Honda Announces 2016 Pioneer 1000
Brand-new model to round out 2016 Pioneer multipurpose SxS lineup

Honda today announced the addition of two brand-new full-size side-by-side models—the groundbreaking Pioneer 1000 and Pioneer 1000-5—to its 2016 lineup. With class-leading displacement and payload, a 6-speed fully automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) and a full list of features and options, the flagship Pioneer 1000 promises to raise the bar in terms of power, performance and capability in both work and recreation applications.

“We’re very excited about the all-new 999cc engine we’ve developed for these new Pioneers,” said Lee Edmunds, Manager of Motorcycle Marketing Communications at American Honda. “We’ve also added the industry’s only fully automatic mechanical transmission—the 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. With steel gears, the DCT offers true engine braking, seamless shifting and a smooth, reliable transfer of power.”


Pioneer 1000/1000-5
Immediately assuming its position as the clear leader in the full-size multipurpose SxS category, Honda’s new-from-the-ground-up, no-compromise Pioneer 1000 is powered by a purpose-built inline, twin-cylinder, Unicam® 999cc engine. It’s also the first side-by-side with a 6-speed fully automatic DCT, a state-of-the-art beltless transmission that is durable, efficient and easy to use. Designed, developed and produced according to Honda’s holistic methodology, the largest Pioneer is smooth-riding and extremely versatile. Built in the USA using domestically and globally sourced parts, the Pioneer 1000 is offered in four different configurations, from the base three-person version to the Deluxe five-person model, which features 14-inch aluminum wheels, 27-inch radial tires, LED headlights and electric power steering. Every Pioneer 1000 comes standard with four-wheel-drive, as well as a high-low sub-transmission and 4-mode differential lock, while the five-person model features auto-leveling rear suspension and a full-size convertible bed with Honda’s exclusive QuickFlip™ seating. An extensive range of Honda Accessories is available, and the Pioneer 1000 is covered by a one-year warranty.

Pioneer 1000: Red, Olive
Pioneer 1000 EPS: Red, Orange, White, Honda Phantom Camo
Pioneer 1000-5: Red, Olive
Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe: Red, Metallic Silver, White, Honda Phantom Camo

Availability: Fall 2015

The outdoors is meant to be explored. The highest hills, the deepest canyons, and the farthest reaches of the forests all lie in wait. And now, we bring you an entirely new vehicle that can get you there.

The all-new Pioneer 1000 is the world’s preeminent side-by-side, both in the Honda lineup, and the industry. Built around a class-leading 999cc twin-cylinder engine, it can haul up to 1000 pounds and can tow a full ton. Meanwhile, the broad front bench provides comfortable seating for three adults.

Look closer, and you’ll find even more difference-making technology. Like the standard-equipment fully-automatic six-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. The driveline that lets you choose 2- or 4-wheel drive. A High/Low dual-range subtransmission that delivers the power and helps access the traction you need. Open or locked front and rear differentials that help prevent you from unnecessarily tearing up delicate fields or surfaces. Hydraulic tilt bed. And fully-independent front and rear suspension.

Some adventures demand more. For those adventures, you need the best. The toughest. The smartest. And the most powerful. For those adventures, you need the all-new Pioneer 1000-5.

The ultimate side-by-side in every way, the radical Pioneer 1000-5 delivers more inside and out, front to back. It starts with a class-leading 999cc twin-cylinder engine. The industry’s first and only fully automatic 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. And Honda’s exclusive QuickFlip® seating that allows you to go from a 3-seater, to a 4-seater, to a 5-seater.

But it doesn’t stop there, because the Pioneer 1000-5 also has a fully-selectable driveline that lets you choose between 2- and 4-wheel drive, and open or locked differentials front and rear. A high/low dual-range subtransmission. Fully-independent suspension in the front, and the back. And a hauling capacity of 1000 pounds, with a towing capacity of a full ton.

This is what more delivers. More power when you need it, more performance where it counts, all to help you get more out of every adventure.

The 1000-class Engine You’ve Been Waiting For. The Pioneer 1000-5 features an all-new, purpose-built engine designed just for these vehicles. Displacing a class-leading 999cc, the inline-twin Unicam® design offers the power and performance that set the Pioneer 1000-5 apart from anything else in its class.

Fully-Automatic Six-Speed DCT Transmission. Another huge difference compared to the rest of the field. The Pioneer 1000-5’s Automatic DCT transmission features tough steel gears and shafts, with no belts to burn up or torque converters to steal efficiency. Paddle shifter provides driver choice of gear selection. And you get real compression braking for better control, and a more connected feel in all conditions.

