UTVUnderground.com Unveils UTVUnderground Garage with 4 Wheel Parts at Sand Sports Super Show

Costa Mesa, CA (09/16/2016) – UTVUnderground.com and 4 Wheel Parts launched its new UTVUnderground Garage at the Sand Sports Super Show on Friday, September 16 at the OC Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa, CA. The event featured hundreds of aftermarket suppliers, as well as all of the major players in the UTV and off-road industry.

In a first-of-its-kind venture, UTVUnderground and 4 Wheel Parts unveiled its UTVUnderground Garage. The Garage will be featured in all 75 4 Wheel Parts stores, allowing UTV enthusiasts to buy parts and accessories for their machines. They had four new builds on display in its 80-foot booth, its new semi, as well as a beer garden and free giveaways, in addition to over half a million dollars in parts for sale.

“We’ve spent the last year with 4 Wheel Parts building this new UTVUndergound Garage division and it’s exciting to kick it off here at the Sand Sports Super Show,” said Joey DiGiovanni, CEO & Founder of UTVUnderground. “We built four new cars just for this show so people can get a chance to see what they can do to their machines through UTVUnderground Garage. A big thank you to Polaris for jumping in and kicking off this big party with us. Thank you to 4 Wheel Parts for helping us put this together, I can’t express how excited I am.”

Matt Martelli with Mad Media said this is a brand new era for UTV retail. It will make it convenient for UTV enthusiasts to buy parts and accessories.

“Basically, the idea is to take UTV retail to the next level,” said Martelli. “Right now, you can’t find these products in most cities. 4 Wheel Parts has the largest off road distribution in the market. They have 75 stores and the biggest online presence in the United States. Our plan is to take UTVs mainstream with it. You’ll be able to go into a 4 Wheel Parts store or go online and buy UTV parts. We’ll have complete builds and financing will also be available.”


Rich Botello with 4 Wheel Parts said the concept is a perfect fit for his company.

“This is going to change the game in UTV parts sales,” said Botello. “We have 75 retail stores that feature installation at those stores, six distribution centers and over a million dollars in inventory. We’re partnering with UTVUnderground because they are the authority when it comes to UTV enthusiasts. We couldn’t ask for a better partnership. We’re really looking forward to giving the UTV enthusiast what they’ve been asking for and that’s accessibility to parts and accessories.

“We see such a huge market in UTVs,” added Botello. “A lot of our customers that own a truck or a Jeep also own a UTV. So we felt the need to service those customers, as well.”

The Sand Sports Super Show how used to be primarily a showcase for sand rails. Now it’s 90% UTVs. There were some incredible builds on display and all the big hitters were in the industry here.


Arctic Cat launched its new Wildcat X Limited Edition models with the RG Pro Suspension. The car features a true trailing arm suspension, King remote reservoir shocks, ITP Tires and KMC Wheels. Robby Gordon, who helped develop the new car, was on hand. Gordon proved what a class act he is by attending the show despite the recent loss of his father and stepmother.

“There are a lot of people that want to go off roading, but they don’t want to spend $25,000,” said Gordon. “This package features a lot of value for a much lower price. We’ve been working very hard for 18 months. We’re excited to take the Wildcat X and keep in the marketplace. It’s a great price point car and it’s a lot of fun.”

RJ Anderson was on hand to help Polaris unveil its new 2017 RZR XP Turbo and Turbo 4. The new machines feature 168 horsepower from their force fed engines, which is the industry leader. Also, Anderson’s new XP1K4 Polaris RZR XP Turbo was on display. It will be featured in a new film that will be premiered at Camp RZR in Glamis, CA Halloween weekend.


“Polaris just announced the new 2017 XP Turbo models today, so we finally get to release the Turbo build we have been working on for XP1K 4,” said Anderson. “No big news yet. We’re kind of keeping under wraps. It is cool to have the Turbo here and get everyone stoked and see what is coming, and what we are working on for the newest installment of the film.”

Can-Am showcased its new Maverick X3 with several builds on display and Yamaha had several of its YXZ1000R UTVs on display. Honda showed off its Pioneer 1000.

There was even racing. Stadium Trucks raced, and UTVs ran heats for a race being held Saturday. The event features a $5,000 purse.

The Sand Sport Super Show gates open again on Saturday Morning at 9am, and the show runs through Sunday, so be sure to come out and check out the show along with the new UTVUnderground Garage.

Words & Photos by: Harlen Foley // UTVUnderground.com