In the old days before ratchet straps and tie-down straps all they had was ROPE. Remember that stuff? It was roundish and long and you tied these things called “knots” and that held all your stuff together… LOL. Well times have changed and so has rope – but thankfully we have some cool self-locking straps these days that do a faster and often better job than anything we could do back then. You guys know Rhino USA is the leader in ratchet straps – but they also make some very inexpensive and quick to use lashing tie down straps too. Lashing tie-down straps don’t have a ratchet, it’s a very simple locking buckle that allows you to cinch your load down with force and have it stay put. They are perfect for things like UTV or ATV cargo, coolers, bikes, surfboards, kayaks, and just about anything else you can think of!

HD Lashing Tie Down Straps 9

Rhino’s new lashing straps feature a rust proof zinc alloy buckle in a silicone house that’s easy on your bare hands and they have an integrated hook and loop fastener for easy storage. They come in a 1” by 12” length and are made from the same bulletproof nylon that all Rhino USA straps are made from.  That’s right – over 12 feet of usable strap! That’s enough for three kayaks on a Subaru Outback – or 17 gas cans on your RZR! (Just kidding, don’t strap gas cans to any UTV!)

These handy 1” lashing straps are rated for over 1,300 pounds and come in a four pack kit with a storage bag.

HD Lashing Tie Down Straps 23 - Mike Cafro

They’re perfect for your truck, SUV, or for storing in the trunk of your car. We keep a set in every truck and UTV we own and we’ve used them over the past few years for things like coolers, cinching down flappy RV canopies, even a makeshift tow strap on one trip. They’re virtually indestructible. The only thing we wish Rhino would change on these is maybe making a version that’s only 5 feet long. Sometimes we don’t need the full 12 feet and just want a shorter throw.

HD Lashing Tie Down Straps 25 - Mike Cafro

Look if you’re strapping something down chances are it’s worth more than the cost of a strap. So why buy cheap crap? Do it right the first time. Buy with confidence from an American owned and family operated father and son business. And don’t forget – the Rhino USA Lashing Tie Down Straps come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, we’ll refund your money. You can pick up the Rhino USA Lashing Tie Down Straps at your local automotive shop, or head over to and buy direct.


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