When Can-Am offered UTVUnderground.com the opportunity to be a part of last years What Would You Do To A Maverick build competition we jumped at the chance. The objective was to build a Can-Am Maverick X ds Turbo anyway we liked and let consumers vote for their favorite. Well as it turns out, we learned that these build competitions are more about building the of type machines that draw attention through themes rather then building actual machines you would want to drive everyday. No knock on the other outlets who go crazy building some themed machine that won’t be driven on a regular basis, but when it comes to builds at UTVUnderground.com we leave the disco out and build machines you actually want to use! With that said, we didn’t do very well in the competition, but outside we developed a machine that not only looks bad ass but also drives like a dream!

We partnered with SDR Motorsports to help us put this new Turbo Maverick together for us. We wanted to keep it simple but wanted to add some things that improved performance and functionality. We took on a concept of being able to have a perfect do-all type machine, something you can get-a-way with and not worry about reliability. We wanted to take it to the rocks, dunes, desert, mud, you name it! SDR put together a sick looking cage with integrated rear bumper, opening doors and a bolt on roof rack giving us comfort, looks and added storage. SDR handled the full assembly including fabrication and wiring and they did a fantastic job with all phases.


There is plenty of horsepower with the Maverick X ds Turbo, 131 to be exact, so we added a Big Gun dual exhaust for sound and to open it up a little bit but beyond that we leaned toward the side of reliability so we kept it simple. Power in the Maverick X ds Turbo is awesome, its truly the highlight of the machine.

Suspension wise we didn’t change it but I think over time we would upgrade to a long travel of sorts just to give us the added stability should we decide to load our roof rack up with weight. The factory Can-Am suspension is strong and durable and the 2.5″ FOX shocks work amazing! We did add a full set of 15″ OMF NXG Beadlock Wheels and wrapped them with BFGoodrich KM2 Mud-Terrain tires. This combination of using a light-weight and strong wheel combined with one of off-roads most durable light truck tires is a winning combination in any terrain.


Because we knew this machine was built for durability and adventure we wanted to have a lot of functional and usable lighting. VisionX set us up with everything we needed from a 40″ LED light bar up top to smaller lights for us to run around the roof line of our cage all the way to interior and rock lights in our fenders. We topped it off with a couple lights mounted up front on the factory bumper just above the factory mounted winch!! The lights are perfect for play, work or safety and we love how this machine works at night.

Comfort is always important especially on the longer rides that this machine is perfectly suited for. We installed a set of Twisted Stitch Vortex seats with their 5 point harnesses. We also installed a Grant Products Gripper Steering Wheel mounted to a Grant quick disconnect. This wheel not only looks good but the disconnect gives us another level of security. Can-Am provided their factory 3 speaker sound system and their factory in dash GPS. The factory stereo and GPS mount cleanly in Can-Am’s industry best interior.


Taking this Maverick on the trails is awesome. We have ran this machine numerous times throughout the year and each time it continues to impress us. The power is snappy and responsive, suspension plush and the comfort is always enjoyable. We love the way the machine performs both at high speed and at low speed and we really like to push it to its limits.

While we may not have won the build competition, we still feel we built one of the coolest and most functional machines that was entered. This is a machine you want to drive and own for a long time.



Model: 2015 Can-Am Maverick X ds Turbo
Builder: SDR Motorsports / UTVUnderground.com
Cage/Chassis: SDR Motorsports
Lighting: VisionX
Exhaust: Big Gun
Seats: Twisted Stitch
Wheels: OMF Performance 15″ NXG Beadlocks
Tires: 30″ BFGoodrich KM2 Mudd-Terrain
Suspension: Factory
Shocks: Factory
Engine: Factory
Accesories: Factory Can-Am Winch, GPS, Stereo – Grant Products Steering Wheel & Disconnect



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