Since January 2014, the Polaris ACETM has been redefining the off-road experience with the revolutionary, sit-in chassis that combines the nimble handling of an ATV with the security of a Side-by-Side. The result is a machine that is capable, comfortable and inspires confidence.

Due to the widespread appeal of the platform from both the industry and consumers, Polaris introduced the Polaris ACE 570 as part of their 2015 product offering and also introduced the Polaris ACE 570 SP a few months later that included a full package of premium features like automotive style paint, customer graphics, aluminum wheels, Electronic Power Steering (EPS) and an Engine Braking System (EBS). For model year 2016, Polaris is introducing the next level of capable, confident and comfortable with the Polaris ACE 900 SP.

The ACE 900 SP brings big power to the ACE line-up with a 60 horsepower ProStar® 900 engine featuring both Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) to bring the ACE experience to performance-minded customers. The liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder ProStar 900 EFI engine powering the ACE 900 SP delivers smooth power throughout the RPM range thanks to its dual overhead cam design, 180-degree crank firing order and counterbalancer. The Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) ensures smooth, predictable power at all speeds. To get that power to the ground, the ACE 900 SP features a durable drivetrain built to handle the unit’s higher horsepower for the ultimate big bore experience.

Along with more power, more comfort comes to the ACE 900 SP with Polaris’ EPS system, the smoothest, most-responsive Power Steering System available. For optimum control, the front and rear stabilizer bar improves handling and provides a confidence-inspiring ride. These features found standard on the ACE 900 SP work in tandem to provide even more comfort, capability and confidence.



To tackle the toughest terrain, the vehicle also features new dual rate rear springs as part of the vehicle’s Independent Rear Suspension (IRS). The new springs provide a predictable and plush ride. Paired with the 25 in/63.5 cm tires and Polaris’ High Performance Close Ratio, On-Demand All-Wheel Drive (AWD), the new ACE 900 SP can conquer almost anything that gets in its way. The vehicle’s trail-capable and easily transportable 48 in/121.9 cm width means it can maneuver through tighter trails, and its 1500 lb./680 kg towing capacity also makes it a capable work partner.

The ACE 900 SP offers the same rider-centric design unique to all Polaris ACE vehicles. The design places all the major components, including the driver, centralized between the four wheels for a low center of gravity and an incredibly confident ride. The sit-in design of ACE provides a ROPS cage for added protection and intuitive automotive-style controls that provide a familiar experience to newer riders. For added comfort, the adjustable, bolstered bucket seat ensures the operator remains planted in the middle of the vehicle while the 10.25 in/26 cm of ground clearance provides ample amount of room to get over many trail obstacles.

To look good cruising down the trails, the ACE 900 SP is available in Stealth Black automotive-style paint and custom graphics with durable cast aluminum wheels. The nearly flat floorboard and sit-in design make ACE vehicles easy to get in and out, and the ACE 900 SP makes it even easier with factory-installed quarter doors which also provide a sportier look.

Along with the ACE 900 SP, Polaris will continue to offer the original Polaris ACE in new Indy Red and Sage Green, ACE 570 SP in Polaris Pursuit Camo and the 2015 ACE 570 in Voodoo Blue and White Lightning. The ACE 570 SP Polaris Pursuit Camo Model will feature new factory-installed quarter doors, a new high-performance steering wheel and the High-Performance Close Ratio On-Demand All-Wheel Drive System.


Polaris Engineered Accessories will have a full line of accessories for Polaris ACE including doors, winches, cabs and storage. More information about Polaris’ whole line of Off-Road.


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