Round 6 of the WORCS Racing Series brought racers back to Utah to Sand Hollow State Park for one of the most epic race courses in all of UTV racing. Nothing compares to the beauty and terrain that the Sand Hallow course offers and while it may look mellow and fun racers will tell you that its one of the roughest and most dangerous tracks on the circuit. If you follow our Facebook Page then you would see there has been a ton of crash videos that has come out from this past weekends event in Utah.

Nevertheless fun was had by all and despite some gnarly wind, Utah delivered! We want to extend a huge than you as always to everyone who reps on and off the track. We love hearing your stories and seeing the photos with our colors being represented on your machines! Another big thank you to Harlen Foley for once again providing us a sick gallery of quality race images for everyone to enjoy!! See you at Round 7!



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