When you UTVUnderground.com was contracted to create the XP1K viral video series we knew we needed to create the baddest RZRs on the planet. Before the deal was signed in my head I already knew I was calling Mark Holz of Holz Racing Products. Buried far north in Washington, Holz Racing at time is the company no one thinks about. Its easy to think of Jagged-X because of their Polaris ries and championship cars, Magnum Off-Road because of their close proximity to the so-cal race scene or SDR because of their popular play cars. But Holz Racing is in our mind the top of the food chain as it pertains to innovation and hand crafted race products.


From the outside Holz Racing looks like an ordinary steel building shop, nestled between blue berry fields and off in a world far removed from any of the top UTV race organizations  But its hear that Mark Holz and his team at Holz Racing Products birth and create some of the sports most innovative products. Known for their strong, durable, yet totally lightweight designs, what many fail to realize is that most of what Mark creates is available for purchase through their website. Most that are within the sport due know you can purchase all these products, heck, Holz is nothing new, he has been around since this whole UTV thing started going crazy, but I am floored to have conversations where so many do not think of Holz as a go-to shop for their race needs.


Holz Racing and Mark Holz are the ultimate speed shop for UTV. Everything is truly custom yet always built with purpose and their new 2014 Coastal Racing Polaris RZR XP1K is the epitome of that statement. This is the sequel to their XP900 they have campaigned together the past few years. One that brought home a championship and wins at some of the most prestigious races in off-road racing including The Mint 400 and The Baja 1000. This new machine combines everything Mark and team owner Scott Kiger have learned through the years. Its light, its strong and its not only trick in every sense of the word, its also well thought out. Nothing Mark builds, nothing ever looks like and after thought. Everything appears to have its place from the spare axle mounted to the rear sway bar to the way the spare tire tucks in to the perfectly mounted and designed aluminum dash. Aluminum is their specialty and it starts with Marks father who has been building custom aluminum products for decades. The trade was passed on and while you may not see all the flashy bead roll designs what you will see is perfect fitment. Nothing is out of place, never is their a ripple or flaw.


Holz is the elite and we are proud to share this new machine with you thanks to some amazing photos from our friend and Coastal Racing teammate Robert Utendorfer of Utendorfer Designs. Rob shot these images while they pre ran and prepped for the The Mint 400 where they debuted the new car. The car suffered the new car blues, it lost a transmission seal of all things, something the team could have never prepared for. They repaired it and went on to finish, but if I was betting man I would bet that this machine will see its first win within the next 2 races. Scott Kiger is as good of a driver as Mark Holz is a builder, and surprisingly, Mark’s pretty damn fast himself! This car and this team are not messing around!


Joey D.

Photos by Robert Utendorfer

Race Images by UTVUnderground.com


2014 COASTSAL/HOLZ  1934 Polaris XP 1000

Owner:  Scott Kiger, Mt Morris, PA
Chassis: 2014 Polaris XP 1000
Builder:  Mark Holz of Holz Racing Products
Suspension: Holz Racing Products
Shocks: Walker Evans Racing 2.5″ Piggy Back
Engine:  Stock Polaris Pro-Star 1000
Exhaust:  Muzzy Dual
Intake:  Stock Polaris
Wheels:  Walker Evans 14″ Bead Lock
Tires:  GBC Kanati Mongrel 30x10x14
Wrap/ graphics: Utendorfer/ Arctic FX
Seats: Sparco Race Seats
Safety: Mastercraft 3″ 5-Point
Brakes: Stock Polaris
Communication:  PCI Race Radio & iCom Intercom
Lighting:  Vision X
Accessories: Lowrance HDs7 GPS
Custom Features: Custom Holz Sway bars front & rear, Custom Holz Spindles with front steer relocation
Sponsors:  Polaris Industries, Holz Racing Products, Coastal Drilling East, Walker Evans Ent., GBC Tires, Kroyer Racing Engines, Utendorfer Graphic Design.


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