Along the McMullen Valley runs Hwy 60 stretching from Wickenburg, AZ to Brenda, AZ. In this stretch located between the Harcuvar and Harquahala mountains, you will find the small towns of Salome, AZ and Wenden, AZ. Both towns are small but welcoming to snowbirds, travelers and off-road enthusiast’s year round. This area is rich in agriculture, farming, old mines, open desert views and the best part are the miles and miles of off-road adventure to be had!

Fun history for the area includes: Salome, AZ getting its name from Grace Salome Hall who stepped on the hot dry desert sand barefoot and did a dance, town motto of course is “Where she danced”. Dick Wick Hall a humorist ran the Laughing Gas Station and advertised Free Hot Air. Wenden, AZ is the gateway to Alamo Lake and in the early 1900’s it was a supply depot for all of the local mines in the area. Wyatt Earp left Tombstone to become the first retiree in the early 1880’s and mined this area.

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With plenty of sunshine to be had, you can pick an adventure for the day. UTV Offroad Adventures has designed 2 rides daily that range between 50 – 75ish miles. This year were the Palmerita Loop and the Harquahala Mine Loop rides. Both rides boasting beautiful desert views, mine shafts galore, and a stop at the Wayside Inn & RV Park for an off the beaten path lunch and drinks located a few miles from Alamo Lake. Both rides are full of fun, friends, adventure and many stories from the local guides.

This UTV event was held February 19-21, 2021 with everyone starting out at locals Christy and Clark’s homesite located up Alamo Lake Road. They are the owners and operators of C & D Auto Repair located in Salome. Their hospitality beyond measure allows all of us camping and all festivities on their properties for the event. A huge thanks to them for their guidance and the best bonfires ever for the nightly shenanigan’s. The Cornhole Tournament, Raffles and night time festivities are well planned and everyone has an amazing time. Many leave with new gear and fond memories, not to mention new friends.

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We certainly cannot forget about the night ride! The first Friday night, after setting up your camp, checking your bags for the weekend and gearing up for all the fun is the infamous night ride. Always a desert night time favorite. Among the cactus shadows and moonlight, flashing light bars and fun filled music fills the desert with a night time party on deserted backroads. What a sight to witness and be a part of. The desert night air and light show gives you a refreshed feeling that this weekend is just a beginning to many more adventures with friends, family and so much fun!

Food for this event was provided by Emalee’s Taqueria and I can certainly tell you from experience it is simply to die for! Breakfast burritos are much needed for your energy on the trail rides and will fill you up for miles. Their menu has authentic Mexican food including Elotes, Burritos, Quesadillas, Nachos and even a Keto Menu for those of us that have food allergies or issues. They are always accommodating and the food is simply amazing.

The fun and experiences at these events cannot be put into words. There are not enough thanks for the people behind the scenes working endlessly to make sure your adventure is one to cherish for a lifetime!

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Experience the many trails and interesting places Arizona has to offer. Adventure awaits at every turn in Arizona and UTV Off-road Adventures will help you find the experience you are after. For information for ALL Arizona upcoming UTV events visit UTVOFFROADADVENTURES.COM.

We hope to see you all at the upcoming Peppersauce Fun Run on March 26-28, 2021. This one is going to be EPIC and certainly one not to be missed!

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Words & Images by AZOP


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