This years SCORE Baja 1000 is shaping up to be one of the biggest contested battles ever for UTVs south of the border. Many story lines are shaping up adding to the excitement of this years 49th running of the Baja 1000. We will touch on a few here to help bring those of you who may be out of the loop up to speed. In addition, we have included just about everything you could ever want to know about this years Baja 1000 below with links to tracking, course map and how to come follow during the race. will be in Baja full-force and providing you with up to the minute race coverage strait from the race course.


Wayne Matlock, competing in the Pro Forced Induction UTV class has been on a terror winning the last three Baja races he has competed in. Matlock is not in contention for 2016 SCORE season championship because he did not compete at the San Felipe 250 or Rosarito Beach Desert Challenge. Matlock did however win the 2015 & 2016 SCORE Baja 500 in addition to the 2015 SCORE Baja 1000. He will start on the pole making him a force to be reckoned with.


Burt Jenner gained UTV exposure a few years ago not only because of his driving ability but also because of his ties to his celebrity family. Burt’s father Bruce Jenner is a retired Olympic Gold Medalist who gained additional fame long into his retirement as the family patriarch of the Kardashian clan on TVs Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s reality show. Bruce has since sky rocketed into the public eye with his transitioning into a female (Caitlyn Jenner) bringing the transgender discussion into the everyday lives of people all around the world. Burt has been faced with both sides of his families fame, both from a good side and of course from the bad as well but one thing that is often overlooked when hearing his name is the pure driving talent Burt possesses. Burt has competed in Baja before, most recently behind the wheel of a trophy truck, and is a former winner of FORD’s Octane Academy. Jenner can wheel just about anything, now with a new Polaris RZR XP Turbo to compete in this year, Jenner looks to prove that he is for real behind the wheel of a UTV. He will leave the line just behind Matlock in 2nd position.


Cory Sappington has given himself the nickname of “The Godfather of UTV Racing” and some may debate that title, but its hard to argue that Cory has not been a strong driving force behind the development of UTV racing. Sappington will leave the line 3rd in the Pro Turbo (forced-induction) class and has plans of his own to put his yellow Can-Am Maverick Turbo on top of the box. Sappington has enjoyed podiums in Baja before and is one of the most experienced racers in the class. Sappington is often unfairly overlooked when discussing the top racers in the class. He doesn’t have the prettiest of machines, he doesn’t have all the latest and greatest chase equipment, but what he does have is talent as a driver, a tested and prepped vehicle & team and a will to not only finish but also to win.


Marc Burnett enters this years Baja 1000 with a 13 point lead over Mike Cafro for the 2016 SCORE season championship. What adds to this story is that its rumored to be Burnett’s last race as a Factory Polaris RZR racer while Cafro is entering the race as a new Factory Polaris RZR athlete. We are unsure as to what Burnett’s plans for 2017 are, but through the grapevine we have heard that he will be switching factories. Either way, we know Burnett is coming to Baja prepared to win the race and the season championship while Cafro also makes plans to do the same. Mike Cafro has been a guy traveling under the radar. Polaris however, has taken notice along with many others in the sport including us. Cafro will leave the line in the 3rd position while Burnett will leave the line thirty seconds behind in the 4th position.


Long time UTV racer, Cody Rahders, is set to take on this years Baja 1000 in his #2916 Polaris RZR XP Turbo. Rahders earned his factory sponsorship as a short course powerhouse but has yet to capture that same success as a desert racer. The young driver is certainly one of the fastest behind the wheel of a UTV but the question remains if he can keep his self prepped vehicle together across the long and brutal 854 mile Baja course. Should he finish on the podium or better, he will head into the 2017 desert racing season not as a dark horse but rather as a favorite. Rahders leaves the line in the 6th position.


Johnny Angal has seemed to of lost some of his RZR racing mojo this season. The former Baja 1000 winner has struggled this year in finding the podium in his RZR, despite his successes in his 6100 Spec Trophy Truck. From the outside, it may look like Angal has spread himself out too thin between the two vehicles and thus his RZR program is taking a hit. But those who know Johnny and his UTV Inc. team would also know that anything they do, they do right, and winning in his RZR is still a top priority. For this years race, Johnny has enlisted the help of long-time UTV racer and head of the Polaris RZR racing program, Craig Scanlon. Scanlon just recently launched his own Scanlon Motorsports Group RZR program. Scanlon has Baja racing experience with his previous team Jagged X and is not new to the challenge of competing for wins. Togeather the team of Angal & Scanlon look to put their names at the top of the Baja 1000 finishing order, something Angal has enjoyed in the past but would be a first for Scanlon. Their #2921 Polaris RZR XP Turbo leaves the line in 7th position.


One of the biggest stories heading into this years race is the involvement of Arctic Cat and its big name ambassador Robby Gordon. Three Arctic Cat’s are entered into the race with some talented names attached to them as drivers. The machines are all entered into the Pro Turbo class leaving many to wonder if they will show up with a new platform to compete in or if they are simply entering some Robby Gordon Speed prepped Wildcat-X machines. Jaime Romero Sr. in the #2903 will be the first of the Arctic Cats to enter the course leaving the line in the 10th position. He will be assisted in driving duties by longtime UTV racer Sean Cook amongst others. Leaving in the 12th position is the #2933 Arctic Cat assigned to former founder of Dragonfire Racing, and longtime Trophy Truck and Class 1 racer Todd Romano. Todd has tons of Baja experience but is also known for being an abuser of equipment. He often runs the pace, but always seems to be left to salvage a finish due to mechanicals. Romano will be assisted by another experienced UTV Baja racer, Hans Waage, who has enjoyed his share of Baja glory back when UTV racing was more of a “Frankenstein” type of class. Another of Romano’s teammates this year is TJ Flores. Flores is not only a talented and fast off-road racer, he comes with tons of off-road experience as both a Class 1 and Trophy Truck driver amongst other vehicles he has competed in. Flores brings a wealth of mechanical and course knowledge to the team. Whats interesting is Sheldon Creed, another extremely fast and young driver, also listed as part of this team but Creed also is Driver Of Record (DOR) of the #2974 Arctic Cat which starts in the 16th position. Sheldon will be assisted by the legend himself, Robby Gordon, who is set to take on the Baja 1000 behind the wheel of his #77 Trophy Truck. The makeup of this three car team has many wondering what the strategy will be and just what these big name and very fast racers will be driving? The team has been in Baja pre-running together, doing lots of homework in preparation for this race. If this is the coming out party for the rumored new Arctic Cat then they certainly will be getting the attention they desire with these names piloting. What remains to be seen is if an Arctic Cat can finish well. Having this lineup of drivers means it will be up to the machine, and of course some Baja luck!


