Ren Walker, of Rexburg, ID, one of the weekly official launch giveaway winners of the patented Klock Werks UTV Flare™ Windshield, recently sat down with us to give his perspective on the state of the art air management windshield he won.
“The real test for me was out at the sand dunes,” Walker said. “My wife can’t wear a full face helmet due to motion sickness. It kept the wind and sand out of her face very well and I kept the visor open on my helmet for most of the ride… which I usually can’t do,” he added.
Walker and others entered our free UTV Flare™ Windshield giveaway contest sponsored by Klock Werks and UTV Underground. The contest concluded July 3rd, 2017.
What UTV do you own?  
-2015 rzr 900 4
How long have you been off-roading?
-I got my first 4 wheeler at 4 years old.
What’s the best part of driving a UTV?
-Being able to take the whole family along.
Where do you prefer to take your UTV?
-As a family, we enjoy going out in the mountains. If it’s just me or I have the kids along, we will go to the St. Anthony Sand Dunes.
Do you drive with a group or alone?
-almost always in a group
Have you ever used a windshield for your UTV?
-Yes, a Polaris half windshield.
Why did you want a windshield on your UTV?
-to keep the wind and dust out of my face
How did you hear about the Klock Werks UTV Flare™ Windshield for RZR?
-UTV Underground on instagram
What were your initial thoughts about the shape of the windshield?
-It is a little odd-shaped at first, but the look has grown on me.
Were you nervous to try another half windshield?
-Yes, due to my past experience with my personal one and other on machines I ride with.
Please share your experience using the Flare™ Windshield:
-Upon unboxing the windshield my first impression was that it felt a little flimsy and I didn’t know what to think.  After installing the mounts, that are easy to install and well made, I mounted the windshield.  I mounted mine about an inch off of the body because I wanted maximum wind deflection at my face. (After riding and using it I will be moving it down because of how well it works.)
-Once again, even mounted, I was skeptical about it being flimsy.  I had already went on a quick ride with my Polaris half windshield to compare it to.  I then put the Klock Werks UTV Flare to the test, went down the open road at about 60 mph with no face protection or glasses. (Keep in mind that with most half windshields this makes it hard to breath and hard to keep your eyes open).
-I was very pleased that there was little wind contacting my face at all.  I could place my hand at the top of the windshield and could feel no air at all!  As far as being flimsy, it held up to the wind very well.  I have had the windshield for a while now and could not be happier with the performance of this thing.
-The real test for me was out at the sand dunes.  My wife can’t wear a full faces helmet due to getting motion sickness.  It kept the wind and sand out of her face very well, and I kept the visor open on my helmet for most of the ride which I usually do not do!
What tint of the Flare do you have?
-I got the clear one due to already being tricky out at the sand dunes for vision.
What problems does the Flare™ Windshield solve, if any?
-In my opinion it does what it was designed to do very well, which is to divert and block wind and dust away from the riders.
Any other comments?
-Just to thank your company again for an awesome product and making me a believer!
Thanks for supporting Klock Werks! Enjoy the ride, and stay safe.