We first met Dan Berry back in 2013 while traveling to Santa Rosa, CA to visit our friend Guy Fieri. Guy took us over to Dan’s shop, Cartronics Santa Rosa, to show us where he has all his toys modified. Cartronics is the go-to spot in Santa Rosa for all things custom. Whether you drive a Ferrari or Jeep, UTV or Suburban, Dan and his staff at Cartronics are happy to modify your car to your liking. They do it all from stereos to wheels & tires. Want a custom paint job, they can help you out there too. So when it came time to hook up with Guy to build his ultimate machine, Dan was like, lets build us one too! So Dan along with Guy and their good friend Dirty P all lined up brand new Polaris RZR XP1000-4’s and the plan was set to build 3 new custom RZRs that would be unveiled at Dunefest. We were honored to have the opportunity to assist Dan with these 3 builds and we are excited to feature all 3 here on UTVUnderground.com. We felt it only fitting, since Dan did most of the heavy lifting, to give his machine the first close up!

Dan, as the President of Cartronics, had to go all out. This RZR would not only represent him and his style, it would also be a representation of his shop and the quality work they perform on a daily basis. Not to mention, it had to also be comfortable for him and his family! Dan left no stone unturned, customizing just about everything he could with help from the sports biggest sponsors. I won’t bore you detail by detail as the photos and specs listed below can tell you most of what  you need to know but I will make mention of a few of the key companies involved in this build.

SDR Motorsports was the first company to jump on board not just with Dan’s build but also with Guy’s and Dirty’s. Tim and his team at SDR worked closely with Dan to develop a cage that would be custom to their cars. Now, the average consumer might just think that this cage looks like any of the other new XP4 cages that SDR is turning out, but one with a keen eye for detail can point out the differences. They changed angles and added radius for these cars and like our King Ranch XP14 built by SDR they made sure the little details in the cage were spot on starting with the top radius windshield bar that fits the RDS 30″ Rigid Industries LED light.

With cage and paneling set, Dan moved onto interior knowing that it would be there that really makes the machine shine as a custom build. Twisted Stitch dialed in the interior with a custom set of front bucket seats and a matching rear 3 seat bench. They also made sure everyone was safe with their 4 & 5 point harnesses! Glazzkraft changed the entire look of the interior by supplying the machine with a custom fiberglass dash which houses over 12 custom UTV Inc switches, a Polaris Lowrance 5″ GPS and the instrument gauge / cluster. To make this thing bump Dan and Cartronics did what they do best and that was install a custom stereo system you can hear from across the dunes! JL Audio kicked down a sick 5 speaker system and dan used SSV Works pods to make everything fit and look factory!

Ride quality is important for any off-road machine and thats where Walker Evans Racing and LoneStar Racing came in. Walker Evans Racing dialed this beast in with a new set of 2.5″ front coil overs and Dan paired those with the stock replacement LoneStar Racing suspension kit. The kit also included high clearance rear radius rods and all the components were powder coated to match the cars yellow glow in the dark color scheme. Muzzys set off the rear of the car with custom Cartonics logo’d cans that not only look good but make the car perform and sound awesome! Factory UTV UHMW skids protect the underside of the machine when it makes its way to the rocks.

Rigid Industries not only set the top of the car up with lighting, they also lit up all the areas underneath the RZR. Dan installed a ton of the small A-Series Rigid lights to under-glow this entire car making it look like a UFO in the dunes at night. They also installed a custom Rigid front grill with a SR-10 LED bar. You can’t go anywhere at night and not be seen and when you are driving or riding it in you have no problem seeing where you are going!

The boys at UTVInc.com made sure not only Guy’s but also Dan and Dirty’s cars had all the intricate detail parts installed also. From switches to winches, UTVInc laid it down on the detail side of things. No one in our sport has a deeper catalog of custom parts and accessories then UTVInc. If they don’t make it, you probably can’t find it anywhere else!

Dave at Fullerton Sand Sports is our go-to guy when it comes to putting power to the sand and so when he jumped in to help we knew we were in good hands to make sure this Cartronics RZR had no problem powering through the dunes. He selected a set of Sand Tires Unlimited paddles and front smoothies that make this car hook up and turn like no other. Wrapped around a set of 14″ HiPer wheels, this light weight set up is ideal for the dunes. When Dan heads to the dirt he swaps them out for a set of 15″ Method Race Wheels and 30″ GBC Kanati Mongrels!

You can’t call a car custom unless you finish off the outside with paint or graphics. Dan hooked up with Dan Gardner at Kandyman Kustoms and came up with this with this wicked yellow, silver and gun metal grey scheme. They went all out pulling every piece of plastic and trim off, smoothing out the textured pieces and painting everything to match. They even added in some insane hot rod pin-striping which can be seen everywhere you look. This car not only looks good but it is totally unique and is a huge representation as to the detail that Cartronics puts into all of their builds!

We were proud to be able to help with this awesome build, we were even excited to see Dan enjoying it completed at Dunefest, and we can’t wait for many more trips with Dan and his family in the future in this beautiful UTV!

Photos by: Vincent Knakal // UTVUnderground.com – Mad Media



Owner: Dan Berry
Builder: Cartronics Santa Rosa
Year: 2014
Make: Polaris
Model: RZR XP1000-4
Cage: SDR Motorsports
Suspension: LoneStar Racing Stock Replacement w/ High Clearance Rear Radius Rods
Shocks: Re-Valved Walker Evans Racing 2.5″ Front & Rear
Sway Bar: Stock
Axels: Stock
Engine: Stock
ECM: Muzzys Piggy Back A/F Programmer
Exhaust: Cartronics Edition Muzzys Dual
Wheels: Method Bead lock 15” MR401 (Dirt) HiPer Bead Locks 14″ (Sand)
Tires: GBC Mongrel 30”x10”x15” (Dirt) Sand Tires Unlimited / Fullerton Sand Sports (Sand)
Seats: Twisted Stitch Vortex (Front) Matching Rear Bench
Paint / Graphics: Kandyman Customs
Lighting: Rigid Industries RDS-30″ (Top) SR-10 (Grill) A-Series (Everywhere)
Stereo: 5 Speaker JL Audio System with SSV Works Pods
Navigation: Polaris Edition Lowrance 5″ GPS
GlazzKraft Custom Dash
UTVInc Custom Switches & Billet Accesories
UTVInc Winch & Mount
Dual Battery Kit w/ cut off switch
UTVInc quick release fire extinguisher mount
Alba Racing CVT Belt temp gauge
Custom tail/brake and running lights by SDR Motorsports
Axia Alloys Rear Shock Resevoir Billet Mounts
Factory UTV UHMW Skid Protection System
RAM Mounts X-Grip iPhone / iPod Mount

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