Branden Sims has experienced his share of Baja 1000 glory. Sims was part of the 2014 team with Johnny Angal that won the last peninsula run of the Baja 1000. This year, Sims will be back in his own #2913 Polaris RZR XP Turbo and will share driving duties with friend and fellow Polaris RZR athlete Jake Carver. The two make up a formidable team, both extremely fast and fit racers. Sims has extensive knowledge of his vehicle and has a lot of talent when it comes to driving both in dust and darkness, something all racers will be faced with. Together the duo looks to not only finish but win this years rac. They will leave the line in 9th position.


Justin Lambert may be starting in the 14th position but finishing 1st is his goal. The factory Polaris RZR athlete has been on a terror this season in BITD, winning every race he has started. Lambert finished second at this years Baja 500 and heads into this years Baja 1000 with high hopes of a successful run at the 1000. While Lambert may not have the decades of Baja experience like others competing, he definitely is not a rookie. He has competed the past few years south of the border, he and his team certainly know what it takes to win the race. Like the Baja 500, Lambert and his Cognito Motorsports team have entered their #2918 Polaris RZR XP1000 into the Pro Turbo class. Having won multiple overalls this year at BITD, it is known that the naturally aspirated RZR of Cognito Motorsports can run with all the big boys. Then again, Lambert is one of the big boys!


The most successful team in all of UTV racing is without question the Factory Polaris RZR team of Jagged X. Brandon Schueler holds more UTV racing championships than anyone competing in the sport and while a championship this year looks to be a long shot while (currently sitting in fourth in the points) a win at the Baja 1000 is still very attainable. Schueler this year will team up with long time co-driver and reigning King Of The Hammers Blake Van De Loo along with hot shoe driver Mitch Guthrie Jr.. Like Rahders, Guthrie Jr. made his name on the short course tracks of Lucas Oil and WORCS and made the transition to desert for 2016. Guthrie Jr. has challenged for wins and podiums all year with his biggest finish being a win at this years UTV World Championship in the Production class. Together, they look to combine Jagged X’s un-matched support and experience with one of todays fastest young drivers. The #2919 Polaris RZR XP Turbo of Jagged X will leave the line deep in the field in the 17th position and will have their work cut out for them to make up time and positions.


Nothing ever seems to be easy for brothers Jason & Derek Murray. The #2917 Can-Am Maverick X3 drew an 18th start position, but we think most who have raced the Baja 1000 will agree that this is the one race that lends itself enough time and mileage to make a run to the front, and if anyone can make a run its the brothers of Murray Motorsports. The Can-Am backed racers have worked hard the past couple of months to refine their new X3 race machine. The new Maverick X3 is the most talked about UTV on the market right now but with only a couple in competition its still a rather unproven platform. The Murray’s look to legitimize the X3 in this years Baja 1000 and after a rough outing at last months BITD Bluewater Desert Challenge the team knows how important a solid finish in Baja is to both Can-Am and its faithful. The Murray Motorsports program is one of the most consistent programs in all of UTV racing. We have watched the Murray’s compete since day 1 and one thing always proves itself to be true and that is you will see Jason & Derek cross the finish line. With the UTV worlds eyes on them, they will look to put their X3 on top of the box for the first time ever in Baja and possibly steal the season championship in the process


Leading a field of 15 Pro Naturally Aspirated UTV teams into the unforgiving Baja terrain will be the talented Kristen Matlock. Kristen will enter her factory backed #1954 Polaris RZR XP1000 with the plan of being the first to “IRONWOMAN” the Baja 1000 behind the wheel of a 4-wheel vehicle. Kristen has landed on the podium in just about every race she has entered and is coming off of a 3rd place finish at this years Baja 500. Like her husband Wayne, Kristen is one of the most experienced Baja racers in the entire race and plans to put her knowledge, skill and equipment to the test. She will certainly run the risk of fatigue by attempting to take on a race that could last well beyond 20 hours. She has worked hard to prepare herself physically while logging extensive hours of practice and pre-running. We always try to remain neutral in saying who we would like to see finish on top, it goes without question that we would love to see Kristen do well and make history behind the wheel of her Polaris RZR!


Starting just behind Kristen in the Pro Naturally Aspirated UTV class is racing legend Rhys Millen. The Pikes Peak and rally racing icon will pilot his #1967 Polaris RZR XP1000 with a shared goal of winning. Millen has what we believe to be one of the most advanced UTVs ever built for competition. With a focus on weight savings, vehicle balance and reliability, Millen has poured his many years of race car development into building a one-of-a-kind RZR that rivals any custom off-road machine we have ever seen. Rhys has competed in Baja and found success in other vehicles, should he find the podium this week at the Baja 1000, he will certainly add his name into the top racers of the sport heading into 2017.


Firing off the line 3rd in the Pro Naturally Aspirated UTV class will be the reigning Baja 500 class winner and championship points leader Alonso Lopez. Lopez has found the podium in each of his three SCORE races this year but his win at the Baja 500 gave him the legitimacy he has been competing for. Lopez will drive his #1949 Polaris RZR XP1000 with hopes of locking down the season championship and earning his first Baja 1000 win in a UTV. His unique RZR has been one of our favorites since the day he unveiled it, but up until this year struggled to make it last through the long and harsh Baja races. It seems as if Lopez has finally got his RZR figured out and dialed in and we think this could be his year!

