CPSC is proposing mandatory design standards for off-road vehicles that could negatively affect safety and performance.

Act now to stop them. Learn more at: http://www.StopTheROVMandate.com



  1. Our vehicles are hell of a lot safer then they may look, also a lot better built then the cheap cars of today that can’t even handle a damn nudge.

  2. Maybe we should let the experts in there industry test these vehicle new changes near a volcano or something. My goodness gracious. Oh United States of kid gloves. Smh.

  3. No more Government being so controlling. It is time to back off. These companies know what they are doing and do it great.

  4. Omar Padilla Matt Schaner Nick Curtis Zach Galeener Jose Padilla Victor Mendoza Fabian Gonzalez David Jimenez Tony Alvarez Gregory Walswick Bobby Clark Keifer Neal Adam Bartczak Matt McGuire watch the video then press the act now and fill out the stuff. This is stupid! Tag whoever else

  5. These incompetent asses can’t regulate the laws that are in affect now. More useless regulations by the misinformed. Do something useful for a change……. resign.

  6. RT @UTVUnderground: TAKE ACTION NOW! Big Government wants to SCREW off-road enthusiasts and the companies making products for us!… http:/…