Last weekend in Dumont Dunes, NV a war took place amongst some of the fastest drag UTVs on the planet. The competition was called SXS Wars and with a name like that you know there was going to be some serious battles taking place. Competitors from K&T Performance, Queen Racing, PACE Off-Road, Addict Racing Engines and BoonDocker all came out to throw it down and see who would claim rights and be named king of the strip, or in the case of this event, king of the hill!

Drag racing in UTVs is still an underground form of competition. I mean, anyone with a clue about motorsports or a passion for speed knows about drag racing at some level, and I think its fair to say that just about every male with a pair has had some sort of experience with drag racing whether it was in your moms Chevelle, or for you younger whipper snappers in your Honda Civic. I think every trip to the desert for me has had some level of drag race whether it was in Glamis racing up Olds or at the Gecko Sand Drags, or in the woods racing to be the first down the hill and back to the cold beers. Point is, drag racing is in our soul and while many are buying and building UTVs to be able to take on all sort of terrain, there is a small group of talented builders who are tuning their UTVs to be the fastest within an 1/8 mile strip of sand!

UTV drag racing might be new, or newer, but sand drags have been around long before I was ever born. Few know that Glamis once had a drag strip and according to a close friend there is a small group who are working to bring the REAL Glamis Drags BACK to the most popular sand box in America. While that situation is being developed the racers have chosen to take their fire breathing UTVs to places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi where the sand drag scene is flourishing and the customer base is large for these types of dream machines. The life of a high powered drag machine is limited, just like the CVT belt, but that doesn’t discourage builders from tearing down and building back up. In fact, the things companies like K&T, Pace, BoonDocker, Queen and Addict are learning from their drag engines is being applied into their every day performance UTV engines. Figure, if you can keep a clutch together at 300hp then it shouldn’t be a problem keeping one together at 140hp. In addition, as factory UTV engines continue to increase in power, these companies will be a head of the curve in knowing how to improve the clutching, increase the traction, and prolong the life of the engines.


When we got the call from SXS Wars promotor Matt Ling to come out, cover the event and be a sponsor we weren’t hesitant but we were unsure of it being worth while. I mean, other than our boy Bart aka Govacho who owns and drives KONG, a souped up Polaris RZR with a Queen Racing beast of a Turbo engine in it, not many on UTVUnderground.com discuss drag racing. Being that we live and breath this sport we said what the hell and decided to move forward with promoting and covering the event. What happened is as we opened our doors to talking about SXS Wars we started to get contacted by others who were racing or were interested in racing / attending the event. We quickly realized that there is potential in this segment of competition for our sport and so for that we went all in sending out a photographer and a videographer so that we could capture the action and bring it back to the UTVUnderground.com members and readers. While this may have been our first organized UTV drag race event, I can promise you it will not be our last, and with that said you can bet this is only the start of something we plan to help grow and foster just like we have with short course and desert UTV racing.

Here are some fun facts from the event:
– 33 Racers competed at SXS Wars over the weekend
– 4 Lanes of racing were designed and graded for competiton
– The track length was 650ft for all classes except for Power Adder & Unlimited classes who raced on 550ft track due to speed
– The fastest UTVs in Power Adder and Unlimited were reaching 100mph
– NASCAR driver Greg Biffle, owner of PACE Off-Road was amongst the competitors and finished 2nd in the Unlimited class
– Next event is scheduled for Glamis on March 21 & 22 pending permit approval

We had a great time at the event and look forward to the next one. We hope you enjoy the photos below and stay tuned for our video coming in the next few days!

Until next time,

Joey D.



900cc OEM
1st Place – Hank Pattison
2nd Place – Thaddeus Findley

1000cc OEM
1st Place  – Chris Leach Devious & Evolution Powersports.
2nd Place –  Shawn Thompson

900 P/A
1st Place – Stephen Chase RBT & K&T
2nd Place –  Mike Lee Race Proven Motors

1000 P/A
1st Place – Rocky Young BoonDockers

1200cc N/A
1st Place – Jim Osier Addict Racing
2nd Place – Cameron Sparks Sparks Racing

1st Place – Van Templeton BoonDocker & Sparks Racing
2nd Place – Rocky Young Jr BoonDockers

Swap Duner Class
1st Place – Greg Biffle PACE Off-Road
2nd Place –  Glenn Hall PACE Off-Road

1200cc P/A
1st Place – Stephen Chase RBT
2nd Place – Jayden Much more K&T

Builder Z1 Class
1st Place – Greg Biffle PACE. Off-Road

1st Place – Jayden Muchmore K&T
2nd Place – Greg Biffle PACE Off-Road

Photos By: Rusty Baptist//UTVUndergound.com


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