A total of thirty-five UTVs have entered the race in the Pro Forced Induction (20) and Pro Naturally Aspirated (15) classes as of 11.14.16. This makes up the largest UTV field ever seen for a Baja 1000 race. The names and teams competing certainly prove once again that this isn’t the UTV class of old but rather one of the most competitive and fastest growing classes the sport has ever seen. Can-Am, Polaris and Arctic Cat are all invested into this race and whether they will admit it or not, will be focused on just who will win the OEM battle. This race is never given, it always will lend itself to the team and racer who puts in the most homework, performs the best prep and who races wisely. is heading south with a full team to chase this years race and bring you back all the Pre, Live and Post race coverage you could ever want. Track the race with us online in our forum at and on all of our social media channels @utvunderground.



Pro Turbo Starting Order
1. 2971 Wayne Matlock – Factory Polaris
2. 2950 Burt Jenner – Polaris
3. 2904 Cory Sappington – Factory Can-Am
4. 2975 Mike Cafro – Factory Polaris
5. 2905 Marc Burnett – Factory Polaris
6. 2916 Cody Rahders – Factory Polaris
7. 2921 Johnny Angal / Craig Scanlon – Factory Polaris
8. 2923 Tyler Backus – Polaris
9. 2913 Branden Sims / Jake Carver – Factory Polaris
10. 2903 Jaime Romero Sr. – Arctic Cat
11. 2920 Scott Bergen – Can-Am
12. 2933 Todd Romano – Factory Arctic Cat
13. 2977 Justin Ellenberg – Can-Am
14. 2918 Justin Lambert – Factory Polaris
15. 2947 Levi Gilkison – Can-Am
16. 2974 Sheldon Creed – Factory Arctic Cat
17. 2919 Brandon Schueler / Mitch Guthrie Jr. – Factory Polaris
18. 2917 Derek Murray – Factory Can-Am
19. 2910 Scott Trafton – Polaris
20. 2906 Aaron Quesada – Polaris

Pro Naturally Aspirated Starting Order
1. 1954 Kristen Matlock – Factory Polaris
2. 1967 Rhys Millen – Factory Polaris
3. 1949 Alonso Lopez – Polaris
4. 1958 George Felix – Polaris
5. 1991 David Laurence – Polaris
6. 1929 John Stagerman – Arctic Cat
7. 1955 Paul Champion – Polaris
8. 1910 Ryan Mcintire – Polaris
9. 1998 Bill Whittington – Polaris
10. 1962 Dodge Poelman – Polaris
11. 1923 Ben Bischoff – Polaris
12. 1901 Greg Row – Polaris
13. 1913 Dean Action – Polaris
14. 1939 Dan Fresh – Polaris
15. 1907 Daniel Parker – Polaris


F A C T S H E E T (as of 11/14/16)
2016 SCORE Baja 1000

WHAT: 49th Annual SCORE Baja 1000 desert race, final round of four-race 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship
WHEN: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, November 15-20, 2016
WHERE: START/FINISH: Ensenada-Baja California, Mexico (65 miles south of U.S./Mexico Border at San Diego)
WHO: Nearly 275 entries from 32 U.S. States, and 17 countries, participating in Pro and Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and Quads
COURSE: TOTAL MILEAGE: 854.50 miles (4 physical checkpoints, 122 visual checkpoints plus the finish line). Start/Finish on Blvd. Costero, adjacent to the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center in Ensenada. SCORE has put together another memorable race course, this one for a loop race, with all of the foreboding, unforgiving terrain the northern state of the mysterious Baja California peninsula has to offer. Starting and finishing in the heart of Ensenada in front of the historic Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center, the course travels in a counter-clockwise direction. It includes the approximate 30 mile stretch to Ojos Negros which is used in both directions. The race will have its normal start from Ensenada to Piedras Gordas, then out to highway 3 around Rm 20.7 and will go to Km33 and get back on the dirt. The course will go past Rancho Grijalva to El Mezcal (Rm 39.6) and head to Uruapan using La Lagrima Rd, a different road than in past years.

From Santo Tomas, the course heads to the coast of the Pacific Ocean at La Calabera and runs down nearly 100 miles to San Quintin, Nuevo Odisea and then to El Rosario. The course will travel zig zag up the well known hill La Vivora, el Arenoso, and will loop around from San Juan de Dios at approximate Rm305 to El Metate Rm 340, Los Martires Rm 363 and go back to San Quintin on the east side of the highway and run north to Col. Vicente Guerrero, Jaramillo and Colonet.

The course will travel a new route from Colonet to Llano Colorado and across to Valley de Trinidad. The race course goes along the highway from San Matias to Villa del Sol then crossing the highway at El Chinero, north to Coabuso Junction and then out to Borrego, up Highway 1 and up the goat trail to checkpoint 4 Nuevo Junction. From there it will be on to Catarina then back to Ojos Negros and from Ojos Negros back to the finish line.
This year’s race course has 14 speed zones for a total of approximately 115 miles.
This year’s race course features 4 outlying checkpoints where each vehicle is required to quickly stop before continuing on. The checkpoints will be located as follows: Checkpoint No. 1—Santo Tomas (race mile 88.15), No. 2—El Rosario (rm 249.92), No. 3—Vicente Guerro (rm 469.15), No. 4—Nuevo Junction (rm 751.04).

Schedule of Events:
TUESDAY, Nov. 15–(All times PST)
9a.m. – 4 p.m. SCORE Chassis, Pre-Tech Inspections & Transponder checks, Playa Hermosa Beach, 1.1 miles south of Riviera del Pacifico CC
5 p.m. – 8 p.m. – Racer Registration, Red Room-Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center (adjacent to S/F)

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 16–(All times PST)
10a.m. – 4 p.m. SCORE Chassis, Pre-Tech Inspections & Transponder checks, Playa Hermosa Beach, 1.1 miles south of Riviera CC
10a.m. – 7 p.m. –Racer Registration, Red Room-Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center (adjacent to S/F)
1 p.m. – 6 p.m. — Media Registration, Red Room-Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center
7 p.m. – Midnight – SCORE Baja 1000 Goes Green, Monster Energy SCORE Party, (adjacent to S/F) Everyone welcome

THURSDAY, Nov. 17–(All Times PST)
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. — Racer Registration, Red Room-Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. — Media Registration, Red Room-Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. – Volunteer Registration, Corona Hotel parking lot OR rear of Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. — Contingency Row, Boulevard Costero, next to Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center
9 a.m. – 6 p.m. — Technical Inspection, End of Contingency Row
11:30 a.m. – SCORE Media Conference, Cathedral Room, Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center
7 p.m. — Mandatory Racer Meeting-Cathedral Room, Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center
7 p.m. – Midnight – Monster Energy SCORE Papas & Beer Fan Fest, Avenida Ruiz (adjacent to Papas Y Beer) Everyone welcome