Multiple Seating Options. Able to carry anywhere from one to five occupants, the Pioneer 1000-5 features a three-place bench seat up front along with a pair of QuickFlip® rear seats in the back. The two additional passenger seats fold flat when not in use, giving you unrestricted bed access and superior capacity.

Chassis and Suspension. Engineered for uncompromising comfort and capability, the Pioneer 1000-5 features 27-inch tires, 10.5 inches of front suspension travel and 10.0 inches in the rear, and over a foot of ground clearance, so it’s built to take on your biggest adventures.

With over 70 accessories available, you can set up the all-new Pioneer 1000-5 for just about any job. We even have special packages for hunters and fishermen, utility work, and recreational outdoors use.



Pioneer 700/700-4
Since its introduction, Honda’s Pioneer 700-4 has set new standards in versatility, thanks to the industry’s first QuickFlip™ convertible rear-seating design, which switches between two-, three- and four-person configurations. In all cases, wheelbase remains a manageable 76.8 inches, and in the two-person configuration, it provides a full bed with tilt mode. Both versions are powered by a rubber-mounted 675cc liquid-cooled engine that’s paired with an automatic transmission with automotive-style torque converter and a dual-stage shift map.

Pioneer 700: Red, Olive, Honda Phantom Camo
Pioneer 700-4: Red, Metallic Blue, Honda Phantom Camo

Availability: August 2015

Spending a day in the great outdoors is always more enjoyable when you’re sharing the experience with a friend. And that’s what Honda’s Pioneer 700 side-by-side is all about. Whether it’s for work or for fun, the Pioneer 700 lets you bring a friend or helper along. Introduced in 2014, the Pioneer 700 has proven to be a great tool for anyone whose workday or weekend takes them off the beaten path. Equipped with a dual-rate suspension spring, it’s designed to give you a smooth ride while still providing plenty of travel and superior load-carrying capacity.

While the Pioneer 700 is a versatile side-by-side that’s loaded with features, if there’s one feature that makes the Pioneer 700 stand out, it’s something it’s missing: a big price tag. And that’s something that everyone can appreciate.
Americans appreciate versatility.

Give us a multi-tool and a little baling wire, and we can fix just about anything. That’s the spirit behind Honda’s Pioneer 700-4, the most versatile side-by-side on the planet. It’ll take you just about anywhere a side-by-side can go—along with one, two or three other passengers or a bed full of cargo. You’re going to find it makes life and work a whole lot easier—and more fun.

Best of all, the Pioneer 700-4 is probably the best-built side-by-side anywhere, and that’s a real asset when you’ve got others depending on you to get where you’re going and back again in safety and comfort. Equipped with a dual-rate suspension spring it’s designed to give you a smooth ride while still providing plenty of travel and superior load-carrying capacity.

The Pioneer 700-4 features a convertible rear seating design that offers the convenience and versatility of switching between two, three, or four person seating configurations, and provides full bed space and tilt function while in the two-person configuration.

The Honda Automatic with its automotive-style torque converter is not only tough, it’s smart, too. A two-stage shift map optimizes power through the engine RPM range.

The Pioneer 700-4’s torque, powerful liquid-cooled single-cylinder 675cc engine features an intake design that helps minimize dust and particulate ingestion. It’s also rubber-mounted on a separate subframe to minimize vibration.

Made with the same exacting standards as every Honda part, build your SxS with high-quality Honda Genuine Accessories to make it as unique as you are.



Pioneer 500
Introduced last model year, the compact Pioneer 500 is easy to maneuver in tight conditions, and it fits into a full-size truck bed or a small storage shed. This fun and affordable 4WD vehicle does it all in style and comfort, with a similar look to the larger Pioneer models. It also has steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifting, 450-pound-capacity large rear carrier design, independent rear suspension and single-function door and net. And of course the Pioneer 500 has the superior engineering and record of durability and reliability for which all Honda four-wheel powersports products are known.

Metallic Blue
Honda Phantom Camo

Availability: October 2015

The Pioneer 500 is a brilliant concept: Like a full-sized side-by-side, it lets you take a passenger along and has the off-road capability to get you where you need to go. But the Pioneer 500 is a new take on the SxS formula: it’s narrow, fits on tight trails, is fun to drive and easy to load into a full-size truck bed.

But you still get a full-sized list of features, like Independent Rear Suspension, four-wheel drive, and paddle shifting. And that’s just the start. Want to go where other side-by-side’s can’t? The Pioneer 500 can get you there and back again, and you’ll have fun doing it.

