There’s a lot to notice about this UTV, specifically the attention to detail and the high-quality parts that have been put into it. “The black and gold is painted as opposed to wraps and the classic hot-rod style theme on the Razor is because I love the old ATC’s from the Eighties, like the ATC 250R’s, by Honda- and they came out with a gold pro-link suspension in ’83. I’ve always loved that color so when I was building this I wanted to match up with those old ATC’s from way back when.” -Damon Lines

“It started out that I didn’t really like the color choices that Damon had come to me with, we’re a race car company and when he came to me with these colors, I thought ‘Oh boy I don’t know how this is going to work.’ The gold color- I wasn’t feeling it on my suspension, for a white and black body- once it all got put together from Market Straightedge, the powder-coater putting the right gold together- it all flowed so nicely. He had a vision, and we made it possible and the end result – It was a really great choice. I’m glad I let him take the reins on that because it ended up being one of the best cars we built.” -Tom Madigan

“Initially a lot of people notice the paint- people absolutely love the paint job- styled after a classic 80’s ATV it sets it apart- and the metal work, the tinwork, that has been done.” “Instead of the trunk just being open like a pickup truck bed, I had Tom put a nice metal covering over the top that completes it, like the trunk of a car. It gives it a better stance and a more finished look. I’ve gotten a lot of comments on how much people love that.” -DL

“One of my favorite details, to be honest with you, is the back trunk. Because everybody in the industry that is doing cars like this is building the back trunk sections and Damon didn’t want the back bumper, so that was a battle- how do we do sheet metal to where it’s not mounted to the plastic but still has the trunk with the cage mounting and stock location so we came up with ideas, put it together and so far it’s one of the biggest hits.” -TM

“I came to Madigan initially because I had heard great things about the long travel kit that Madigan had developed, I went to go check it out, met Tom Madigan, saw the fabrications that he had done and the computer CAD work- designed and built in-house- really impressed me that he had a knowledge of what he was doing. He’s not slapping parts together, there’s a true understanding of the sport and he’s hands-on- he can truly build- he’s a fabricator and not an assembler.” -DL

“Madigan Motorsports started building race cars 15 years ago and all of our engineering comes from the racing background- we didn’t just open up yesterday and decide to build cars because they look cool. There’s a purpose behind why we do everything that we do, why we do our kits the way we do, why we do our cages the way we do- we use only the best material, we don’t skimp on cheaper stuff. Our quality and pricing is really competitive, a lot of our product is designed around the customer not having to spend a lot of money, instead fine-tuning what you already have to keep money in your pocket but giving you the same outcome of cars that have had a lot of cash poured into them. People see the quality and I think that’s why they come to us.” -TM

“Our kits were the eye-opener for a lot of people because we came out with the first box-kit that was the lightest on the market, with all of the trick things, the integrated skid plates and the high-clearance lowers, the uni-balls, eliminating a lot of the stock ball joint parts, and then the artistic background- how clean and quality the welds are, the way the overlays flow and the design of the kit.” -TM

“I’ve wrung it out it’s been going pretty good so far the suspension is phenomenal- Madigan put in the long travel kit, shock therapy went through all the shocks, two and a half inch Walker Evans up front and two in the back which it came with, revolved all of that with shock therapy so its a car that just rides phenomenally well, I can go full throttle through the whoops or do it as hard as I want and have a car that does both of those things really well.” -DL

“The other big thing is that I’m working with Pace Offroad owned by driver Greg Biffle, I’m shipping the car out there in about a month and doing an engine swap- pulling out the stock 110 horsepower motor and putting in a motor that’s just under 300 horse power.” -DL

“Madigan build with that engine swap is just going to, in my opinion, make it one of the best vehicles out there.” -DL


Owner: Damon Lines
Builder: Madigan Motorsports
Year: 2015
Make: Polaris
Model: XP1000
Cage/Chassis: Madigan Motorsports 1.75 DOM seamless tube 120 wall
Body/Sheetmetal: Madigan Motorsports
Suspension: Madigan Motorsports RZR Long Travel Kit 1000+4 20″ of travel
Shocks: Walker Evans 2.5 upgraded Fronts 2.5 stock rews
Sway Bar: Stock
Axels: Summit Brothers 4340
Engine: (Currently) Stock
ECM: Stock
Intake: Stock
Exhaust: Stock
Wheels: Method 406 Beadlocks with Skat Track buffs up front and 10 paddle extremes rear
Tires: Stock
Seats: Twisted Stitch Ostrich and Suede
Paint: Straightedge Paint
Audio: Rugged Radios
Lighting: Rugged Industries Dome Lights, Hella backlights, Baja Design
Communications: Rugged Radios 686 with bluetooth adapter for streaming music to passengers
Accessories: Shock therapy stage 3 kit with 3 position sway bar. Baja designed ONX6 10″ Amber light bar on bumper. 30″ 300 watt LED light on roof. UTV Inc fiber optic amber whips, Rigid Industries rock lights
Coming Soon: Pace Offroad z1 motor swap with 3 position switch installed by Pace Offroad with STM clutches.


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