We’re not like most people. We like getting down and dirty. To us, mud means epic adventures, unforgettable memories with friends, exploring new places, rewarding hard work and accomplishment. It’s like a trophy of what you’ve done, the places you’ve gone, the challenges you’ve overcome- and we think that’s pretty awesome!

All that mud sitting on your off-road rig may look cool, but removing that mud and keeping your ride clean is critical. Detailing your UTV on a regular basis not only means it’s always looking its best, it also ensures that leftover mud, dirt, and grime can’t permanently damage paint, metal, vinyl, plastic, and other sensitive surfaces. This is step one for protecting your investment! Regular maintenance also makes the next wash less rigorous, less time consuming, and a whole lot easier!

Let’s start your detail off with the wheels and undercarriage. Why? These will be the dirtiest parts of your UTV and cleaning these low lying areas first will ensure that the dirt and grime you remove won’t fall on cleaner, higher up areas of your ride. Imagine cleaning the body of your UTV first, then re-dirtying everything by finishing off with cleaning the dirtiest parts…. No, thank you!

Step one: get off as much mud as possible! If your ride gets as dirty as ours, you’re going to want to use a pressure washer or a high pressure nozzle like the Chemical Guys Jet Stream Fire Hose Nozzle. Using high pressure water alone, remove as much mud as possible from your wheels and undercarriage. This will remove the largest and most abrasive dirt and grime off your ride first, so it never has to come in contact with a brush or mitt.

Once the large chunks of dirt and grime are knocked off, use a safe and versatile wheel cleaner like Chemical Guys Sticky Citrus Wheel Gel to clean your wheels and undercarriage fast! The high viscosity formula sticks hard to vertical surfaces so the cleaning power stays where you need it most loosening the dirt and grime. After letting the gel dwell for a few seconds, use a premium wheel brush like the Chemical Guys Green Flagged Tip Brush to agitate and remove that stuck-on dirt. We love using the Long Handle Green Flagged Tip Brush too cause it makes it so easy to reach deep up into those wheel wells where mud likes to hide! Once all that muck is loosened, rinse it off.

Now, you’re ready to move onto the body of your UTV. You’re going to want to start off with a rinse just like you did with the wheels and undercarriage. After knocking off loose surface dirt and grime, you’re ready for the fun part! Hook up your TORQ Foam Cannon to your pressure washer, add some Chemical Guys Tough Mudder, and foam it up! Tough Mudder is a specialty car wash soap for extreme off road enthusiasts. It’s specially formulated to pull off that stuck on mud, dirt, and grime that other shampoos can’t phase. The thick soap clings hard to abrasive dirt and sand, releases it from the surface, and surrounds it with slick lubricants to help prevent swirls and scratches with every wipe of your wash mitt. It even has specialty release agents in the formula that helps prevent future dirt from sticking! Don’t forget to use the two bucket method with a Dirt Trap in each one to help reduce scratches and swirls.

Now that your UTV is clean, don’t stop there! If you’re anything like us, you already have plans for that next big trail you’re going to hit, that next big adventure, or that next overlanding trip! Knowing this, always apply some sort of protection to your shiny and glossy surfaces to make your next inevitable wash as easy as possible. We love applying a quick spray wax like Chemical Guys Blazin’ Banana after a wash because it’s super fast and easy to apply, goes on virtually anywhere, adds tons of gloss and shine, and helps create a super slippery surface that mud has a harder time sticking to. It only takes a couple of minutes more, and it’s totally worth it. For those other unpainted vinyl, plastic, and rubber surfaces, apply a dressing like Chemical Guys VRP to help protect them from the elements and restore that long lost deep black look. This premium water based dressing finishes dry-to-the-touch without leaving an oily and greasy feel behind. An added plus is that you can even use it on your interior vinyl, rubber, and plastic!

When it comes to your UTV, maintenance is key. Washing your UTV after every hardcore ride isn’t just a great way to protect your investment, it’s also much easier to do frequent small maintenance washes than the occasional rigorous detail. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a gallon of cure! Keeping your UTV clean and looking great also ensures that you’re always ready for your next big adventure!

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