Feature Product- PRP GT/S.E. Suspension Seat

In the world of UTV parts and upgrades seating is often overlooked. Upgrading your seats is an easy way to improve A builds overall comfort, safety, and style when ripping through rough terrain. If you are in the market for new UTV seating then head on over to utvundergroundgarage.com  and check out our industry leading selection with multiple colors, brands, and models to choose from.

This weeks feature product is the PRP GT/ S.E. Suspension seat which happens to be PRP’s most popular suspension seat! With 7″ of containment and just the right seating angle, the GT/S.E. keeps you contained and comfortable while off-road. The vinyl-coated nylon suspension liner and dual-density foam decrease the impact on the body, reducing the fatigue you feel after a long day in the dirt or dunes. Improve your ride! Upgrade to the most popular aftermarket RZR suspension seat!

Details and Upgrades 

Weight- 20lbs
Dimensions- 38 x 24 x 22 in
Front Goggle Pocket ($45.00)
Rear Pocket ($45.00)
Water Pak (70 oz) ($80.00)
Heated Seats (on/off) ($165.00)
Air Lumbar Support ($70.00)