Wednesday afternoons have certainly gotten a lot more exciting with all the latest updates coming out of Speed UTV live stream.

speed UTV from the front 1

This week Robby Gordon covered the all the pricing models of the Speed UTV, dropped the details on the all new RG Edition Speed UTV model, showed us a more finalized look of the body, provided us with updates and the reason why they dropped electric power steering and went fully hydraulic as well answered a number of social media questions, so if you’ve got questions, get a hold of Speed UTV on their Facebook and Instagram, and ask away!

Let’s talk about pricing and models.

If you’re one of the 670 people who pre-ordered the Speed UTV, whether the 2 seat, UTT or the 4 seater, you’re getting the limited edition car.

speed UTV 3 models available base car limited and rg edition 1

The preorder has been extended until end of May, for $32,000 you can get all the bells and whistles of the Limited Edition car. Begining June 1st, the price jumps up to $35,000 for the Limited Edition car, in the fall the Limited Edition car will cost $37,000.

Speed UTV Base Model – $32,000

speed UTV base model specification 1
  • Plastic Seats like competitors
  • No roof
  • Basic graphics
  • Non bead lock wheels

Even though it might just be the “base” model, you’re still getting a bad ass machine. Everything we’ve seen points to this being the most overbuilt and over thought UTV on the market. The attention to detail seems on a level of a purpose built race car you would typically get from Jimco.

speed UTV from 3 quarter angle 1

Robby mentioned that even though the seats are plastic, they’re high quality plastic seats, similar to what you might find on the Can-Am X3. Robby also mentioned that the base model will come with a 5 point harness, just out of the necessity for safety.

Speed UTV Limited Edition – $37,000

speed UTV limited edition model specifications 1

When you order the the Limited Edition, especially before June 1st, you’re getting the deal of a decade. At $32,000 you’re getting $5,000 worth of upgrades. You get to choose the custom graphics, there will be several defined patterns to pick from, and you get to decide the color scheme of the graphics. Robby mentioned that the graphics are thick quality graphics, similar to what you would find on a super cross dirt bike.

There are also 5 seats styles to pick from, the drivers seat will be adjustable to your measurements when Speed UTV starts building your car. Robby described it’ll be a similar process of buying a race suit, they’ll provide measurements for you to go off of. The various seat options will also be displayed once the events open back up, so you’ll be able to sit down and decide which seat fits you best.

  • KMC bead lock wheels – $1,000
  • Roof – $800
  • 5 Point Harnesses – $560
  • Custom 4 seat Wrap – $899
  • Wrap install – $250
  • Carbon Fiber Seats- $2400

Total value in Limited Edition Upgrades: $5,909

Speed UTV RG Edition – $39,000

speed UTV robby gordon rg edition 1

For $39,000, you’re getting everything that’s already included in the Limited Edition plus window nets, intercom, race radio and powder coated cage and suspension. We’ll find out more details on that during next weeks live stream.

  • All Limited Edition Upgrades: $5,909
  • Window Net – $1,800
  • Intercom/Radio – $1,300
  • Powder Coated Cage & Suspension – $1,000

Total value in RG Edition upgrades : $10,009

Speed Key

The Speed UTV Speed Key is going to set you back $2,500, unless you pre-order the Speed UTV, in which case you can get it for $1. Keep in mind, when you buy the Speed Key, you’re signing a legal document basically dismissing Speed UTV of any liability, you’re also voiding the warranty as soon as your turn on your Speed UTV with the Speed Key.

speed UTV speed key pricing 1

All tunes will be CARB and EPA compliant.

Speed UTV Top Speed?

Using your regular key, the top speed will be limited to 85MPH. If you use your Speed Key, Robby commented “It’ll be whatever you want it to be, you’ll be in control of your own safety” which sounds terrifying and awesome all at the same time.

Did I mentioned that I can’t wait to void the warranty in one of these?

Speed UTT

speed UTV from the side 1

The Speed UTT is looking more and more refined each week.