With the Honda Pioneer 500, you and a passenger can get there, whether it’s a narrow, 50-inch trail or the remote regions of the ranch.

Coupled with an efficient five-speed transmission, the Pioneer 500’s engine features electronic fuel injection for effortless cold-weather and high-altitude operation. It’s specially tuned for low-rpm torque, too.

The Pioneer 500’s overall size and responsive handling make it fun to drive. Best of all, since it’s a Honda it’s also durable, reliable and offers superior engineering. There’s nothing like it on the trails.

Made with the same exacting standards as every Honda part, build your Pioneer 500 with high-quality Honda Genuine Accessories to make it as unique as you are.


  1. This is not a performance sxs. It would blow a muleaway though. This is however a new engine platform that will have every kink worked out to be tuned and out in their performance sxs so the consumer doesn’t have the problem that Polaris customers have… Breaking down every trip, test mules to fix problematic areas, quality control of 12 monkeys….

    • I wouldn’t expect anything less out of UTV Underground. Motorcycle industry News has stats on everything right down to average warranty claim, average warranty amount, average cost of ownership on a variety of vehicles. Polaris is always the bottom of the list in a segment of vehicles. Facts don’t lie. You’ll always support Polaris… While broke down on the side of the dune with you’re XP1k you’ll be tweating… Runs great. History has down that in you’re statements. Step in to reality where major industry news disagrees with you based on facts. Time and time again…. Not just random off the cuff, “never a problem with ours” crap

    • Family bought (financed) an XP1k about 4 months ago and even though the fun factor is awesome it is broke every single week. And sometimes it sits in the shop for over a week waiting on parts. And it has stock tires and definitely does not get rode hard. Have a 10 year old ranger and only been in shop once. XP1k are too much power for such terrible quality.

    • 2012 with 3500 miles only the voltage regulator has went out on it. It all depends on how u treat them.

    • Umm no, I guess those failures right out of the crate are mistreated… Rolls eyes
      They don’t have a 100% fail rate… But damn close

    • I have a ’12 RZR 800s with 1500 miles on it and I only use it for trail riding here in Utah. I’ve had to replace the front drive shaft and a radiator cap on it. Other than that it has been a good machine other than I hate the lack of engine breaking on it. This new Pioneer on the other hand is a dream come true for how and where I ride. With the choice of going through its twelve forward gears it’s gonna be an awesome machine on trails around Moab and in the mountains where I live. Well done Honda!

    • Deven wtf do you own? My 1000 hasn’t had any issues and I put hard miles on it! The problem is morons don’t know how to drive, you can break anything if you beat the living shit out of it. Besides when you push out as many units as Polaris the numbers will be more than other manufacturers.

    • Nicholas narbeth… Read again… This is pooled by EVERYONE’S experience. Not just mine.

      Uhh, no this is not a numbers thing. This is a percentage thing. Percentages are a constant. Aside from sxs Polaris is not turning huge numbers. They had these same problems in the 90s with watercraft, in the 2000s with quads… This is nothing new

    • Lol I’m a owner of a new RZR and we have two rangers(09/10) and yes everyone knows they are very prone to break downs. It’s scary to even Google them. But I just bought my new rzr 3 weeks ago and as I do love it I know of the issues and there’s alot of known ones with polaris in general. But the fun factor is kick ass so I guess it’s worth the break down part!

    • Deven goes by stactics how can we take him seriously? We rzr owners know what we’re buying into for the most part. But the fun and enjoyment is beyond anything a Honda can provide.

    • Right… Honda can’t provide fun an enjoyment.. Let’s start at the beginning… Odyssey, ATC, Quad, Turbo watercraft… Looks like they pioneered everything people enjoy today.. No pun intended….
      You know what you’re buying into… Unreliable, problem prone poor Polaris quality… Glad we agree…
      Mark my word, Yamaha and Honda will quash Polaris in the sxs market. Just like sea doo and Kawasaki did when they tried to build a performance watercraft… Put them right out of the watercraft market

    • Lol where are they in the sxs market then? Also let’s catch up with the times where the Odessy is outdated and will crush your spine over the smallest jump… get with today’s program and quit living in the past.

