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    2016 UTV World Championship Announcement

    Thanks Joey. So poker run is Friday and racing Saturday. Is there a place to sign up for poker run?
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    2016 UTV World Championship Announcement

    Is there a schedule of events somewhere?
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    Can'am or RZR?

    I have a 4 seat Maverick Max and every other person we ride with has a RZR. I can say I am out numbered probably 10 to one but that has nothing to do with Polaris being a superior product. It ha to do with Polaris being a superior marketing company. I have gone though 1 belt in the year and a...
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    Turbo Can-Am Hillclimb

    Shitty that this guy is beating the hell out of that car but these Turbos are no joke. They have plenty of power!
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    Southside dune bashing at Glamis ~ Video

    Thanks for posting the pic Josh. We have been very happy with the build Southside did for us. Matter of fact I am taking the car over to them this weekend to get some other stuff done to it. Dave, if you do decide to go with a Max Turbo I am pretty sure you will be very happy with that decision...
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    Can-Am Maverick X ds Turbo FOX Shocks Tuning Guide!

    that's pretty cool of Can Am and Fox to put this together. Way to go guys
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    Southside dune bashing at Glamis ~ Video

    Great video Josh. B is a great guy. They built my car and we have been very happy with it. Just about everywhere we go I get compliments on the car. We have a 2014 Can Am Maverick Max and I think the lines on the cage are the best I have seen. Bummed I couldn't make it out there this weekend but...
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    Official 2014 Baja 1000 thread

    Thank you. I was able to take care of the items needed last night so I will be leaving with our team. I appreciate the offer. See you in Baja
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    Official 2014 Baja 1000 thread

    I know this may be a long shot but I am looking for a ride to get down to Ensenada on Wednesday. Anyone leaving out of the LA/Inland Empire area that I might be able to catch a ride with? I am chasing with the Murrays but can not leave out with the guys on Tuesday. Thanks in advance
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    All UTV's SAND SHOW 2014 REVIEW!

    Wow, some over the top stuff. You guys had a ton of cars out and looks like you had a great turn out. The Christine car was unreal, a dream car for me! There were a lot of other great stuff. Rugged was huge and had a ton of great deal. The Proline wraps car was ridiculous! That wrap was...
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    NEW 2015 Can-Am Maverick TURBO

    May have to upgrade the Max. I have an LSR suspension on mine and IMO the best riding UTV out there
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    UTVUnderground Presents: 2014 Vegas To Reno - VIDEO

    great video Go Murray Motorsports!!!

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