When we first heard that Bryce Menzies was looking to build a new Polaris RZR XP1000 and wanted our help, we jumped at the opportunity. Since day 1, our goal at UTVUnderground.com has been to bring our love for this sport to the masses and to do this we knew we wanted to utilize the sports biggest names to help us legitimize the UTV hobby. Bryce Menzies is arguably the sports hottest name and one of its fastest rising stars. Coming hot off his recent 2014 Baja 500 win, we felt it to be perfect timing to launch this inside look at the build of Bryce’s brand new Menzies Edition 2014 Polaris RZR XP1K!

Bryce was a lot of fun to work with. Even before his RZR arrived strait from Polaris we were on the phone texting ideas back and forth. I sent him some options for cages and ultimately he liked the style that Magnum Offroad was providing. So the first decision of the build was made and it was to go with a Magnum Offroad MX-1 cage with opening “ghost” doors, roof, rear wing and front light bar mount. Magnum even met one of Bryce’s few requests by installing a trick set of off-road adjustable sun visors on both the driver and passenger side. During the process of deciding which cage to go with, Magnum Offroad also offered to take on the whole build for us and Bryce which was huge considering both of our schedules were tapped. Bryce loaded the RZR up and dropped it off where the Magnum crew had a spot already waiting for it when it arrived!

Magnum quickly got to work on fabricating the cage. Before they could go to far they needed a couple of things and lights were the big item they needed. Bryce is a sponsored driver for Rigid Industries so we made the call to Rigid for some of their top LED products. A 30″ E-Series bar would go across the top of the cage. The 30″ bar is the perfect size for the narrowed roof line and puts out adequate light without wasting a bunch of power draw. Magnum built a sturdy bar mount to completely cover and protect the cage in case of a roll over. Even though the Rigid bars are the toughest on the market, we know Bryce is going to push this machine so no need to leave the bar exposed and supported by a couple of week tabs.  A set of SR-M Quad lights would make up the rear wing section of the RZR. This was only the second UTV to utilize this hot new set up that Taylor himself at Rigid turned us on to. There are 2 red quads on the outside tied intot he brake lights, 2 ambers which flash for safety / dust lighting and a center clear reverse light! This set up is LIGHTWEIGHT and looks bad ass!  A-Series red under-glow lights and interior dome-lights would also be installed into the fender wells and interior. With the light mounting in place and the cage fabricated it was time to move on to the accessories.

The first thing anyone looks at when peeking inside of a machine are the seats and so we reached out to our friends at PRP Seats to help us with the Bryce Menzies project. PRP is known for making some of the most comfortable seats on the market and Bryce being a tall guy we wanted to enhance his driving experience, not hinder it. Many seats put you closer to the dash but the PRP seats allow for a deep sitting position actually increasing leg room. Bryce and I worked directly with PRP to select a color pattern that Bryce liked the most. The seats POP and really tie the entire RedBull / Menzies theme together! A pair of matching red PRP 5-Point Harnesses were also installed courtesy of PRP!


While many still overlook the usefulness of communications, we do not! Bryce not only plans to play with his XP1K for fun, he also intends to use it as a tool in preparing for races like the Baja 1000. Because of that communications were key and thats where another sponsor of Bryce’s, and UTVUnderground’s came into play. Rugged Radios jumped right in and supplied us with a 2 place intercom and 50w race radio that included the antenna and all the wiring needed. Rugged is on the cutting edge of technology as it pertains to off-road communications, Bryce trusts their products in his race trucks so of course he wanted them in his RZR as well!

There are many reasons people buy the RZR XP1000 over any other UTV on the market and thats Power and Suspension! Because Bryce wanted reliability we felt there to be no need to do anything drastic to the motor. Instead we woke it up with a Muzzys dual exhaust system and fuel programmer. Tuned by Muzzys specifically for this RZR, the Muzzys set up is hard to beat! It looks great, sounds awesome and increases performance. For Bryce, that was all he desired.

As we moved to the suspension we went back and forth as to what to do. He’s Bryce Menzies, so of course companies wanted to see him run their products as it pertained to aftermarket arms but we just didn’t think it was necessary. Does it look cool? Sure! Does it help increase strength? Well, it should! But is it necessary  NO, not at all. We felt no need to increase weight to the suspension to just look cool, and we know the factory suspension is pretty darn solid. Instead we upgraded the radius rods and tie rods using one of the hottest brands on the market, Assault Industries. Assault has taken the industry by storm, introducing a line of products that are functional #1 and look super trick! Assault even through in one of their sweet Grenade shift knobs! These solid billet machined parts are durable and proven to work.

