Chase trucks are an integral part of any desert race program. As off-road enthusiasts, we all can appreciate a bad ass Super Duty truck outfitted in a way to not only support our off-road machines on the trail or race course, but to also bolster our team and promote our sponsors. Sponsors all want to know what a team brings to the table in terms of tangible assets beyond the race vehicle itself. Chase trucks, support vehicles, pre-runners, RV’s and trailers all provide teams with ways to further place their sponsors logos in visible locations.

There are a lot of really nice chase trucks in off-road, each one being slightly different from the next, but the best trucks out there are not only bad-ass in appearance, they are also massive assets full of functionality to help their respective teams reach the ultimate goal of winning races & championships. A chase truck is in essence a mobile garage / shop and the best teams out there are able to virtually rebuild an entire vehicle in a pit or off-the course in the most remote areas of a race course.

Our friends Jason & Jeremy Merrell of the UTV Wolfpack have built numerous support trucks in their years of racing. Having entered the desert racing scene as a factory Polaris RZR team, they jumped right into building a chase truck and learned a lot. Their latest truck which you see here, is the result of experience and understanding of what they needed as a team to support their program in the best way possible. It is an ultimate chase truck and one we are proud to share with our readers!

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