Carlos Naude thinks the perfect off-road adventures make you step out of your comfort zone. This episode of Where the Pavement Ends tells the off-roading journey of this creative director and showcases his side-by-side adventure (in his Commander MAX XT) in Pioneertown, CA at one of their retreat locations. Watch how he rides to disconnect from the daily grind to reconnect with those he loves most.
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Born in Mexico, Carlos Naude is a multidisciplinary creative at Ace Content working with leading brands such as North Face and Carhartt. He is also the principle/founder at Working Holiday Studio. He and his wife founded Casa Mami which is a much-acclaimed rental house in Pioneertown adjacent to Joshua Tree.

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Carlos is always looking to the next adventure with his family and with his friends taking him on international off-road adventures or the local trails around Casa Mami.

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A deeply thoughtful individual Carlos has a unique perspective on the role that adventure plays in his life, his work and his family. The story is meant to capture what the purpose of off-roading is in his life.


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