Now thats not all we did to the suspension. Well other than powder coating all the arms to match anyway, we did have one more major upgraded and it came in the forum of FOX 3.0 Podium Internal Bypass Remote Reservoir shocks! Thats right, probably the sickest shocks on the market right now! Bryce is one of FOX’s biggest names in off-road racing and there was no way they were letting us a do a build for Bryce without their absolute best products! The 3.0 Podium Internal Bypass monster shocks with Dual Speed Compression (DSC) adjusters are just what the doctor ordered and for Bryce these shocks were needed as we watched him absolutely punish the Nevada desert in his first outing in his new RZR. The shocks were tuned perfectly for the factory suspension and since we kept the weight of the machine extremely close to stock the shocks performed flawlessly.

You can’t finish a build without upgrading the wheels and tires and no way was Bryce not going to run a set of BFGoodrich! Bryce reached out and landed himself a set of 30″ tall BFG KM2 Mudd-Terrain tires and wrapped them around a set of the trickest 3-piece OMF Performance beadlock wheels ever produced! The custom machined wheels made specifically for KMC Wheels and powder-coated in that bright Menzies red just POP and give the car the cool and custom look it needed. Like everything on this machine, the parts not only look fantastic but they are functionally sound! This is one of the most solid and sought after wheel tire combos in desert racing today so it was no wonder why Bryce followed suit. No more worries of flat tires for this multi-time off-road champion.

No build would be complete without an awesome color and graphics scheme. Bryce introduced his new off-road livery earlier last month so we carried the theme through to his new XP1K. Bryce called on his friends at Patricks Signs. Patricks Signs are the guys behind some of the nicest and most popular livery schemes in all of off-road. They laid out a really nice RedBull / Menzies themed wraps that made his RZR match perfectly to his Trophy Truck and Pro-2. When Bryce rolls to the races he always looks official and now he has one of the baddest looking RZRs ever built to complete his set up!

It was honor to be a part of such a nice and fun build. Bryce is one of the coolest guys in the sport and Polaris knocked it out of the park when they decided to partner up with this high flying off-road super star. Let it be known, Bryce didn’t just get one RZR for himself, he got a couple RZRs and when his pops Steve Menzies saw his all complete he knew right away he couldn’t be outdone. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another Menzies themed RZR roll through the pages of UTVUnderground.com in the near future. Something else to keep watch for on UTVUnderground.com is the full BREAKDOWN video we shot with Bryce during his first time behind the wheel. We can’t wait to release that gem!

Thank you again to Polaris for their support in helping us build this phenomenal RZR. Also a huge thanks goes to Magnum Offroad for their high quality work and professionalism throughout the build process. They were on time and delivered on all aspects as promised! Of course we want to thank each and every sponsor who contributed to this fantastic build, and we encourage you to take a close look at the products we used and consider those for your own builds. We promise, you won’t be disappointed! Lastly we want to thank photographer Vincent Knakal and the staff at Mad Media for helping us capture this amazing machine in photo and on film. We can’t wait to drop the BREAKDOWN….Stay tuned…

Joey D.

Photos by Vincent Knakal // UTVUnderground.com



Owner: Bryce Menzies
Chassis: 2014 Polaris XP 1000
Cage: Magnum Offroad MX-1
Front A-Arms: Factory
Rear Arms: Factory
Rear Radius Links: Assault Industries
Shocks: FOX 3.0 Podium Internal Bypass Dual Rate Coil Overs w/ DSC Adjustable Remote Resevoirs
Sway Bar: Factory
Axels: Factory
CV’s: Factory
Engine: Stock ProStar XP1000
Exhaust: Muzzys Duals with Digi Tune
Transmission: Factory
Battery: Factory
Wheels: 15″ OMF Performance 3 Piece Billet BeadLocks
Tires: BFGoodrich 30″ KM2 Mudd-Terrain
Seats: PRP Seats Custom / Menzies Edition
Safety: PRP Seats 5-Point 3″ Harnesses
Graphics: Patricks Signs
Lighting: Rigid Industires
Communications: Rugged Radios 2 Place Intercom & 50w Race Radio



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