FRIDAY, Nov. 18–(All Times PST)
5:30a.m. – 11:59p.m. – BFG Tires/Baja California Secretary of Tourism/SCORE Media Center—Red Room, Riviera CC
6:00 a.m. – RACE START – Pro Motorcycles, Pro Quads, Sportsman Motorcycles, Sportsman Quads

STARTING ORDER (Subject to change): (One vehicle every 30 seconds)
Motorcycles—Pro Moto Unlimited, Pro Moto 30, Pro Moto 40, Pro Moto Limited, Pro Moto 50, Pro Moto Ironman, Pro Moto 60, Pro Quad, SPT M/C, SPT Quad
9 a.m. – Opening Ceremony, Honor Guard, Salute to the Flag, start/finish line area, Blvd. Costero
10:30 a.m. (APPROX) RACE START – Cars, Trucks, UTVs (minimum 3 1/2 hour gap between groups)

STARTING ORDER (Subject to change): (One vehicle every 60 seconds for TT, Class 1, every 30 seconds for other classes)
Cars and Trucks–TT, 1, TT Spec, 2, HTUnl, 10, 8, 1/2-1600, SL, 5, HM, 3000, TL, 7, Pro UTV FI, Pro UTV, Pro UTV Unl, PT, 5-1600, 3, BC, SF, 7SX, 3700, 1700, SM, 9, 11, SPTUnl Truck, SPT Buggy, SPTLtd Truck, SPT UTV

TIME LIMIT: All cars/trucks will have a 36-hour time limit from the time each starts.
Race in Progress — Posting of Unofficial Results — SCORE Media Center, Red Room, Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center

SATURDAY, Nov. 19–(All Times PST)
12 a.m. – course close – BFG Tires/Baja California Secretary of Tourism/SCORE Media Center—Red Room, Riviera CC
Race in Progress — Posting of Unofficial Results — SCORE Media Center, Red Room, Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center

SUNDAY, Nov. 20–(all times PST)
8 a.m. – Noon — BFGoodrich Tires/Baja California Secretary of Tourism/SCORE Media Center—Casino Room, Riviera CC
9 a.m. — Posting of FINAL UNOFFICIAL Results—Red Room, Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center
10 a.m. — Awards Celebration-Cathedral Room, Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center

SANCTION: Sanctioned/produced by SCORE International
President—Roger Norman; Race Director–Abelardo Grijalva; Tech Director—Art Savedra; Assistant Race Director—Marco Durazo; Course Worker Coordinator—Hector Ponce
MARKETING: Marketing by Promote Mexico LLC:
President–Roger Norman; Vice President–Elise Norman; Director of Sales and Marketing–Jim Ryan; Registration Director—Krista Anderson; Semi Transporter–Carlos Coral; Attorney–John Alessio; Media Operations Director—Dominic Clark
BLACK BOXES: SCORE requires that special ‘black boxes’ ARE mandatory on all entries. As well as Anube Stella3 tracking devices
SCORE LIVE: Live pre-race and race days internet coverage produced by the SCORE Live team will be airing on SCORE’s tracking system may be accessed through the SCORE website as well. On-site in the start/finish line area, the live coverage of the race will be displayed on SCOREvision (provided by Tecnovision), SCORE’s huge, double-sided LED screen.
Official SCORE Sponsors: Bud Light-Official Beer, Monster Energy-Official Energy Drink, BFGoodrich Tires-Official Tire, King Shocks-Official Shock Absorber, Vision Wheel – Official Wheel, Axial R/C-Official R/C Vehicle, Muck Daddy-Official Hand Cleaner, CBS Sports Network-Official Television Partner, Wide Open Excursions- Official Arrive and Drive Company, Crystal Bay Casino-Official Casino.
Official SCORE Partners: 4 Wheel Parts, Coca Cola, The Satellite Phone Store, PCI Race Radios.
Additional SCORE Partners: Proturismo Ensenada, Visit Baja California Sur, Baja California Secretary of Tourism, Mexicali Ayuntamineto, COTUCO Mexicali/San Felipe, Cruz Roja Mexicana, Corporate Helicopters, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance, McKenzie’s Performance Products, Advanced Color Graphics.
Rosarito Beach SCORE Desert Challenge Special Partners: Vi Ayuntamiento de Playas de Rosarito, Cotuco de Playas de Rosarito, Comite de Mercadatecnia Playas de Rosarito, Baja California Secretary of Tourism.

