CPSC is proposing mandatory design standards for off-road vehicles that could negatively affect safety and performance.

Act now to stop them. Learn more at: http://www.StopTheROVMandate.com



  1. Our vehicles are hell of a lot safer then they may look, also a lot better built then the cheap cars of today that can’t even handle a damn nudge.

  2. Maybe we should let the experts in there industry test these vehicle new changes near a volcano or something. My goodness gracious. Oh United States of kid gloves. Smh.

  3. No more Government being so controlling. It is time to back off. These companies know what they are doing and do it great.

  4. Omar Padilla Matt Schaner Nick Curtis Zach Galeener Jose Padilla Victor Mendoza Fabian Gonzalez David Jimenez Tony Alvarez Gregory Walswick Bobby Clark Keifer Neal Adam Bartczak Matt McGuire watch the video then press the act now and fill out the stuff. This is stupid! Tag whoever else

  5. These incompetent asses can’t regulate the laws that are in affect now. More useless regulations by the misinformed. Do something useful for a change……. resign.

  6. If we the people organize stay strong and true to our beliefs we can stop anything. Local 29 Ironworkers. I’m in wont stop me from riding.

  7. I am probably the biggest off-road enthusiastic you will meet however this wouldn’t be happening if people would stay the hell off the roads and quit boozing so heavily in the side by sides. Everybody has a right to their own decision except for in America. And I also think the cars on the roads should be responsible to look out for these guys the places where they are allowed on them

  8. Atv s have warning and they are made by professional engineers for there purpose of of road performance and they are engineered with safety in mind they have roll cages they are widened for stainability and they have sensors as well as dot approved tires

  9. They are engined by professional engineers and they are enginered with safety in mind with warnings and they are equipped with roll cages and there widened for stainability with dot approved tires anyone with some sense can operate a utv

  10. The government can’t do anything without fucking it up royally! Hey government, congress and politicians alike…. Fuck off!!! you Don’t know what you are doing and you never did.

  11. Off Road Racing and adventures are a family friendly event, with very little impact outside the small community that makes it up. Stay out of our private business and respect the freedom that this country 9 supposed to be about.

  12. Go after the real bad guys! Leave the off roaders alone! We pack it in pack it out we don’t destroy the deserts!

  13. Not right for government to decide. Put up for a vote from the people. Therew a lot of decisions being made without are input. We have right to vote on these things no for you guys just to decide for us . Please think about what you are doing to the people.