Assault Trailers – Tactical Hauler™ Fold and Stow Trailer

Garden Grove, CA – Assault Trailers introduces the New Tactical Hauler™ Folding Trailer

Assault Trailers was created to solve a typical California problem, a lack of space on your property! If you own a UTV, you need a trailer to take it to play. When not in use, the trailer takes valuable driveway space or you must rent lot storage. You also leave yourself open to theft and vandalism!

Our engineers came up with a simple solution that allows you to keep everything together on your property! Fold it and stow it away! The new Tactical Hauler™ can be folded into a standing position with basic hand tools and a couple extra sets of hands! The trailer folds up at the center, a pair of steel dog legs are folded down to prevent the rear of the trailer from moving while the forward half is lifted – removing retainer pins will allow the tongue to fold down! The trailer can be stored in a garage or on the side of the property.

The Tactical Hauler™ bed space measures 13 feet long and 6.5 feet wide – folded dimensions are 7.25ft tall x 8.4ft wide x 4.5ft deep and weighs 800lbs. Tow capacity is 3000lbs and ground clearance is 14 inches. Assault Trailers’ Tactical Hauler™ is manufactured in the USA in compliance with NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers) guidelines. The Tactical Hauler™ series starts at $6599.99 and is available in raw aluminum finish or powder coated for an added charge.

To learn more about this great product or to place an order, visit, call (714) 799-6711 or email [email protected].


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