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    Score Imperial Valley 250 Race Report

    Great Story Johnny and congrats on finish Loved reading it You are a awesome writer and off road racer Thank-You for Taking the time in posting and sharing
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    2015 Baja Adventure

    I really enjoyed reading this and all the awesome pics The Info on what it takes is Great With as much interest as there is with Trips like this and with your knowledge I bet you would make a fair living doing Baja Trips Like this one Thank-You So much for taking the time and effort In...
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    Do-Not-Open, Nudity, Adult Content XXX

    Now that I have you taking a look Wanted to Thank all the Racers for posting all there race story's Have not posted here for some-time, but do lurk often It is so effing great and interesting reading all those baja and other racing storys I had to sign-in to Thank You all for posting-em To...
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    Thats Great:) Still Wonder why that is?
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    Yep Joey, It is always these Big-Time Corporations,PTOs, That Wipe out The Little Man Not much left of the Ma & Pa shops any-more Its pretty Sad
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    I Kinda Noticed that on all the SxS Boards There use to be a-lot more posting going on every-where May-be people have moved on, Except us Die-Hards Hard to say Lots have moved I guess to FB. I Do-Not go there, Never Will. Heard it was the Devil I think a lot of the posting that was going...
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    UTVUnderground 2014 Can-Am Maverick Max BUILD Thread

    Reid I really Love the way you explain and see things You Bring a lotta life and Info to this board I believe we all have that never ending battle going on inside our heads Thinking is about the hardest thing one can do Thinking is the hardest part of any-job for that matter On...
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    2014 UTVUnderground Oregon Dune Fest

    Sweet Pics Sweet Rides Thanks for posting-em
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    NORCAL. Looking for a place to take the toyhauler and RZR

    Here you go!!!
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    Cost of Winning: The Monster Mav Chronicles

    Whaaaaaat Shake-Down Race for the Baja 1,000!!! Come on push it to the V2R Podium I Picked you guys to be on the Podium Don't wanna hear any Shake-up or Shake Down Talk!
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    XP1K2 is coming...

    Love it:) I have some beatiful property up in the Shasta Trinity Forest UTVunderground is more than Welcome to photo-shoot RZR on all our Wild Ferns:) Tree-Huggers are Welcome to take pics of ran over wild ferns as well:D
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    Do they have the Race Route mapped out yet?
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    BAJA 1000 race to the tip!!!!

    Its the pit, chase teams that are in harms way This race seems a-lot safer for the Racers Would be Cool to see Coverage of pit,chase Teams May-be that is the real race!
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    XP1K2 is coming...

    This is a bad-ass pic I really Like it Just the effin tree-huggers will cry and wine about it Cause all those ferns it had to run over to get to that spot I know you can-not make-em all happy but to have to make your own Trail for a Pic would not be worth it, cause all the tree-huggers...
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    Sunday Night, 7/27/14 BE HERE @ UTVUnderground! 2015 Polaris Vehicles ANNOUNCED!

    Wow,Wow,Wow They Hit it out of the Park Grand Slam Style Awesome

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