The 2021 Speed UTV lineup is made official with all 3 Speed UTV Models getting Baja themed names.

The 2 Seat 95″ Speed UTV is called the “Baja Bandit”. The 2 Seat 110″ Speed UTT is called the “El Diablo”, and the 4 Seat 120″ wheelbase UTV has been named “El Jefe”.

Typically manufacturers will start a side by side line up with a 2 seat UTV, and slowly morph that side by side into a 4 seater. The results speak for themselves. The backseat is fine for kids, but for anyone who’s on the taller side, riding in the back seat means bruised legs by the end of the weekend.

Speed UTV started with the 4 seater and started chopping the length, resulting in 3 models. All three models use the same components, the only thing that really changes is the length of the cab, back doors or an extra plastic panel behind the front doors for the El Diablo.

2021 Speed UTV Baja Bandit – 95″ Wheelbase

speed UTV baja bandit 2 seater narrow 95 inch wheelbase
2021 Speed UTV Baja Bandit, 95″ wheelbase with roughly 70-72″ in width.

95″ wheelbase and yet to be confirmed width and wheel travel, the Baja Bandit 2 seater is the shortest out of the 3 Speed UTVs in the 2021 lineup. We’re still waiting on the final numbers on the width and suspension travel, but this will be the car you want to take short-course racing, or riding on those narrow trails.

The Base and LE Models will come in at roughly 70-72″ in width, if you want the wider 95″ wheelbase car, you can upgrade to the RG edition model which will be 77″ in width.

All the suspension components are interchangeable between the narrow and full width 77″ cars. If you end up buying a Base or LE Baja Bandit, you’ll be able to convert to the 77″ kit by purchasing upper and lower control arms, axles and tie rods.

The Baja Bandit is available in 3 models:

Baja Bandit Base Model – $30,000

  • Plastic Seats like competitors
  • No roof
  • Basic graphics
  • Non bead lock wheels

Baja Bandit LE Model – $30,000 (Now through August 1st)

  • Bead lock wheels
  • Roof
  • 5 Point Harnesses
  • Custom Wrap
  • Wrap install
  • Carbon Fiber Seats

Baja Bandit RG Edition – $32,500 (Now through August 1st)

Slight change, price of the Baja Bandit and El Diablo RG edition is $32,500. The previously mentioned price of $32,200 will be honored by Speed SXS for those who already ordered the RG Edition Baja Bandit or El Diablo.

  • All Limited Edition Upgrades
  • Suede Seats
  • Suede Steering Wheel
  • Window Net
  • Intercom/Radio
  • Powder Coated Cage & Suspension
  • 77″ Width

According to Robby Gordon The Baja Bandit should be ready to ship the first few weeks of January 2021.

2021 Speed UTV El Diablo – 2 Seat 110″ Wheelbase

speed UTV el diablo 2 seater utt 110 inch wheelbase
Render of the 2021 Speed UTV El Diablo – 110″ Wheelbase Model

This is the car you’re going to want to take desert racing. The El Diablo will come with the biggest in class UTV bed, at 48″ wide and 48″ long. All models of the El Diablo will be at 77″ in width, along with a 110″ wheelbase.

You can get all the pricing in our 2021 Speed UTV El Diablo article.

2021 Speed UTV El Jefe – 4 Seat 120″ Wheelbase

speed UTV el jefe 4 seater 120 inch wheelbase
Render of the 2021 Speed UTV El Jefe – 110″ Wheelbase Model

Coming in at a 120″ in wheelbase and 77″ in width, this will be the ultimate family car. The back seats have enough leg room even for the tallest of guys, while the wheelbase is long and wide enough to eat up the whoops without feeling like you’re driving a limo out on the trail.

You can still pre-order the LE Edition of the 4 Seat Speed UTV for just $32,000 until June 1st, or the RG Edition for $37,000 until December 25th.

Get all the details of what’s included in the various 4 seat models here.


2021 Speed UTV baja bandit front

The front end of the car will have a valence on it to help out with the aerodynamics. There will also be an LED strip going across the front, it’ll make the car look like smiling and ready to take on the trail.

Speed UTV Bed

We got another look at the bed of the Speed UTV. Robby Gordon mentioned the tailgate will function just like on any regular truck, it’ll fold down, and you’ll have multiple cupholders.

Engine Diagnostics App

2021 Speed UTV engine motor render

The Speed UTV team is working on an Engine Diagnostics app that you’ll be able to download on your phone and connect through bluetooth. You won’t be able to download tunes to the car through the app, but you’ll be able to see all the data points and easily troubleshoot the car.

The Final Cost

Typically dealers will add on fees left and right before you get to take the side by side off of the lot. That won’t be the case with the Speed UTV. The final assembly will be at the Speed Manufacturing Facility in Texas. So out the door, you should only have to pay Tax & Licensing fees.

The Speed UTV will come almost fully assembled to the dealer’s show room, so there will not be a P&I fee. We’re still waiting to find out what the shipping fees will be.


In August you’ll be able to fully customize your car online as well as add any accessories to it. If you’ve got any accessories you’d like to have make sure to get a hold of Speed UTV and let them know so they can get them added.

Stay up to date on our Speed UTV News Page, make sure you check out our Speed UTV article with all the details we’ve got. If you’ve got any question, get a hold of Speed UTV on Facebook and Instagram to have your questions answered.

You can still catch a recording of the livestream below:

The presentation from today’s live stream can be found here.


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