Maverick Xds

For 2016, Can-Am aggressively revised its ATV and side-by-side vehicle lineup, by delivering more of what enthusiasts are asking for, including increased power. The performance increase includes three ATV engines and boosting performance of the flagship Maverick™ 1000R Turbo engine. Along with additional performance, new specialty vehicle packages join the family in 2016, giving Can-Am its most diverse lineup ever. From the affordable, mud-specific Outlander® L 570 X® mr ATV and new Maverick 1000R TURBO, to the all-new Maverick X rs 1000R TURBO and Mossy Oak† Hunting Edition vehicles, Can-Am has vastly expanded its off-road family. On top of that, by improving maintenance break-in procedures across the entire Outlander, Renegade® and side-by-side vehicle lineups, Can-Am has also given owners peace of mind they are getting class-leading performance and unmatched reliability.

Can-Am engineers, through persistent research and development progresses over the last two years, has enhanced 80% of the Rotax® ATV engine family to reinforce its performance leadership and maintain industry-leading power. Four engines get updated for 2016; the new 570, 850 and 1000R ATV mills and the revised 131-hp, Rotax 1000R Turbo.

48-HP Rotax 570
Found in the Outlander L and Outlander, the all-new liquid-cooled, eight-valve 570 Rotax, the only V-Twin engine in its class, supplies 48 horsepower to lead the 500-600cc segment. Larger pistons, longer stroke, a higher connecting rod created a +2-HP gain as well as increased low-end torque (+9%).

78-HP Rotax 850
The revised 78-HP liquid-cooled V-Twin Rotax 850 gained 7 hp for 2016, offering the most performance in its class. The new engine offers 9% more power and additional torque (+7%) and was derived from larger pistons and both a throttle body and engine head from the Can-Am Maverick side-by-side vehicle.

89-HP Rotax 1000R
A revised, liquid-cooled, 976cc, 89-hp Rotax 1000R V-Twin engine is the most powerful ATV engine in the Can-Am family and leads the big-bore market in performance. For 2016, the flagship Rotax 1000R has an additional 7 horsepower (9% power increase). Can-Am engineers added new pistons, a Can-Am Maverick side-by-side vehicle engine head and throttle body.

131-HP Rotax 1000R Turbo
The industry’s most powerful engine has undergone more significant change since its introduction in the Maverick X ds 1000R Turbo last year. The first factory-installed turbocharger has been revised for 2016 to increase its overall, class-leading performance to 131 horsepower and enhance its torque curves. Adding larger injectors, increasing boost pressure and recalibrating the CVT are some of the significant updates for the new year.

2016 Maverick X rs 1000R TURBO Carbon Black - Can-Am Red_3-4

Maverick DPS™ 1000R / Maverick MAX DPS 1000R
The Maverick family of sport side-by-side vehicles now includes a Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) package, which falls between the base offering and the X packages. The Maverick 1000R DPS includes cast-aluminum wheels, Visco-Lok QE†, Tri-Mode DPS and is available in two color options.

Maverick xc DPS 1000R
The all-new, affordable Maverick xc DPS 1000R is purposely designed to offer precision performance and a 60-inch width for narrower trails. The Maverick xc 1000R offers 12 inches (30.5 cm) of suspension travel.

Maverick 1000R TURBO / Maverick MAX 1000R TURBO
The new Maverick 1000R TURBO, also available in a four-seat MAX platform, is the most affordable turbocharged side-by-side vehicle in the industry. Based on the X ds platform, the Maverick 1000R TURBO vehicles are powered by the 131-hp Rotax 1000R turbocharged engine and wear front and rear FOX 2.5 PODIUM RC2 shocks with single-speed compression and preload adjustments. This package includes 14-inch (35.6 cm) painted black cast-aluminum wheels with 28-inch (71 cm) Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires.

Maverick X rs 1000R TURBO / Maverick MAX X rs 1000R TURBO
Using racing feedback and advancements gained from Can-Am racing efforts, the X rs (Race Special) package is truly unique. The all-new Maverick X rs 1000R Turbo and MAX X rs 1000R Turbo vehicles share the 131-HP Rotax engine, longer wheelbase and rear TTA suspension with 16 inches (40.6 cm) of suspension travel. The package includes a 4-point harness system, Yoshimura exhaust, rear bumper and a suspension calibration tuned in partnership with FOX to provide optimal results in fast-paced whoops. It comes in a unique dipped Carbon Black & painted Can-Am Red color pattern.

Commander™ Mossy Oak Hunting Edition
The all-new Commander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition is outfitted with many key essentials hunters demand for a day in the field and is the direct result of a marketing agreement between BRP and Mossy Oak. Purposely configured with hunters and outdoorsmen in mind, the Mossy Oak Hunting Edition includes several of the standard XT package items (bed rails, mudguards, bumper, wheels, tires and WARN† winch), yet also gets a few unique features as well. The most noticeable are the new water-dipped Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo, gun scabbards, front bumper, aluminum skid plate, roof and half windshield.

Can-Am has made a significant improvement to each off-road vehicle’s maintenance procedure for 2016. The 300 km / 200 miles break-in inspection has been replaced by 1,500 km / 1000 miles, which will effectively reduce ownership costs. The performance-laden Can-Am off-road vehicles remain as reliable as ever, but are even easier to maintain.

The Commander MAX line of side-by-side vehicles comes standard with a CVT transmission with an all-new Electronic Drive Belt Protection. The integrated Electronic Drive Belt Protection offers belt-spotting protection for when a driver is in high gear, but should be in low gear. The vehicle will not move and a “LOW GEAR” message will appear on the gauge, alerting the driver. The system is currently available as optional equipment on other Can-Am side-by-side vehicles.

The Can-Am design team worked diligently to create new color schemes for the 2016 ATV and side-by-side vehicle lineup. The new premium Cognac color was added to the Limited packages. The new Green and Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo colors fit the requirements for both recreational and hunting enthusiasts. Octane Blue, Light Grey, Matte Black, Hyper Silver are some of the other new colorations offered this year.

Maverick X ds Turbo blue

• Light Grey (Commander 800R base)
• Viper Red (Commander DPS 800R / 1000)
• Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo; (Commander XT 800R / 1000 and Commander MAX XT 1000,
Commander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition 1000)
• Matte Black & Octane Blue; (Commander XT 800R / 1000 and Commander MAX XT 1000)
• Cognac (Commander LIMITED 1000)
• Light Grey (Maverick 1000R base)
• Light Grey & Can-Am Red color option (Maverick DPS 1000R and Maverick MAX DPS 1000R)
• Light Grey & Octane Blue (Maverick X xc 1000R)
• Hyper Silver, Black & Octane Blue and White, black & Can-Am Red color option (Maverick X mr 1000R)
• White, Light Grey & Manta Green (Maverick 1000R TURBO and MAX 1000R TURBO)
• Hyper Silver & Octane Blue (Maverick X ds 1000R TURBO and MAX X ds 1000R TURBO)
• Carbon Black painted & Can-Am Red (Maverick X rs 1000R TURBO and MAX X rs 1000R TURBO)

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  1. Wish they would come out with a maverick xds turbo Xmr on 32″ tires. It would be perfect for me

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  3. We test drove the Canham, Arctic Cat, and Polaris RZR. The canham road smooth but halfway through our ride it said hot hot, limp home. We were on a ride with the company reps so it wasn’t as if we were abusing it. Polaris RZR for us.

  4. If Polaris threw a turbo on the xp1k first, the fanboys would be all happy and perfectly fine with it. Haters gonna hate.

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