    • It’s not living in the past… It’s they played the foundation for what we have today. They have never been serious or looking for the sxs market share… They released the pioneer which has so many ground breaking things on it.. The very things that Polaris has numerous problems with they ELIMINATED. The power plant appears to be a unicam set up like the TRX450. Almost looks like to heads side by side. This powerplant has lots of potential.. I’d bet the farm on it. Mated to a sequential tranny… No belt and paddle shifters…
      They are ramping up their position in the sxs game… And if you’re truly a Polaris nut hugger like many are… You’re going to be disappointed with what the competition brings.

    • Haha that’s why polaris is the first to bring the competiton to the SXS market with the 800 where they could go where atvs could go with their small wheelbase. We’re talking sxs not anything else.

    • This looks like a decent sxs for feeding the cows on the farm.

      Back in the late 80’s, Honda built the 250R, one of the best quads around, still to date. My old 88 model would take anything I gave it, I had zero issues and many years of smiles per gallon through all the abuse I gave it at glamis and desert races.

      We have a RZR and love it. I truly wish Honda would build a true sport performance sxs that would compete on the same level as a RZR. I’d consider buying one.

    • Tanner Kellam pay attention…. Mark my word. The development to design an entire new engine and transmission for a sxs is huge. They didn’t have to do anything if they had no plans to make a sport model. Honda will sell units because they are Honda. Unlike Polaris. Honda is known for quality and reliability. They can get more with less.
      This engine will work great in a utility unit. That’s not they’re goal or end game. The development of this engine and tranny combo has a bigger picture. Pay attention Tanner kellam…. One that involves getting in the performance sxs market.
      OK Tanner kellam pay attention some more. Polaris HAD to make a 50″ version to continue to attract more buyers or repeat buyers…. That’s called retail…

    • The Polaris RZR1000 is the baddest sxs side you can buy currently. It is your best choice if you’re a hardcore desert/dune guy like me. They have problems right off the showroom floor (ie drive shaft/front diff). But it is easily remedied. It sucks to buy a brand new rig and have to fix it before your first trip out but that’s what I recommend. Also, you better hope that the tech that assembled the unit at the dealership built it on a Wednesday morning and got laid the night before. I also recommend that you go through the unit and check all the nuts/bolts/fasteners/fluids/alignment etc. oh and here’s a nifty idea, feel free to read the owners manual cover to cover. Amazing information in there. (In the Chevy owners manual-how to get out of your corvette with a dead battery so you and your dog don’t die from heat exhaustion in a parking lot-read the news). Anyhow, the Rzr 1000 is awesome, when Yamaha steps up to the plate (maybe Honda but I seriously doubt they’ll build what we want) they will CRUSH Polaris in reliability. Yamaha is able to sit back and watch what works and doesn’t, what people want and don’t want and THEN build their machine. Kudos to Polaris for building a factory long travel machine and I applaud them. They have issues yes, but totally worth the miles of smiles in my opinion.

    • Honda and Yamaha will debut sport side x sides in Sept. & Oct. according to many. I’m betting they’re right! We will soon see.

  2. I am digging the shaft drive and paddle shifters. Knowing Honda, it is underpowered but near bullet proof. I know others will say Polaris is better, but Honda making advances has to scare them some

  3. Good to see Honda finally starting to update there models and engines. I currently have a Ranger 900 and I has been great. However I wish Honda would give some HP numbers though like rest of manufacturers.

    • Easy guys. Lets not get all emotional. Not saying their not a good product. All i’m saying is that the ATV lineup has had some problems after 2005. Mostly transmission. Before 2005 they were bulletproof meaning they had Zero issues.

  4. The motor is pretty much the same motor (aside from packaging to fit into a bike) that will be used in Honda’s new CRF1000 “Africa Twin” adventure bike. In that configuration it makes 110ish horsepower, so I would expect that it will make a little less in the SXS but have more torque.. it looks like it will be using the same DCT trans also, again with some different packaging and low range to make it suitable for a SXS.

  5. And to add to my previous statement I’m looking forward to driving this new Honda. Might be what my rzr gets traded for!

  6. if I heard correctly, the motor is a inline twin. if that’s the case, are they more worried about making torque over hp?

  7. Yeah let’s see how much power that makes that’s the only reason why I got away from Honda they are dogs

  8. Honda has leaned toward utility work horses instead of sports for awhile now. I’ve had plenty of can ams, polaris, Honda, Kawasaki so I know the fight can go on and on and on about who’s on top. As we all know Honda has been left in the dust for awhile now but I’m willing to see what they have to offer in the future. Just remember when they put that bullet proof 300 out where was polaris and can am …..exactly. So let’s don’t count Honda out yet. They have a long way to go but they build some dependable tough bikes so we will see

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