TOP RACERS: SCORE Trophy Truck: 11 Rob MacCachren/Jason Voss, 21 Gus Vildosola Jr/Gus Vildosola Sr, 97 B.J. Baldwin, 31 Andy McMillin/Larry Roeseler, 15 Billy Wilson, 45 Gary Magness, 76 Jesse Jones/Toby Price, 19 Tim Herbst/Brett Sourapas, 91 Troy Herbst/Ryan Arciero, 200 Robby Gordon/Damen Jefferies, 23 Dan McMillin/Chuck Hovey, 83 Luke McMillin, 1 Carlos ‘Apdaly’ Lopez, Juan C. Lopez, 16 Cameron Steele/Pat Dean, 6 Steven Eugenio/Larry Connor, 48 Jimmy Nuckles/Armin Schwarz, 17 Eduardo Laguna, 4 Justin Matney/Ricky Johnson, 10 Aaron Ampudia/Alan Ampudia/Rodrigo Ampudia, 20 Pat O’Keefe/Jeremy McGrath; Class 1: Brad Wilson/Kyle Quinn, Shelby Reid/Darren Ebberts/Dale Ebberts, Cody Parkhouse/Brian Parkhouse, Ronny Wilson/Brian Wilson, Justin Davis, Jon Walker, Jaime Huerta Jr, Morgan Langley/Kory Halopoff, Jamie Galles; Trophy Truck Spec: Chad Broughton, Elias Hanna, Jordan Brenthel, Jonathan Brenthel, Javier Quiros, Lee Banning; Class 2: Jeff Proctor/Jason LaFortune; Class 10: Cody Reid, Todd Winslow/Matt Winslow, Rafael Navarro IV, Sergio Salgado, Clay Lawrence, Mike Lawrence; Class 8: Aaron Ampudia/James Burman; Class 1/2-1600: Ramon Bio, , J. David Ruvalcaba; SCORE Lites: Eric Palacios, Miguel Tornel Jr, Luis Barragan; Class 5: Victor Cesena; Class 7: Dan Chamlee, JT Holmes, Ikuo Hanawa; Pro UTV FI: Marc Burnett, Mike Cafro, Derek Murray/Jason Murray, Brandon Schueler, Cory Sappington; Pro UTV: Alonso Lopez, David Nance; Class 5-1600: Hector Hurtado, Tomas A. Fernandez, Erich Reisen; Class 3: Donald Moss; Baja Challenge: Kyle Tucker, Bill Weber; Stock Full: Rod Hall/Chad Hall, Greg Foutz; Class 11: Noe Gutierrez, Rene Rodriquez, Eric Solorzano; Pro Moto Unlimited: Colton Udall, Francisco Arredondo; Pro Moto 30: Chris Schultz; Pro Moto 40: Colie Potter, Jano Montoya, Mike Johnson; Pro Moto Limited: Mark Winkelman, Fernando Beltran; Pro Moto 50: Mark Winkelman; Pro Moto 60: Mark Hawley, Pro Quad: Javier Robles Jr.

HISTORY OF START/FINISH: In the 48-year history of the SCORE Baja 1000, this will be the 42nd time the race has started in Ensenada and the 24th time it has finished in Ensenada. The last time this race ended in Ensenada was last year.

ENGINE WINNERS: In 4-wheel vehicle competition, Ford motors have produced 17 overall winners, Chevy motors are second with 13 overall winners, VW motors have with 12 overall winners, followed Porsche with 3, Toyota with 2, and Dodge with 1.

CHASSIS WINNERS: Among 4-wheel vehicles, Ford has produced the chassis for 15 overall winners while Chenowth has produced the chassis for 10 overall winners, followed by Chevy with 9, Toyota, Funco, Raceco, Jimco and Smithbuilt with 2 each and Miller, Hi-Jumper, Dodge, and Meyers Manx with 1 each.

MOTORCYCLE WINNERS: In motorcycle competition, Honda leads with 25 overall victories, followed by Husqvarna with 11, Kawasaki with 10 and Yamaha with 2.

CAR & TRUCK TIRE WINNERS: Among tire manufacturers in the car and truck classes, BFGoodrich Tires leads with 27 overall winners, followed by Western Auto with six, Firestone with four, Calahan cap and Toyo with three each and Armstrong, Gates, Goodyear, Mickey Thompson and Tectira with one each.

BFGoodrich Tires is celebrating four decades as a major player in SCORE Baja racing. In addition to being the official tire of SCORE International for nearly four decades, BFGoodrich Tires has produced the tire of choice for 27 of the overall 4-wheel vehicle winners in the SCORE Baja 1000, including 27 of the last 30 years along with a record-run of 20 straight from 1986 through 2005. In total, BFGoodrich Tires has now be the tire of choice for the overall 4-wheel vehicle winner in 84 SCORE Baja races including 31 in the SCORE Baja 500.
BFGoodrich Tires also provides unmatched pit support for racers using their tires with five full service pit areas and more than 200 support crew personnel spread along the race course and complete radio relay the entire race course.
BFGoodrich Tires will also award $10,000 contingency money to the overall winners of this year’s SCORE Baja 1000 running exclusively on their tires.

UNITED NATIONS: Entries in the internationally-showcased race have come from 32 U.S. states and 17 countries. In addition to the 32 U.S. States, racers have entered from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Costa Rica, England, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand Thailand and the US Territory of Guam.

In the motorcycle category, Colton Udall leads the Pro Moto Unlimited class as well as the overall motorcycle points with 221 while Pro Moto 40 (riders over 50 years old) class point leader Mark Winkelman is second with 215 points. Pro Moto 40 (riders over 40 years old) class point leader Jano Montoya is third with 208 points, fourth is Mike Johnson with 204 points (second in Pro Motor 40) and fifth is Francisco Arredondowith 203 points (Pro Moto Unlimited).

Among the car and truck classes, just 23 points separate the top five who are from three different classes. Leading the overall point standings and the Class 10 leader is the father/son team of Todd Winslow/Matt Winslow with 242 points. Second overall and in Class 10 is the son/father team of Rafael Navarro IV/Rafael Navarro III with 239 points. Tied for third with 223 points each are SCORE Trophy Truck point leader Billy Wilson and Trophy Truck Spec point leader Chad Broughton. Fifth overall and third in Class 10 is Sergio Salgado with 219 points.

RPM Racing, based in Bristol, Tenn., has five entries again in this year’s SCORE Baja 1000.
With team principals Justin Matney and Clyde Stacy, who have captured 11 SCORE season class point titles between them as key drivers, RPM Racing has three entries in the marquee SCORE Trophy Truck division along with one in unlimited Class 1 and one in Sportsman Unlimited Truck.
Entered in SCORE Trophy Truck are defending season point champion Carlos ‘Apdaly’ Lopez in the No. 1 Chevy Rally Truck, Matney in the four-wheel drive No.4 Chevy Silverado and Eduardo Laguna in the No. 17 Chevy Rally Truck. Derek Fletcher is racing in Class 1 in the No. 106 RPM-Chevy and Jim Bunn is driving in the Sportsman Unlimited Truck class.

Helped by a huge assist from short-course racing champion co-driver Kyle LeDuc, Riviera Racing’s Mark Post earned the first starting position in SCORE Trophy Truck.

A special SCORE Baja 1000 Qualifying, presented by BFGoodrich Tires, was held on Nov. 1 under the lights at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Off-Road Track. The qualifying event was held in conjunction with the SEMA SCORE Baja 1000 Experience the SEMA Show in Las Vegas In front of an appreciative capacity crowd at the LVMS Off-Road Track, LeDuc, who has won four Pro 4 season point championships in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series of short-course stadium events, blistered the dirt, recording a top qualifying time of in three minutes, 5.62 seconds with an average speed of 40.73 miles per hour in Post’s No. 3 Riviera Racing Ford F-150. The 5,000-pound race trucks are designed for the pounding of open desert racing resulting in average speeds in qualifying 10-20 miles per hour less than they will average during the actual races.

