6th Annual Clean-Dezert Event in Barstow

The desert cleanup event put on by Clean-Dezert this past Saturday was a huge success.  More than 600 desert enthusiasts showed up to pitch in and help clean up the OHV area around Barstow that so many of us off-roaders love to enjoy. The amount of trash retrieved by the volunteers greatly surpassed expectations and actually filled the massive loaner dumpsters by about noon. Mountains of old tires, couches, mattresses and plenty of other classic rubbish was picked up by the volunteers and finally disposed of properly. Adam Filbin, of Clean-Dezert, organized and managed this amazing effort and also got a ton of great companies involved with the event. There was a gift stacked raffle at the conclusion of the cleanup and it seemed like everyone walked away with something cool. Events like this are crucial to the future of off-roading and the environment in general. This cleanup could not have been possible without the help from Clean-Dezert, the awesome volunteers and the rad list of sponsors that donated their time and raffle items.

About Clean-Dezert:
Clean-Desert was founded in 2005 by Adam Filbin and Ray Regno. At the time, they were just a couple “white fender kids” looking to do something positive for the off-road community and wanted to help prevent BLM land closures. Their desire to give back to the land, off-roaders and the volunteers who help out was the catalyst to form Clean-Dezert.

For more information and ways to help out go to www.clean-dezert.org or give them a follow on Social Media. @cleandezert_official

Thanks again to all the volunteers and sponsors!

2019 Sponsors:
@bajadesignsofficial @dezertrangers


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