The 2017 Discount Tire Rally On The Rocks (ROTR) in Moab, UT went off in a huge way! More attendees, more vendors and epic weather made this years event the best yet. has attended every rally since 2010, its an event we have on our calendar every year.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, Moab is by far my favorite place to drive off-road. So many different types of terrain and epic views everywhere make it an off-road playground like no other place on the planet. Each year I leave Moab feeling fulfilled as an off-road enthusiast and I am always excited to return.

This year we headed to ROTR with a fresh re-build on our 2016 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo. We had taken this machine to Moab the year previous and learned a few things mainly surrounding storage and suspension set up. The storage solution was easy thanks to Isota Off-Road who sent us their backseat storage rack system. With that in place we were able to haul tools, gear, and a full size Polaris Northstar Cooler. Suspension wise, we once again aligned with FOX and they dialed us in with a brand new set of shocks build specifically for the RZR XP4 platform. Only problem is / was, I can’t tell you what makes these shocks so special! You will have to wait a little longer but let me tell you now, if you’re a fan of FOX shocks then you are going to love this product once its released.

With the new suspension, fresh storage solution and a fresh prep I decided I wanted a new look to set the RZR off. I hit up and they dialed me in with a new wrap. With the RZR all set we headed off to Moab for a week of fun in the rocks and trails.

I brought my youngest son with me along for the ride. Each year I try to bring someone new to Moab as its a way for me to re-experience that feeling I had my first time attending. Last year my Daughter came along and we had such an amazing time that this year I had to bring one of my boys. Unfortunately, my oldest son Enzo wasn’t feeling well so Cristian got to take his place and we had a blast! The time we shared on the road and on the trails is priceless and to me is what this lifestyle is all about.

We hooked up with our friends Bill & Brandon Schueler of Jagged X Racing, Blake Van De Loo also of Jagged X, the Campbell family and many of our other close off-road family. We all settled into condos together and took on the trails of Moab as one big happy, and slightly dysfunctional off-road family. These guys are all pro’s when it comes to rock crawling and RZR riding so it makes each day a lot of fun when you have such an experienced group who is not afraid of a challenge to ride with.

We tackled our favorite trails including Moab Rim, Poison Spyder, Where Eagles Dare, Gold Bar Rim, and Cliff Hangar. Each trail offers something different and this group always makes sure we are having a good time and finding new and challenging obstacles to tackle. It was super cool to watch my son’s confidence increase as well. He was very tentative on the trails at first but by the end of the week was pointing out all of the hard lines to take.

We spent time at the event site in the morning and afternoon and I was even able to attend the annual Discount Tire party which was a lot of fun. There were a ton of vendors on hand selling and displaying products. The UTVUnderground Garage was even on hand to showcase our custom builds and provide attendees with just about every product they could imagine! Our 4 Wheel Parts team was even installing products during that time.

When the week concluded we were certainly bummed to have to make the haul home. Its so much fun and everyday is something new. Its always hard to leave Moab, but its always sweet to return and you better believe that the 2018 Rally On The Rocks is already on our schedule!

I want to extend a HUGE thank you to FOX for supporting our coverage this year and letting us test out these awesome new shocks. We also want to thank the staff at ROTR for putting on such an awesome event every year. Its so well organized and everyone there is super nice! It was ran professionally from top to bottom and is by far one of our favorite events of the year. Lastly we want to thank all of our friends who made the trip out with us, its always a great time hanging with the crew!

Story by: Joey D. //
Photos by: Harlen Foley //

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