Fuel Off-Road has been coming on strong since introducing their first UTV wheel. Known for their forged wheel designs, Fuel also has the looks to back up the strength.

With the ever expanding UTV market, Fuel has seen the need for a quality wheel and tire package that fits the demand of the UTV user of 2017. All Fuel UTV wheels come with a lifetime structural warranty on them.

Fuel Off-Road Anza Wheel:
-Bolt patters available: 4×156, 4×110,4×136, 4×115
-Back spacing: 4+3, 5+2
-Wheel Size:14×7, 15×7
-Bead Lock and non bead lock
-Extra thick forged bead lock ring to protect bead lock bolts and Rim. Fuel designed a thicker stronger forged bead lock ring to give the outer rim more structural integrity. With our Baja racing roots in mind this newly designed thicker bead lock ring will help protect the rim from side impacts and obstacles found out on the trail or running wide open in Baja.
-light weight design to lower rotating mass
-Life time Structural warranty on all Fuel UTV Wheels
-Colors Available: matt black, Anthracite