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  • do those pans yet? my the seat holes didnt line up to well from the stock holes to use but i made mine work
    the guy that is buying my quad got back 14 stacks on his taxes. i think im gona have to pay out my ass this year
    Im supposed to call Johnny tomorrow to see whay we can do about some long travel, seats and pans. I got my taxes done and its buring a hole in my pocket! Hopefully he can hook it up
    yea i saw the pics jus now looking good, the smell of gay sex must be that fresh stank on your hang low from kyle. You get the seat pans yet? i put mine on last saturday, and yesterday dropped my teryx off for johnny to install the alternator kit they using it for pics and video. Sold my quad so got me some extra scratch for long travel prob picking that up next friday started price shopping the other day
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