LeDuc, of Temecula, Calif., is part of a three-driver team for this year’s SCORE Baja 1000 that includes Post and Ed Herbst both of Las Vegas. Both champion SCORE desert racers, Post and Ed Herbst are two of the winningest drivers in the history of SCORE Trophy Truck. Ed Herbst has 11 career SCORE Trophy Truck race wins and four season point championships while Post has seven career SCORE Trophy Truck race wins and one season point championship in SCORE Trophy Truck.

Second was co-driver Ricky Johnson of Trabuco Canyon, last year’s top qualifier for driver of record Justin Matney, Bristol, Tenn..
Completing the podium as third quickest was former NASCAR team owner/driver and champion desert racer Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C.
Rounding out the top five SCORE Trophy Truck qualifiers were Craig Potts, Scottsdale, Ariz., who was fourth and fifth was Las Vegas’ MacCachren.

Several classes enter the 49th Baja 1000 with very tight title point’s races for the SCORE season championship in each class. Classes that seem to have the closest battles for the 2016 championships are SCORE Trophy Truck, Class 1, Trophy Truck Spec, Class 10, Class 7, Pro UTV FI and Pro Moto 40.
Billy Wilson has a six-point edge over Carlos ‘Apdaly’ Lopez and 24 points over Gary Magness in SCORE Trophy Truck. In Class 1, a three-way battle looms between Brad Wilson, Long Beach, Calif. (211 points, No. 153 Jimco-Chevy), Jaime Huerta Jr, San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico (206, No. 175 Racer-Chevy) and Brad Wilson’s uncle Ronny Wilson, Long Beach, Calif. (196, No. 138 Jimco-Chevy).

In Trophy Truck Spec, Chad Broughton, Scotts Valley, Calif. leads with 223 points (No. 202 BajaLite-Chevy) followed closely by Elias Hanna, Ensenada, Mexico (216, No. 274 Chevy 1500) and Gonzalo Pirron, Quartz Hill, Calif. (203 No. 252 Chevy Silverado) while in Class 10 things are even closer with father/son leaders Todd and Matt Winslow, Clovis, Calif. (242, No. 1081 Alumi Craft-Chevy) followed by Rafael Navarro IV, Temecula, Calif. (239, No. 1009 Alumi Craft Chevy) and Sergio Salgado, Mexicali, Mexico a distant third (219, No. 1088, Jimco-Honda).

In Class 7, Dan Chamlee, Summerland, Calif. (152, No. 700 Ford Ranger) leads JT Holmes, Reno, Nev. (Ford Ranger) by just five points (147) while in Pro UTV FI Marc Burnett, Lakeside, Calif. leads (213, No. 2905 Polaris RZR XP1000Turbo) with Mike Cafro, Fallbrook, Calif. second (200, No. 2975 Polaris RZR XP1000) and Derek Murray, Eastvale, Calif. third (191, No. 2917 Can-Am Maverick Max).

The closest point’s race in the motorcycle classes is in Pro Moto 40 for riders over 40 years old. Jano Montoya, Winter Garden, Fla. (208, No. 404x KTM 450XCW) has a four-point lead over Mike Johnson, El Paso, Texas (204, No. 455x Honda CRF450X) and an eight point lead over Colie Potter, Las Vegas (200, No. 400x Honda CRF450X).

This year’s race will also commemorate the achievements of legendary desert racers like Rod Hall, Ron Bishop, Johnny Johnson, and Larry Roeseler. Hall, who will turn 79 on Nov. 22, has a record 23 class wins (including one overall win in 1972), and is the only racer who has competed in all 48 SCORE Baja 1000 races. Bishop, who died in 2014, is the only racer who competed in the first 40 SCORE Baja 1000 races.
Hall will be racing this year in the Stock Full class where he will split the driving with his son Chad Hall. Johnson, now retired, had 15 class wins, amazingly in eight different classes. Roeseler, has 17 class wins in this race, including a record 13 overall wins (10 on a motorcycle). Roeseler will share driving duties this year in SCORE Trophy Truck with Andy McMillin in the No. 31 NexGen Fuels Ford F-150.

Another testament to how much this race means to the sport of desert racing, winners of 19 of the 22 Pro classes that had finishers last year are back in the starting field for this year’s race.

Among the crossover/celebrity racers officially entered in this year’s race are (as of 11/14/16):
–Robby Gordon, former NASCAR Team Owner/Driver, owner of stadium off-road truck series, three-time SCORE Baja 1000 Overall Winner, No. 200 SCORE Trophy Truck (vehicle number in memory of his late father ‘Baja’ Bob Gordon, a five-time class winner in the SCORE Baja 1000)
–Cameron Steele, action sports TV announcer, No. 16 SCORE Trophy Truck
–Armin Schwarz, of Germany who lives in Austria, seven-time World Rally Championship race winner, No. 48, SCORE Trophy Truck
–Francisco Arredondo, a champion motorcycle international rally racer from Guatemala, No. 45x, Pro Moto Unlimited
–Ricky Johnson, legendary supercross/motocross motorcycle star, short-course off-road champion, No. 4, SCORE Trophy Truck
–Jeremy McGrath, legendary seven-time AMA supercross champion, stadium off-road truck racer, No. 20, SCORE Trophy Truck
–John Langley, Producer of the award-winning COPS TV series, also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, No. 250, Trophy Truck Spec
–Toby Price, champion factory motorcycle rally racer, Dakar champion, No. 76 SCORE Trophy Truck
–Rhys Millen, champion Formula Drift racer, 3-time Pikes Peak Hill Climb Champion, precision-stunt-car driver, No. 1967, Pro UTV
–Ryan Millen, accomplished Formula Drift racer, No. 244, Trophy Truck Spec
–Tyler McQuarrie, Formula Drift racing star, veteran of numerous racing disciplines, driving instructor, No. 20, SCORE Trophy Truck
–Kyle LeDuc, four-time Pro-4 short-course off-road champion, No. 3 SCORE Trophy Truck
–Javier Quiros, champion international sports car and rally racer, No. 244, Trophy Truck Spec
–Rich Minga, 1987 SCORE Overall Point Champion who has become a prominent Hollywood stunt driver and Wide Open Excursions Baja tour guide, BC2, Baja Challenge
–Larry Connor, prominent Ohio businessman, two-time national sports car racing champion, No. 6, SCORE Trophy Truck
–Gary Magness, Film Producer and international businessman (No. 45, SCORE Trophy Truck)
–Kyle Tucker, Autocross champion, BC1, Baja Challenge
–Ikuo Hanawa, Pike’s Peak Hill Climb record-setting champion in electric race car, No. 712, Class 7
–Brad Lovell, six-time rock-crawling season championships, and 2012 TORC short course class title, BC1, Baja Challenge
–Jamie Galles, former Trans Am and Toyota Atlantic racer whose family was a long-time IndyCar team owner, No. 172, Class 1
-Shannon Campbell, Hall of Fame rock crawling racer, No. 4405, Hammer Truck Unlimited
-Carlin Dunne, three-time Pike’s Peak Hill Climb motorcycle champion, No. 705x, Pro Moto Ironman
–Bill Weber, legendary long-time motorsports television announcer, professional illusionist, No. BC2, Baja Challenge

