the winners circle in short course UTV racing and show that the old Teryx still has a little left in her! Brandon Hong and Ken Benson would also make the podium. The unlimited UTV class is slowly making a comeback and with the emergence of the new Polaris RZR XP1000 its going to be interesting to see which class has the most growth next year.

With championship points on the line this last race was a make or break for many in the Walker Evans Racing spec RZR XP900 class. Cody Rahders and Jerimiah Staggs were only separated by 4 points coming into the shootout so all eyes were on them. The 2 have battled it out since round 1 and for us at UTVUnderground.com it was a little like watching your kids box. You loved to see both win since both are racing as teammates under the UTVUnderground.com umbrella. Unfortunately for Staggs he would suffer mechanical troubles thus allowing Cody in the UTVUnderground.com / FOX / Magnum Offroad Polaris RZR to do his thing and not only win the final round of racing but clinch the 2013 season championship. His presence on the track is felt by all and its hard to argue that Cody is the fastest driver to make his way around the track. Years of racing Lucas Oil has certainly paid off for Cody and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have Cody bring home another championship for UTVUnderground.com, Polaris and all his other sponsors! Jake Greco and Brandon Altmann would round out the podium respectively.


This season was great for UTV racing. There was rumors floating around the pits that the Walker Evans Racing RZR 900 class may be invited into the national series for 2014. We have also heard rumors of an arrive-n-drive or spec Xp1000 class for the big series as well, something to replace the retired Super Lite class. This would be great news for our sport but we know not to put too much into rumors. No matter what, we are just thankful to Lee Perfect, Ken Johnson and all of the others working hard behind the scenes at Lucas Oil Off-Road to make sure that UTVs have a place to run in their series. These guys / girls have gone above and beyond to create a solid short course racing series thats fun and affordable for all. Would we like to see UTVs back in the big show? HELL YEAH! But we like the growth UTVs are experiencing in the regional series. We were there from day 1 when UTVs were running in the big series and we saw what caused the demise of the class. I am not sure we as a UTV race community are ready for the costs associated with running the big series at Lucas Oil but if they (Lucas) gives us the opportunity you better believe UTVUnderground.com will be there in full force to represent our community and make sure those competing get the love they deserve!

To close we at UTVUnderground.com want to extend a HUGE thank you to each and every single racer and team who represents UTVUnderground.com on and off the track. While we try to make it to every single round of racing at all series’ its very tough for our small crew to do so, so to still see so much love and return respect from you guys racing by running our stickers it means a ton to us! Thank you to all of you, and special congrats to those who found a way to run each and every round this year! Lastly we want to extend props to the Merrell brothers, otherwise known as the UTV Wolfpack. Many don’t realize this but these 2 guys have worked tirelessly for 2 years to not only get this spec 900 class off the ground at Lucas Oil but to also race and represent our sport in a huge way. These guys are the epitomy of what a race team is all about and represent themselves and their sponsors to the fullest both on and off the track. If you as a racer want to know what you should do to get more sponsors or to get more exposure for the sponsors you have then take a look at what Jeremy and Jason do. They are first class friends of UTVUnderground.com and more than that, they are first class reps for our sport of UTV racing!

Until 2014…..

Words & Photos: Rusty Baptist // UTVUnderground.com



posstart no.competitorlapstotal timediffbest timebest lapbest speed
1716CODY RAHDERS1215:05.39359.2131160.797
2777JAKE GRECO1215:06.72401.33159.2901060.719
3764BRANDON ALTMANN1215:09.44504.05259.8761060.124
4718JASON MERRELL1215:11.18105.78859.7371060.264
5757MYLES CHEEK1215:11.66706.27459.6431160.359
6711BROC DICKERSON1215:12.21606.82359.8841260.116
7785ROGER DIAZ1215:13.91208.51901:00.3281159.674
8776JEREMIAH STAGGS1215:15.30309.91059.5061260.498
9722NIKO SKIPARNIAS1215:19.23213.83901:01.1851258.838
10749JACOB YUBETA1215:28.80123.40801:04.3021155.986
11702JORDAN COCHRUM406:13.2618 laps01:03.173356.986
12713BRYAN CARR202:06.42910 laps01:02.051258.017
13703TYLER PARKS202:12.35210 laps01:03.699256.516
14788MARK PATRIDGE202:15.50710 laps01:04.866155.499




posstart no.competitorlapstotal timediffbest timebest lapbest speed
194DUSTIN NELSON1519:58.149
2835BRANDON KILGORE1520:01.28703.13854.6291165.899
31GARY THOMPSON1520:02.04203.89354.7041065.809
418CORRY WELLER1520:02.90204.75354.5961565.939
5866BRANDON BLYTH1520:05.15907.01055.7771064.543
6876KENNY FROST1520:05.47307.32456.1221564.146
7853TUCKER CORNIA1520:07.30209.15356.438363.787
8814ROBERT WILSON1520:07.34209.19355.6991064.633
9694DYLAN WINBURY1520:08.83010.68156.6571563.54
10617BRANDON HONG1520:08.95010.80157.1031563.044
11842SCOTT WEBSTER1520:10.16012.01157.2461562.886
12815LYN GRANT1520:11.14412.99557.6451562.451
1342DJ NOERR1520:13.47415.32558.3451161.702
1435COLE MAMER1520:13.91015.76158.7121161.316
1574BRADLEY MORRIS1520:14.78816.63959.0031161.014
161ADAM GRUENDER1520:14.85816.70957.022763.134
17856SEAN LORENZ1520:15.38517.23658.240961.813
18995KEN BENSON1520:19.62221.47359.198960.813
19881BRIAN SMITH1520:22.45224.30301:00.7541559.255
20811CLAYTON GRAHAM1520:22.46924.32001:00.8581459.154
2122CORI ANDREWS1520:27.82029.67101:02.2531457.829
2220STEVE BEILMAN1520:30.26832.11901:01.163558.859
23122PHILLIP MARTIN1420:18.4671 lap59.100960.914
245995MYKII SMITH1320:42.4472 laps01:07.6091253.247
25680DAVID NAGY1419:17.3551 lap57.924462.15
26888BLAKE MALGREN1012:23.3195 laps55.3671065.021
271JASON WELLER606:59.2869 laps54.715565.795
28692WAYNE MATLOCK607:10.6729 laps01:00.208459.793
2940STEVE BUCARO607:16.6769 laps01:03.268256.901
30657NICOLE BUNGARTZ404:27.02611 laps01:03.040357.107
31623HANS WAAGE05.80315 laps
32854BRYAN OSBORN20:56.74915 laps