Cobra Cooler

Garden Grove, CA – Assault Industries introduces the Cobra Cooler

The Assault Industries Cobra Cooler is a coolant injection system that works to reduce clutch housing temperatures by as much as 50ºF. Keeping temperatures down can dramatically reduce the risk of belt failures.

At the flip of a momentary switch, the system injects distilled water into the clutch housing air intake tube as a fine mist intermittently over the course of 90 seconds. Temperatures will immediately begin to drop until the system shuts off.

Temperatures will climb back up over the next several minutes. Operation is recommended when housing temperatures reach 195ºF which is approaching critical.

Since clutch components are aluminum, corrosion is not a factor. The Cobra Cooler will not flood the housing or cause belt skipping as it is not enough moisture. The housing temperatures will also cause a certain amount of evaporation, so while the vehicle is in use, there should be little to no standing water inside the housing. This system is designed to save prolong the life of your belt and protect clutches and housing from being destroyed by an imploding belt. The kit is available now with a retail price of $399.99.

To learn more about this great product or to place an order, visit, call (714) 799-6711 or email [email protected].


Assault Industries
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