Entered in this year’s event are 12 racers who have combined for 29 overall wins in either the 4-wheel or motorycle divisions. The leaders are: Larry Roeseler, 13, (10 on a motorcycles, two years in a car, one in a truck), Andy McMillin, five, (SCORE Trophy Truck), with three each are Robby Gordon (SCORE Trophy Truck), Rob MacCachren (SCORE Trophy Truck) and Colton Udall (Pro Moto Unlimited). With two each are Gus Vildosola Sr (SCORE Trophy Truck), Troy Herbst (Class 1), B.J. Baldwin (SCORE Trophy Truck). With one overall win each are Rod Hall (Class 4), Gus Vildosola Jr (SCORE Trophy Truck), Jason Voss (SCORE Trophy Truck), Mark Post (SCORE Trophy Truck) and Mark Samuels (Open M/C).

Entered in this year’s event are 82 racers who have combined for an amazing 292 class wins in the SCORE Baja 1000. The leaders in multiple class wins entered this year are: Rod Hall with 23 (first overall), Larry Roeseler with 17 (second overall), Jim O’Neal with 12 (tied for seventh) and Donald Moss with 11 (tied for eighth).

Desert racing has always been about family teams and this year’s SCORE Baja1000 is a prime example of that fact. This year’s starting grid currently includes 43 brothers racing together and 19 racing separately. The race also has 21 fathers racing with their 16 sons and three fathers whose four sons are racing in separate vehicles. There are also two fathers and two daughters racing separately, at least three husband/wife combos racing together and one mother and son racing in separate vehicles.

Among the third generation racers are Ryan Arciero (SCORE Trophy Truck), Andy McMillin (SCORE Trophy Truck), Daniel McMillin (SCORE Trophy Truck), Rafael Navarro IV (Class 10) and Luke McMillin (SCORE Trophy Truck).

Among the brothers racing together are: Ronny and Randy Wilson (Class 1), Donald and Kenneth Moss (Class 3), Glen, Bruce and Thom Greer (SCORE Trophy Truck), Aaron, Alan and Rodrigo Ampudia (SCORE Trophy Truck), Derek and Jason Murray (Pro UTV FI) and J. David and Leonel Ruvalcaba (Class 1/2-1600).

Among the father and sons racing together are Gus Vildsosola and his son Gus Vildosola Jr. (SCORE Trophy Truck), Carlos ‘Apdaly’ Lopez and his father Juan Carlos Lopez (SCORE Trophy Truck), Rafael Navarro IV and his father Rafael III (Class 10), Chad Broughton and his father Paul Broughton (Trophy Truck Spec), Todd Winslow and his son Matt Winslow (Class 10), Rod Hall and his son Chad Hall (Stock Full) and Miguel Tornel Sr and his son Miguel Tornel Jr (Class 10).

Among the father-sons who will race in separate vehicles are John Langley (Trophy Truck Spec) and his sons Zak Langley (SCORE Trophy Truck) and Morgan Langley (Class 1), Greg Row (Pro UTV) and his son Josh Row (Pro Quad) along with Lawrence Janesky (Pro Moto Ironman) and his son Tanner Janesky (Pro Moto Ironman).

While there are many co-drivers/co-riders, among the female racers entered as driver of record are…
–Shelby Reid—No. 100, Class 1. Son Cody Reid driving No. 1000, Class 10
–Heidi Steele—No. 216, Trophy Truck Spec. Husband Cameron Steele driving No. 16, SCORE Trophy Truck
–Chelsea Magness—No. 232, Trophy Truck Spec. Father Gary Magness driving No. 45, SCORE Trophy Truck
–Kristen Matlock—No. 1954, Pro UTV. Husband Wayne Matlock driving No. 2971, Pro UTV FI
–Abbey Hull—No. 561, Class 5-1600

In addition to season class point championships and SCORE World Desert Championship overall point titles, the racers are also competing for part of $300,000 in cash purse and contingency postings. There are also the numerous annual SCORE Off-Roadsman of the Year Awards. Drivers are also attempting to earn prestigious Red Kap SCORE Milestone Awards given to all racers who complete every required mile of the race season. With 38 racers still in the hunt, these awards are being presented by SCORE for the 31st consecutive year.

