Feature Product- SDR Motorsports XPR-4 Fastback Cage

Upgrading any UTV with a roll cage can be one of the best investments to increase not only your safety, but also the appearance & strength of your UTV. When it comes to you and your passengers safety, why not spend the extra money? Allowing for add peace of mind while smashing through the dunes, wash, or trails.

SDR Motorsports offers a true bolt on roll cage system that dramatically increases safety, strength, and vehicle appearance. Here at UTV Underground.com we personally use products sold in the UTV Underground Garage and often feature these parts on our builds. The XPR-4 “Fastback” cage from SDR Motorsports has been used on our Feature Vehicle’s  “Fat Rod” in the video below and another 4 seater polaris “Scorpio” featured in the gallery below.

Product Description
The SDR Motorsports XPR-4 Fastback Sport Cage sets the industry standard for the best looking and strongest sport cage you can bolt on. SDR’s Fastback cage utilizes all six factory mounting points and includes a built in rear bumper and taillight guard for full protection! There Sport Cage system is Designed to strengthen the existing chassis through our one piece fully welded structure vs. the multi piece bolt together OEM cage. All SDR Motorsports Sport Cages come complete and is hand fabricated from CNC laser notched and CNC-bent DOM steel tubing.

They also CNC laser cut, and precision bend the B-Pillar floor mounts and rear chassis plate from 3/16 Inch plate steel, much thicker and stronger than the factory parts they replace. In addition, they also use solid CNC machined cage mounting bungs that are designed to re-use all factory hardware. Front A-Pillar mounts feature a wiring pass through to allow for a clean wiring install through the cage tubes.

All SDR Cages feature welded door hinge mounts to the b-Pillar allowing you to re-use your factory doors as well as our Hi-Bred Door system and most aftermarket bolt on doors. PLEASE NOTE: Fastback cages have limited rear seat roof height and are designed for shorter passengers in the rear seats. Maximum of 5 Foot -6 Inch is recommended. Please allow a min. of three inches of head room above the top of your helmet.XPR-4 Sport Cage Features:

Product Details
-Radius Roof Slope Back Design
-DOM Tube Construction
-Aluminum Roof Panel Optional
-All Gusseting/Whip Tabs Included
-Opening Doors Available