According to Robby Gordon this is going to be the ultimate race car. At 110″ you get just the right wheel base for racing, a big enough bed for two spare tires and enough room behind the front seats for a fuel cell.

If you’re big or tall, the Speed UTT is might be your answer. With no one to worry about cramming in the back of the car, from factory Speed UTV will be able to mount your seat further back. If you’re 6′ 4″ you’ll finally have more than enough leg room in a side by side.

We did also find out that there will be an option you can buy to have your bed tilt back.

Fully Hydraulic Power Steering

speed UTV hydraulic power steering

The decision was made to go full hydraulic with power steering. Robby mentioned examples of having crazy amounts of feedback with electric power steering, the steering shaft u-joints being too small to handle all that torque from an electric steering motor, as well as Hydraulic Steering being the golden standard among Trophy Truck and Class 1 cars.

UTV electric steering shaft small
Robby Gordon showing the size of a steering shaft u-joint.

To keep all that power steering juice flowing, you’ll have one more belt off of the balancer side of the engine for the power steering pump.

Speed UTV Engine, Turbo & Shift on the Fly

speed UTV engine 1

This week we got a whole different look at the Speed UTV engine. We can see the engine starting to come together with the transmission bolted on, along with the turbo and intercooler.

The intercooler is a water to air intercooler, it works a lot like the AC condenser on your car. Having a water to air intercooler will keep your temperatures a lot more consistent in desert heat, down in Baja or if you’re racing in Dakar. Robby mentioned that Ken from Push Turbo has been involved in the design of the turbo system for the Speed UTV.

Robby confirmed that you’ll be able to shift your transmission and transfer case on the fly.

Adjustable Steering & Dash

We talked a lot of about the dash in the last weeks Speed UTV dash article, but we did found out that the dash angle will automatically adjust as you adjust the steering. We’re looking forward to seeing more hands on demonstrations of the dash.

Will the Speed UTV fit in my trailer or toy hauler?

On the trailer, yes. In the Toyhauler, it should. Robby mentioned it fits in his momentum toy hauler. We’ve got some detailed measurements below. So grab your tape measure, and measure your toy hauler.

  • 2021 Speed UTV 4 Seater is 77″ wide by 161″ long, 74″ tall with 32″ fully inflated tires.
  • 2021 Speed UTT is 77″ wide by 151″ long, 74″ tall with 32″ fully inflated tires.
  • 2021 Speed UTV 2 Seater is 77″ wide by 136″ long, 74″ tall with 32″ fully inflated tires.
2021 speed UTV 4 seater dimensions and trailer fit

What about the R&D?

Robby has 35 years of racing experience. Robby mentioned his UTV R&D started with Polaris, moved on to building reliable Hummer trucks that raced in Dakar, and morphed into the XX, where Robby explained he didn’t have all the say he wanted to in design that car.

Robby Gordon said everything he has learned in the last 35 years of racing has been put into the Speed UTV. These cars are built by people who go out, race, ride and push them well beyond their limits. What you’re seeing today has been built based on 5 years of racing, what didn’t work has been redesigned and improved.

Essentially what you’re getting with the Speed UTV is a side by side that has been brutally tested in the most extreme environments and in completely unforgiving conditions.

speed UTV hub 1
Speed UTV Spindle

Here are other interesting tidbits that Robby mentioned about the 2021 Speed UTV:

  • All cars will come with a number plate, the number on the number plate will be the production number of your Speed UTV.
  • The hubs and bearings are interchangeable on all 4 corners.
  • CV shafts can be greased on the inside without taking them out of the car.
  • The wheel bearings will have a grease fitting on them so that grease can be easily added.
  • At 3.25″ the shocks are biggest in the UTV industry on a production vehicle.
  • The front differential has the largest ring and pinion in any UTV.

Robby teased that next week at 7PM EST we will find out more about the speed bolts used on the suspension, you’ll only need 2 of the same size wrenches to work on the suspension of the Speed UTV.

Stay up to date, make sure you check out our Speed UTV page with all the details we’ve got.

You can still catch a recording of the livestream below:


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