SCORE International Class Descriptions/Numbers:
The 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship series features 37 Pro and 6 Sportsman Classes for cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and quads. Class winners are determined along with the overall race winner in Pro Cars/Trucks, Pro Motorcycles, Pro UTVs and Pro Quads. General Class descriptions and numbers:

Pro Cars & Trucks
SCORE Trophy Truck (Unlimited Production Trucks) 1-99
Class 1 (Unlimited single or two-seaters) 100-199
Trophy Truck Spec (unlimited trucks/sport utility vehicles, stock, sealed V-8s) 200-299
Hammer Truck Unlimited (unlimited Rock Crawler/Hammer Truck) 4400-4499
Hammer Truck Limited (limited Rock Crawler/Hammer Truck) 4500-4599
Class 10 (Single or two-seaters limited engine) 1000-1099
Class 1/2-1600 (single or two-seaters to 1600cc VW engines) 1600-1699
SCORE Lites (Limited single-1776cc-or two-seaters-1835cc VW engines) 1200-1299
Class 8 (Full-sized two-wheel drive trucks) 800-899
Class 5 (Unlimited Baja Bugs) 500-549
Heavy Metal (Open Production Trucks, V8 Engines) 8000-8099
Class 2 (Unlimited open-wheel, car/truck, 3.6-Liter Turbo or supercharged) 2000-2099
Class 3000 (Class 7-2,Unlimited mini-truck, 2.2/2.4-Liter Ecotec engine) 3000-3099
Trophy Lite (Unlimited Mini-Truck, 2.2/2.4-Liter Ecotec engine) 6000-6099
Class 7 (Open Production mini trucks) 700-739
Pro UTV (Naturally Aspirated UTV) 1900-1949
Pro UTV FI (Forced Induction UTV) 2900-2999
Pro UTV Unlimited (Unlimited UTV) 1850-1899
Protruck (Limited Production Trucks) 1350-1399
Class 5-1600 (1600cc VW Baja Bugs) 550-599
Class 3 (Short wheelbase 4X4) 300-399
Baja Challenge (Spec open wheel cars) BC1-BC99
Stock Full (Stock full-sized trucks) 8100-8199
Class 7SX (Modified, stock mini-trucks) 740-759
Class 3700 (Jeep Speed Cup) 3700-3799
Class 1700 (Jeep Speed Challenge) 1700-1799
Stock Mini (Stock mini trucks) 760-799
Class 9 (Short wheelbase, single or two-seaters) 900-999
Class 11 (Stock VW Sedans) 1100-1199

Pro Motorcycles
Pro Moto Unlimited (401cc or more) 1x-49x
Pro Moto Limited (400cc or less) 100x-149x
Pro Moto 30 (Riders over 30 years old) 300x-349x
Pro Moto 40 (Riders over 40 years old) 400x-449x
Pro Moto Ironman (Solo) 700x-799x
Pro Moto 50 (Riders over 50 years old) 500x-549x
Pro Moto 60 (Riders over 60 years old) 600x-609x
Pro Quads
Pro Quads (450cc or more) 1a-49a

Sportsman Unlimited Truck 1400-1499
Sportsman Buggy 1500-1599
Sportsman Limited Truck 2000-2099
Sportsman Unlimited UTV 1800-1849
Sportsman M/C (any engine size) 200x-299x
Sportsman Quads (any engine size) 100a-149a

48th Bud Light SCORE Baja 1000, Final round of five-race 2015 SCORE World Desert Championship
Nov. 18-22, 2015— Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico—821.38 miles
Total Starters: 239; Total Finishers 124 (51.18 percent)

Pro Cars and Trucks
1. 11 Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas/Andy McMillin, San Diego, Ford F-150, 15:58:33 (51.41 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
2. 5 Carlos Lopez, Tecate, Mexico/Clyde Stacy, Bristol, Va./Juan C. Lopez, Tecate, Mexico, Chevy Rally Truck, 16:14:55 (50..55 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
3. 17 Eduardo Laguna, Mexicali, Mexico/Josh Daniel, Canyon Country, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 16:17:03 (50.44 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
4. 91 Troy Herbst, Las Vegas/Ryan Arciero, Foothill Ranch, Calif., Ford F-150, 16:46:58 (48.94 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
5. 19 Tim Herbst, Las Vegas/Larry Roeseler, Boulevard, Calif., Ford F-150, 17:01:12 (48.26 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
6. 21 Gus Vildosola Jr/Gus Vildosola, Mexicali, Mexico, Ford Raptor, 17:07:45 (47.95 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
7. 1 Steven Eugenio, Vista, Calif./Armin Schwarz, Austria (Germany), Chevy C1500, 17:50:10 (46.05 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck))
8. 23 Dan McMillin, La Mesa, Calif./Chuck Hovey, Escondido, Calif., Ford F-150, 18:05:16 (45.41 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck
9. 9 Mark Weyhrich, Troutdale, Ore./Gary Weyhrich, Troutdale, Ore., Ford F-150, 18:14:22 (45.03 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
10. 16 Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif./Pat Dean, Las Vegas/Cody Stuart, Capistrano Beach, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 18;23:00 (44.68 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
11. 871 Larry Connor, Miamisburg, Ohio/Jason Ruane, England/Neal Mason, Temecula, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 18:33:24 (44.26 mph) (Trophy Truck Spec)
12. 50 Zak Langley, Santa Monica, Calif./Rick D. Johnson, Barstow, Calif./Adam Householder, Ford F-150 18:37:01 (44.12 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
13. 189 Jon Walker, Tamuning, Guam/Corey Keyser, Colorado Springs, Colo., Kreger-Chevy (18:49:23) (43.64 mph) (Class 1)
14. 168 Shelby Reid, Apple Valley, Calif./Darren Ebberts, Corona, Calif./Dale Ebberts, Wilton, Calif., Custom-Chevy, 18:58:25 (43.29 mph) (Class 1)
15. 75 Mike Cook, Orem, Utah, Chevy Silverado, 19:09:17 (42.88 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
16. 45 Gary Magness/Devin Housh, Desert Hot Springs, Calif., Ford F-150, 19:20:20 (42.47 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
17. 153 Brian Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Brad Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Kyle Quinn, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 19:24:26 (42.32 mph) (Class 1)
18. 70 Bryce Menzies, Las Vegas/Jesse Jones, Phoenix, Ford F-150, 20:29:00 (40.10 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
19. 1636 Aaron Ampudia/Alan Ampudia, Ensenada, Mexico, Alumi Craft, 20:40:40 (39.72 mph) (CLASS 1/2-1600)
20. 4405 Shannon Campbell, Gilbert, Ariz./Wayland Campbell, Gilbert, Ariz., Custom-Chevy, 20:41:26 (39.70 mph) (Class 4400)